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  1. Yes agree, totally forgot about Holmes. Anyone on the left as long as the others are filled with the players mentioned in the original post.
  2. Got to start with Wilson and Mount in front of the DM for the rest of the season. Waghorn, Marriott and Lawrence as the front 3. I’ve criticised him abit but thought Nuge was excellent when he came on, worked his socks off.
  3. “There’s a starman playing down the right his name is Martin Waghorn and he’s cooking Dynamite”
  4. Why not both up front together? Good partnership there given the chance IMO (not a fan of 4-3-3)
  5. Derby 6 - QPR 1 Marriott 1st Rams goal scorer
  6. Should be in front of the back 4 with Mount and Wilson in front of him. Waghorn on the right, Marriott in the middle and Lawrence on the left. That was when we looked the best this season IMO.
  7. It’s the Public sector I wouldn’t expect any less. Incompetent waste of space the lot of them
  8. Probably the worst run project I’ve ever witnessed (other than Paul Jewell’s survival push)
  9. Boro finish 6th, not score a goal and win in the final on peno’s. poohouse Pulis, it will happen folks
  10. So much better today, some excellent one touch passing. Could of been 8 or 9 really, though there keeper was really good.
  11. I think maybe it would of given us something instead of the same old tosh served up by Nugent and Bennett (they run round a lot though bless them, it’s a great attitude 🤮)
  12. I worry about this for next season, there will be a huge turn around (especially as I don’t think we will have Wilson, Mount or Tomori). I did think next season is when we push on, but in reality it will probably be another season of transition. Hopefully Frank will stick about for a 3rd year to see it through (and take his head out his bum regarding Marriott)
  13. Tactical 😂 Nugent and Bennett are a better tactical option, oh dear Frank 😬 it’s a learning curve, it’s a learning curve, keep telling yourself it’s a learning curve.
  14. Made all the difference tonight coming on.
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