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  1. I dont think there has been huge changes to be honest especially since we moved to PP as far as families going, I think they always have. Even at the BBG with the key club etc, I do think more females attend games but I wouldn’t say it’s a huge amount more. Away games, I’ve seen no changes in the travelling fans demographics maybe others have but I genuinely haven’t.
  2. Agree with your 1st and last 2 sentences. Disagree that demographics have changed since the 90s they haven’t, my assumption based on what I see when traveling with the Rams is the majority of away fans is males between 18-40 that’s exactly how it was then and I assume how it will be in 10 years time and 10 years after that and so on and so on.
  3. I didn’t understand the Billy Sharpe chants, I don’t understand where it came from either, a bit bizarre really. However I’m reading this thread thinking where has everybody been the last 30 plus years ? None of this new, the drink, the drugs, the dodgy songs, away day all dayers. It’s been happening for as long as I’ve been going to football, each to their own I say. The Derby away following demographics hasn’t changed, nor has the behaviour, it’s no different now than the 90s, in fact I’d say it’s actually mellowed and less violent than it was and if you want to avoid idiots it’s not difficult. Anyway Watching football is not all blankets, bovril and happy clapping. It never has been there has always been and will always be a laddish culture attached to it, can’t see that changing anytime soon.
  4. AJ awful Fury would destroy him
  5. Roos 6 Byrne 7 Buchanan 7 Jagielka 7 Davies 6 Shinnie 9 Bird 8 Morrison 6 Sibley 6 Lawrence 8 Baldock 6 Joz 8
  6. Gutted, didn’t deserve that. Oh I’d have loved it if Lawrence had scored at the end. Never a sending off but a defo penalty, We fight on us Vs everyone.
  7. I think Jordan usually speaks sense, he’s the only voice on there constantly saying how it is re football finances and the fact the only way it’ll ever change is when we stop paying unsustainable salaries to Footballers and fees to their agents. He quite often puts that cretin Jim White in his place over Sky and their detrimental impact on football, which is always nice to hear. On this occasion he’s completely wrong however.
  8. Haha never the manager just the star forward/midfielder 😂
  9. If I’d be Manager it’s be reality. 2 years with Spondon Rovers and 4 years with Alvaston Cavaliers, I’m a fountain of football knowledge from that upbringing
  10. Buy the club, debts and all. Make myself Manager (Wayne can stay as an advisor), stay up this season with loads of points to spare and win the FA Cup. Promotion unbeaten next season win another FA cup win and a decent run in Europe. Third season win the Premier league and have an open bus tour round Derby, stopping of in Middlesbrough outside Steve’s house to show him our pots and pans. Now where’s that ticket ?
  11. For the glory and seeing us winning stuff…………. Born In Derby, taken to my 1st game in 85 and never looked back, nothing else comes close to DCFC in my life. Wether he said it or not, the word from Bobby Robson are so so true COYR🐏
  12. It’s a good question, are season tickets paid in full (20/21) still valid? As yet Reading tickets aren’t available for a game in a weeks time!
  13. Great post, I feel the same (but different) I don’t think I could go watch another team play/feel the same way about them. DCFC is my team and always will be, since the Cox days I’ve been going with my old man and mates. so it’s not just about the football is everything, it’s the pubs, the walks to the ground , the people you meet who are all there for one thing the love of DCFC. You just can’t start that emotional connection again. Then there is the other bit, modern football. Sky TV changing the schedule at the drop of a hat, crappy kick off times, transfer deadline day, ridiculous transfer fees and wages, the big 6 just wanting to leave without any punishment, the gap getting bigger between the prem teams and everyone else, unfair competition. Footballs just changed to the point if we went bust I’m not so sure I’d bother with the game anymore. Last bit of a rant on this, the players need to take a long hard look at themselves for situations like we are in, football is not sustainable, players wages and agents fees are the crux of this. Where does all that Sky cash go? Into their pockets. When I heard Gary Neville the other day about us, my 1st thought was hypocrite the money he took out of the game and still does working for the one company that has killed our game. Mels to blame but the greedy players and their agents have killed this club and we won’t be the last until the lunacy is reset.
  14. I was critical of his management style last season. However this season, his leadership has been top class, listening to his after match interviews, the way he’s conducting himself and also the anecdotal stories we are hearing I wouldn’t want anyone else leading us at this time. Thank you Wayne
  15. Didn’t realise we’re only 3 points of the playoffs 😳 Rooney has done a magnificent job with all the constraints 👏🏻
  16. Roos - 9 Byrne - 8 Buchanan - 9 Jagielka - 8 Davies - 9 Bird - 9 Shinnie - 8 Morrison - 7 Sibley - 8 Lawrence - 8 Baldock - 8
  17. Brilliant performance everyone of them. Fans were amazing as well. And what a goal Max Bird. Love it, if we’re going down we’re going down swinging. It’s now Us vs everyone, bring it on
  18. I do tend to agree with the abuse bit. It was more the lose no sleep over it, I think a lot of people will.
  19. If only he could find the Harrison Lesser Watch (of you know you know)
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