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  1. Barnsley - Derby L Derby County - Millwall FC D Derby County - Brentford FC L Stoke City - Derby County D Derby County - Luton Town W Reading FC - Derby County L Derby County - Norwich City L Blackburn Rovers - Derby County L Preston North End FC - Derby L Derby County - Birmingham City W Swansea City - Derby County L Derby County - Sheffield Wednesday D I think we’ll get 9points and just be safe
  2. People who don’t like people who don’t like people who don’t like winter
  3. Roos 5 Byrne 3 Wisdom 3 Clarke 5 Buchanan 3 Roberts 6 Shinnie 3 Bird 6 Knight 3 Waghorn 3 CKR 3
  4. Oh dear, didn’t even look like creating anything 2nd half in a game we needed something from. Wish we’d just go for it sometimes, we look so cagey and scared. Liked their CF, he caused us problems all game.
  5. Gregory for Knight, two up top Roberts left and Waghorn right. Nothing to lose now let’s go for it
  6. Roberts looks lively, other than that it’s a bit drab isn't it 😔
  7. My Mrs making a sandwich and not clearing away all the rubbish before eating it ( eg on the copping board with the onion bits, the tomato juice, the bits of cheese,) not even putting the butter back before eating the sandwich 😡🤬😡🤬 drives me mad
  8. Going to be a challenging close season, in theory we’ll need: 2 x CB 1 DM ( dependant on Bielik’s injury) 1 X AM 1 x CF 1 x LW/RW without a takeover and cash injection, Wayne may have to sacrifice a asset or two. I worry for next season if we don’t get investment
  9. Wednesday fan I work with said if they lose tonight they’re down, I agree, they are. One place from 3 to avoid now
  10. Tenet, watched it twice. I can’t give it a score as I have no clue what was going on. The Silencing, had the bloke from GOT who played the king slayer. Good film, bit dark but killed 90mins of life 7/10.
  11. Brave or stupid, guess we’ll know in two weeks.
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