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    BriggRam reacted to maxjam in Harry and Meghan   
    Not you personally, but it is becoming increasingly frequent in society to blame 'white men'.  From Jo Swinson saying, ‘six white men stuck in the past, conspiring to wreck our future’ to others casually laying the blame of societies ills as the feet of white men.  Examples are common place;
    'I am hideously white, and not a man but “male”. Being over 50, I suffer the added failing of being disgustingly old. Such are the routine humiliations of my group. The BBC was called hideously white by its former boss Greg Dyke, and the West End stage hideously white by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This week the Football Association was dismissed by critics as a bunch of “old white men”.  Note that it is not the BBC or the theatre that is hideous, but their whiteness.'
    Imagine targetting any other demographic with such langauge, you'd be sacked and hounded out of existence by the twitterati before the end of the day.
    Ironically, these slurs come largely from the left, the same left that seek the white working class vote they demonize so regularly.  How did that work out again?  Who, apart from the far-left thought this was a good idea?
    As I said, gift to the Tories.  
    What starts out as well meaning gets co-opted by the left and used to punish their perceived oppressors.  Try telling some of the poorest people in the UK, the working class white male he has inherent white privilige, try telling the victims of grooming gangs. 
    Liberally throwing white privilege around and using it to silence a certain demographic of people based on their skin colour is racism and negates a multitude of other factors, most notably class.  When someone says 'check your privilege' what they are actaully saying is 'shut your mouth' based on your skin colour and not the content of your argument.
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    BriggRam reacted to Bald Eagle's Barmy Army in Jim Smith   
    How can you not get a lump in your throat watching that. 
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    BriggRam got a reaction from taffyram in Tom Lawrence appreciation thread   
    Great post.....he is young he has been through a lot this year, no one here knows him personally, does he need a masculine kick up the arse or a arm round the shoulder and a little love, I don’t know, but I’m sure what he doesn’t need is constant berating and criticism from 25000 people in the ground, it must play on his mind before he enters the pitch, the first mistake he makes is going to be noticed and voiced, then as soon as it is confidence is drained out of him.....it’s hard as a fan watching to not  get annoyed when a player ducks up time and time again, but I  think Lawerence has got the “crowd on his back syndrome” so bad now he’s flapping as soon as he gets the ball....maybe he needs time out...I’d say play him in the U23’s but he’d probably stand on a land mine and lose his legs “ could only happen to Derby”
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    BriggRam got a reaction from Angry Ram in Harry and Meghan   
    Maybe working for the BBC has institutionalised her to be scum
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    BriggRam reacted to maxjam in Harry and Meghan   
    Here's hoping I provide an intelligent counter response...
    Anti-whiteness is a gift to the Tories.  As long as whiteness continues to be used as an insult by lefties, working-class men and women will never return to Labour as their obsession with it utterly erases class.  There is no group doing worse in society at present than the white working class male;
    Also, just out of interest what privilege did the victims of grooming gangs have?  And what about the perpetrators?
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    BriggRam reacted to Angry Ram in Harry and Meghan   
    Because I don’t believe your default comment would be ‘white guy’ without it being a deliberate choice of words. 
    You showed the difference between how Kate and Meghan were treated in the press and then chose to label it racism, which it clearly isn’t. I could call you a racist for the white guy comment but I don’t believe for one second you are, so I will just think that you a desperate to be seen to be woke. Congrats you have achieved that. Throw your labels around, dilute any real racism and become part of the problem. Way to go yoof.
    She was not making a valid point and was rightly put in her place by The White Guy. Tell me why it is so important that white people seem to want to speak up for black people when as you say they don’t know what racism is? We continually see the term used cheaply and it’s wrong. As the guy said, clear and obvious.. 
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    BriggRam reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Ex Rams   
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    BriggRam reacted to Cam the Ram in He's the one...   
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    BriggRam reacted to Nuwtfly in He's the one...   
    I know there's a few threads about this guy, but this quote from the weekend took my love for him to another level. 
    I think he gets us now. I think he gets what this club is all about. Love it, Phil 👊🐏

