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  1. Good 1st half performance, not so good 2nd half. I worry about us going forward later on in games (if we have to chase a game). Bird and Lowe outstanding today. Hope Bogle is ok for Saturday.
  2. Great move, wonderful football. Shame Holmes could make contact properly
  3. Think there’s a correlation between our keepers being poo and Given being the GK coach
  4. Really why ? That’s the tue voice of football surely, not some charlatan who’s actually played the game at a world standard level.....attack, forward, stop passing backwards you fool, that’s the critics you should listen too fella 😂
  5. I’m all for starting again in this situation, but I think you might be right
  6. No chance I agree with @86 Schmokes & a Pancake in this thread
  7. Agree with these, however I just want to give Clarke a 10.....just for his run down the wing and turning the full back inside out. It was a thing of beauty and deserves recognition
  8. Me too I think he can be a wonderful player. I’m also so pissed off with him though, it could of been so avoidable and takes the shine of a gritty performance. He’s going to be such a huge loss, you can see the respect and loyalty Cocu has placed in him (keeping him on for 90mims today for instance) so it shows what an important player he is to our system and way of playing. Let’s hope someone can step up and shine. COYR 🐑
  9. I guess there’s a lot who just don’t like him. He’s a good player who scores goals, I’m not sure who can replace that in the squad we have. Thought he was a solid 7 today
  10. No different I suspect, stupid acts are stupid no matter who commits them. However it was Lawrence doing something stupid.......again 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. It looks as though Lawrence was the antagonist to start with unfortunately, you’re right no need to walk up to him. Shame he played well and has done recently, we’ll miss him
  12. Just walk away, game was won. Be the bigger man Tom. Sorry no defence of his reaction imo
  13. I was worried about our attacking options before that clown lost his head. That’ll cost us, unless.......Jo Flo the stage is yours, show us what you’ve got pal.
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