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  1. Might get a manager who’ll play Marriott ahead of Bennett, every cloud and all that.
  2. Sorry wrong thread, is was supposed to be in the Bryson one
  3. Stop reading when I saw this, he’s in my top 3 of complete cook Wombles with Collymore and big fat Kenny.
  4. And a Freddo bar was 25p
  5. No one now Lampard leaving, it’s just no lt worth it we’re finished.........
  6. He’s under contract, he has no right to leave even if he wants too. So he should be respectful to the organisation who gave him a chance and a contract.
  7. Haha I’m in....I did mean Rushdon (bloody iPhone)
  8. I quite like listening to Talksport, but the total and utter Lampard to Chelsea bandwagon they have set up makes me sick, it’s embarrassing. This morning the stand-in for Brazil (Max Rushdie), stated all Derby fans complaining about the media should “know their place in the food chain!!!”. If only I could of jumped into the studio there and then....
  9. TexasRam


    The frightening thing is this will happen again. Sellafield is suppose to be on it knees with little capital investment and I’m sure there are more out there on the verge. Scary scary things with the potential to wipe out entire regions.......still I can charge my phone 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔
  10. We’ve offered him a contract, all down to him now. If he stays then something special is happening. If he goes then bring on the next conductor of the bounce 🐑⚽️🐑⚽️🐑⚽️🐑⚽️ Jokanovic is the only contender IMO
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