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  1. What’s the missing ingredient ?

    Haha good point they couldn’t kick it far and high enough
  2. What’s the missing ingredient ?

    Yes we did let’s get a new one
  3. What’s the missing ingredient ?

    Biano, kinkladze, maybe even Commons.... we miss a match winner, a bit of magic a game changer.
  4. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    Went to the Christmas light switch on, what an abomination. The crowd was like a Jeremy Kyle audition, some tramp singing a song that got to number 18 in the charts 3 years ago and when thy pushed the button the lights didn’t come on for about 5 minutes after .. felt itchy and dirty when I got home
  5. v Fulham (A) - Predictions

    0-3 Lawrence FRGS
  6. Moz the Monster

    guess you prefer the Aldi carrot ad then?
  7. England Squad for Germany and Brazil

    Players can't be bothered, then neither can I. For the 1st time in my life I won't be watching England, absolute disgrace from the players. It's Germany and Brazil ffs
  8. What would you have done differently?

    I'd have started Thorne for Ledley, Johnson on the left with Vydra and Nugent up front. We'd have won 5-0 !
  9. Derby County V Reading

    Get a grip mate and wind your neck in, I think Gary will be ok. However today showed him up a bit that’s all. I’ve been on this ride for 35 years, quite like it and will hopefully be on it for the next 35........you??????????
  10. Just don't get it!

    If he’s not fit for 45 mins then don’t put him on the bench, in fact you wouldn’t if he wasn’t. If we did then the management team need to have a good look at themselves. Should of started
  11. Just don't get it!

    Disagree, he should of started if he “really” was not fit then could of come off at half time, I truly believe this was an excuse by Rowett . He’s been our best player at Pride Park all season, not starting him today was top of the list why things went wrong IMO. I’m am sure Rowett will learn from this and we’ll get better, but today the blame is firmly at his door.
  12. Derby County V Reading

    Today showed up the naivety our Manager has, poor selection and even poorer reaction to going behind. I’m sure he’ll learn from today, I bloody hope so anyway.
  13. Just don't get it!

    Ablsoute garbage from Rowett, if he wasn’t fit he wouldn’t be on the bench. It was an excuse because he dropped a clanger ! How he didn’t start astounds me
  14. Halloween / Nov 5 / Diwali.

    Never understood why people bother with Fireworks? Complete waste of money imo up there with cigarettes as the most pointless inventions of all time.
  15. Your Top 5 Greatest All Time Actors

    Use google (other search engines are available) trust me it’ll be worth it 😍

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