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  1. Close this thread right now 🤣🤡🤣🤡🤣
  2. This is the thread we need 👏 well done @Inverurie Ram
  3. Are you kidding, this is the most soul destroying, tedious time of my life. It’s like the longest ever close season without transfers, a summer tournament or even the fixture list coming out to look forward to. Roll on when all this is over, its 3hrs before kick off, I’m in the pub drinking beer with my mates discussing (arguing) over who should start up front, having the crack with the occasional away fan who pops in. Then making our way to PP with the rest of the you lot, getting in the ground, singing and shouting for 90mins..........then being totally pissed off when we’ve just been beat 1-0 by Luton. Ah I cant wait, bring it on, I love football and I love Derby County Football Club!!!!! #COYR🐑
  4. Whenever that Boxing Day was, to see the reason why we will fight forever more! 🐑
  5. Night life, you’ve lost me what’s that? 😢
  6. https://twitter.com/bgr/status/1243228534878978049?s=21 must of been some dodgy beer !!!
  7. What happens in lockdown stays in lockdown
  8. I think this will be a common term lover the coming weeks, this is going to be far reaching
  9. Good night out though 🤪
  10. Yeah but being locked up is boring, let’s at least speculate until we can argue about how bad XX is playing for the Rams 🤣
  11. 1. Is it nature saying enough enough and fighting back? 2. where we on the verge of a financial collapse. I work in the steel industry and since Q3 last year there has most certainly been a global decline in steel output, which is the leading indicator to a drop in production of most items ( cars, white goods, construction etc etc). And this was released to avoid the crash? 3. Is it just one of those things? 4. Did a “Country” do it on purpose to disrupt world trade due to embargo’s and sanctions being put in place 5. over population is said to be the biggest threat to mankind, is this an attempt to address it? interesting times, guess we’ll never know but love to hear what people think? (even if it’s shut up crack pot)
  12. I think along the same lines to be honest, no way this has come from bat soup.
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