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  1. No need to panic, the ITKs on social have got their 🇺🇸 on the go again. Surely this means it’s happening doesn’t it they’ve been right so many times before 🙄🎣
  2. Got this for Fathers day, brilliant 🍻 24 different beers, some peanuts and crisps and glass and come socks. Cheers Kids you played a blinder 😊
  3. He’s always done well wherever he’s been, he’s a good manager. I think he’d do a decent job for the Rams actually.
  4. Haha anyone would be more exciting than Gareth. All I want is one of the teams I support to play attacking football go for it and score goals. I don’t know what I’ve done in a former life to deserve the bore fest I’ve seen over the past few years watching club and country 🥲
  5. I’m still drunk I think 😂 that’s my excuse anyway
  6. All those Managers had a decent pedigree. Southgate has managed Boro and got them relegated and him sacked, he did an appalling job as the England U21 manager with a talented bunch. He got lucky with the path we had in Russia and should of taken us to a WC final but failed. He should never have got the job in the 1st place, and only did because he’s a FA yes man.
  7. 2 boring sideways midfielders, when will we ever learn football is about scoring goals
  8. I agree, but he’s a top striker and the reasons he’s poo lays at the feet of the manager and no one else
  9. Who would you pick then? Sorry Kane’s our best forward, the problem is we have a manager who’d rather us not concede than score goals. Kane up front with a positive manager would score loads, we’ve got Southgate 😴😴😴😴 2 defensive midfielders against Scotland, Div 1 standard Scotland, this lies with the manager and the FA who chose him, an absolute waste in our future footballers
  10. Awful, but let’s not expect anymore with Southgate in charge. How dreadful
  11. All this talent and we give it Southgate to manage, how very English of us 😴
  12. Boring Southgate, playing 2 DM against Scotland FFS. Get Grelish on for Rice or Philips and go at them.
  13. I see players are starting to move, Cameron Jerome and Lansbury just signed for Luton
  14. I don’t care about the adverts I’m sooo glad the England games on ITV tonight. I don’t think I can’t stand any of Micah Richards just shouting his was through the analysis, he’s so grating
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