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  1. v Bristol C (A) - Predictions

    Bristol C 0 - 2 Derby Johnson FRGS
  2. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Your joking, he's the best player I've never ever seen
  3. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    What a bunch of amateurs! We really know how to mess things up, it's the Derby way
  4. North Korea at it again

    Looks like they may have tested a big one now! for the 1st time in my life the threat of a nuclear weapon being used is actually worrying me (I don't just mean NK but the response from the US etc)
  5. v Hull (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 - 1 Hull FRGS Winnall
  6. Mel seems confident.

    A clap for the 1st bit 👍🏻 (Haven't got a clue about the 2nd bit )
  7. 17/18 - Summer Transfer Window

    I think Gary's had abit of a shocker this window. Seems like a lot isn't his fault, but still loosing your best 2 players and not replacing fully is not good in anyone's book. Sam Winnall though, that may just be a rabbit out of the hat.
  8. Cameron Jerome

    Heard a rumour a few weeks ago Martin was on his way out and the replacement was Jerome. If it's true please sack Rowett in the morning.
  9. U. S. A.

    Love the US, lived there for 2 years in the lone star state. Great people, great way of life, massive burgers!!!! Would go back in a heartbeat
  10. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Oooooo if that's true!!! Go on Gary dip your bread
  11. Confess your unpopular opinions

    It proves my point because we are living and thriving on all the things our fellow countrymen did in the past, like it or not it's the truth. We are a small island with very little natural resource with terrific economical power, how do you think we have that? And nope absolutely not, please highlight where I said that, and again your concentrating on the negatives and not all the good we did. Keep going all night sunshine........
  12. Confess your unpopular opinions

    And that trade as given you the life your accustomed too.
  13. Confess your unpopular opinions

    Ps before I get strung up, I'm not a hunting fan (quite the opposite, apart from Fishing which I love)
  14. Confess your unpopular opinions

    Fair enough and maybe im looking at it through my monical while wearing my red jacket and white trousers, whilst standing above a dead lion with my 12 bore in hand .

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