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    BriggRam reacted to Shipley Ram in Jack O’Connell is a Ram   
    We all knew he was a Ram but his Q & A in the Guardian cheered me up on an EFL blighted morning
    Highlights include
    What or who is the greatest love of your life?
    Derby County.
    What does love feel like?
    A bit one way when you support Derby.
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    BriggRam reacted to Nick_Ram in January 2020 transfer window   
    I can't agree with you on Marriott.  I think he's got the most to gain from playing alongside Rooney. He's our only threat to get In behind the opposition. He hasn't been clinical of late, but his movement alone creates chances that others wouldn't get. I fully back Marriott to turn a huge corner if he can stay fit. Big IF.
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    BriggRam reacted to Will Hughes Hair in January 2020 transfer window   
    So, another suggestion for our recruitment team to have a look at:
    Ronan Curtis
    Currently at Portsmouth, can play CF or on the left of a forward line.  Electric pace, 23 years old, 6'0", 10 goals already this season in League 1 and Pompey fans believe he's too good to stay with them if they're not promoted.
    Intangible benefits and advantages include he'll know Clarke so Matt should be able to help him to settle.  He's Irish and they tend to be among our more consistent successes (McGrath, Hendrick, Keogh, Knight).  And being named Curtis it fits in with our policy of having multiple players sharing a name (Tom, Max, etc).
    I'm doing this for free.
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    BriggRam reacted to Will Hughes Hair in January 2020 transfer window   
    While I'm on a roll, here's another one for the recruitment team to look at.  It may bamboozle them though because it's from abroad.  Anyway...
    Silvere Ganvoula
    Currently at VfL Bochum in the German second division.  Congolese, centre forward with 10 goals and 4 assists in 14 appearances.  6'3" pacy and hard working, it's fair old return for a team that are 14th in their league.  Difficult to work out the fans view because they selfishly insist on speaking in German and the 'forum culture' appears a lot less prevalent than in the UK.
    Other considerations.  Bochum would appear a smaller club than us (16k attendances) and don't seem to spend or sell big (Ganvoula was signed from Anderlecht for less than 400k which seems a record).  They also focus on other sports and you'd think a relatively modest bid would allow them to reinvest across multiple platforms?  Anyway potential for getting better value for money.
    Also worth considering with him being from the Congo sales of Um Bongo would go through the roof on the concourses.  It's also a three syllable foreign surname so much hilarity on Radio Derby with Rammer.
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    BriggRam reacted to Pastinaak in Who will be next season’s youth players to break through?   
    Isn't it more the undroppable Lawrence blocking Sibley?
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    BriggRam reacted to Pearl Ram in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    We shouldn’t have put ourselves in this position but we did and went to the EFL and said we’re in a bit of a pickle and this is what we propose to rectify the situation, can you see any problems with this proposal? 
    We were told to tweak some figures which we did and asked for confirmation that would suffice and were then informed everything was in order.
    We would not have done what we did without express permission from the EFL. They were our authority and we acted in good faith throughout.
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    BriggRam got a reaction from EssendonRam in Not a nice man   
    Horrible bloke

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    BriggRam got a reaction from King Kevin in Harry and Meghan   
    And frightened white girls let down by authorities that should have protected them 👍👍👍
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    BriggRam got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Not a nice man   
    Horrible bloke

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    BriggRam got a reaction from Gee SCREAMER !! in Harry and Meghan   
    And frightened white girls let down by authorities that should have protected them 👍👍👍
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    BriggRam got a reaction from I know nothing in Harry and Meghan   
    He does have a dodgy uncle she probably wants no connection with
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    BriggRam got a reaction from Van Cone De Head in Billy Sharp   
    I was absolutely disgusted a Derby fan did this, we weren’t the only ones...other clubs fans have oxygen thieves too that also spouted the same poo to him.......footballing wise I’d love him here, I’m sorry but I think he’s 10 times the player Waghorn is, very strong and knows where the net is (proven in the prem) 
  22. Haha
    BriggRam got a reaction from Millenniumram in Not a nice man   
    Dirties had a player sent off....I’m sure an appeal to the EFL will soon get that rescinded bless em
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    BriggRam reacted to Millenniumram in Billy Sharp   
    Absolutely, I don’t know what happened to that fan but I hope he’s never been allowed at a match since. Footballing wise I agree Sharp is better than Waghorn, but I’m still not convinced by a loan deal for a 33 year old. I think we need a better long term option.
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    BriggRam reacted to Millenniumram in Billy Sharp   
    I’m sure he won’t forget such a vile supporter, but I’m sure he realises that 99% of the fans in the stadium think he’s as much of a banker as Sharpe does. I’m sure he’d join us given the chance.
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    BriggRam got a reaction from cstand in Harry and Meghan   
    And frightened white girls let down by authorities that should have protected them 👍👍👍
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