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  1. Brighton 0 - 2 Super Rams FRGS waggy
  2. Couldn’t agree more, neither offer anything and should be 1st our the door in the summer. Due to that I agree let’s see what youth we have and give them a go. We can’t do any worse than those pair.
  3. Shame the “star man” song from Accrington didn’t kick in Saturday for Waggy. South stand, I’m not angry, I’m disappointed.
  4. I was all happy, then you've just ruined that post by saying you’d play Bennett....please withdraw your like 🤣
  5. Not good enough and dreadful In front of goal, which should be a key element for a forward player shouldn’t it?!?! Shame looked liked he had some potential 5 or so years ago.
  6. Absolutely, never know what’s going to happen. Love it !!!
  7. Thanks for the lesson, next time just put gross exaggeration instead of trying to be all hip. He’s consistently failed at this level over several years including being on loan in the lower divisions. I would rather have someone from the academy pushing for a place than someome who obviously can’t make the grade. Don’t worry we can sing “he’s one of our own” to the youngster coming through.
  8. Awesome tonight, well played captain
  9. Sorry don’t know what hyperbole means. Bennett is not good enough for me, that’s it. If you don’t like my opinion, move on to the next post.
  10. He’s not good enough at this level, the rose tinted glasses just because he’s from Derbyshire make me laugh. Not a scapegoat for today, but he shouldn’t be near the match day squad.
  11. Waghorn has to be tried down the middle. Nuge is spent and Bennett is rubbish
  12. Bryson, Nuge and Lawrence not. involved enough. Nuge and Bryson off, Wisdom and BJ on. Holmes to RF and Star man CF 👍🏻 Come on Frank
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