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  1. Being a passenger (with either Bennett or Lawrence after a works do)
  2. Possession football like this is just boring, but so was Rowettball and so was Clement. Maybe we were just spoilt by Mac and a little bit in a few games under Lampard. Mac 3 anyone?
  3. Not really and think you’ll be in the minority, all actions have consequences. What did those drips think would happen stopping people trying to get to work and feed their families etc. I think the quiet majority have finally had enough.
  4. Loved that kit, wish I’d kept it now!!!
  5. Nick Knowles, love what he does for them peoples houses......
  6. Shinnie superb. Flo-jo stealing a living, worst player ever at Derby worse than Pickering, Beck, Sammon and Bennett.
  7. TexasRam


    Don’t know what you mean pal 🙄 look again......... (good old edit button)
  8. It was actually “duck you Derby fans, as you say, duck you Derby fans “
  9. TexasRam


    See ya 👋 you really want to give up watch Derby County Football club because of Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett? Get a grip man
  10. If MM has anything to do with picking Bennett in the squad then I agree he should walk. Anybody who thinks that boy can play at this level isn’t right IMO (yes I know Lampard loved him as well)
  11. Neither should be near the 1st team squad. Bennett shouldn’t be just for being absolute poo anyway
  12. What was Waghorn doing Before their goal ??? Soooooo frustrating.
  13. Forest away the 10 men one. I was in the states at the time listening to it....what a day. Then any of the BC era games (just before my time)
  14. Then them fans can bugger off then we don’t need them.
  15. Don’t play with wingers then. Change the formation, even with Bennett and Lawrence we’re not being idiots I don’t think the formation worked.
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