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  1. Played ok, created chances which is good. Not scoring enough and odd subs which is bad. On to Bournemouth
  2. NHS costs 2018/19 £129B, 2019/20 £134B, employing 1.4M People (5th biggest employer in the world). Underfunded no, badly managed yes
  3. How do you know? And don’t we have a well run hospital system? I think the bit you are missing and maybe the main differences are, demographics, lifestyle, health (less fatties!!!) and less multi generations living under one roof.
  4. We’ll see, I like their approach it’s very measured and sensible.
  5. 🇸🇪 Are doing ok aren’t they? Seems their tactics work
  6. I do as well, but I couldn’t resist on this occasion
  7. It is also entirely possible they weren’t indirectly responsible for the death of somebody.
  8. You mean “I’d suggest”? I’d suggest you spend more time writing to improve your English.
  9. It takes me 10 minutes to read one of your posts
  10. If it gives you more time to enjoy life outside than on here then my work is done Albert.
  11. Yep absolutely, bang on 👍🏻
  12. It’s a football forum not a scientific conference. I’m not going to go into detail talking to a stranger Acorss the other side of the world, I haven’t got time and can’t be bothered. I disagreed with you anti vaxer point so made that clear.
  13. I don’t think anyone thinks we should do nothing. Just not what we are doing now. Still a big difference since April/May however
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