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  1. Waghorn will have them till Jan, then I think someone else may take that job !
  2. I don’t think playing with 1 striker works when the wingers are so poor. Time for a change maybe ?
  3. What is the shortest pass allowed in a Gary Rowett team ?
  4. Yeah think so, I meant starting formation. We don’t have good enough wingers at the club to play 433
  5. Get Marriott on and get Jo Flo off. We need 2 up front, we haven’t got the players to have 433
  6. Maybe it is hypocritical I’m ok with that. I feel absolutely no guilt for our past, in fact I think we should feel immense pride what the British Nation (and Empire) has given to the world.
  7. Get rid of the clown “it’s in your DNA Youth” 🤢........ ill do it, th music would be soooooooo much better
  8. Marriott going back to Peterborough year loan with Xmas recall.
  9. Jo Flo poor again, in fact no existent. Can’t start another game for me now, he’s had the chances and delivered nothing. We have to start with Marriott as well, I’d have him over Waghorn (would love to see both together though)
  10. Derby 1 - 1 Swansea FRGS Lawrence
  11. Their Children are probably better of gambling, smoking, drinking and watching football than going to church....they hardly have the best reputation in that department 😳
  12. £1 a goal, he’s not interested in money. He just wants to be part of our great history....🎶Wayne Rooneys watching, helping us fight🎶
  13. Rooney playing just of Martin 😍
  14. Hi Mason, how you doing ?
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