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  1. Stadium atmosphere

    You should be allowed sir (I meant all the others )
  2. Stadium atmosphere

    Is it just not the curse of modern day football? Too many tourists having a "day out" I see it all the time around me, mum, Dad and two kids. Can't find there seat 5 mins into the game (its numbers and letters ffs) turn round and stare at anyone vocal, that's why the atmosphere is rubbish it's too diluted with people who don't give a ****. Reduce the capacity to 20k shrink the ground and ban match day tickets for anyone who hasn't been in 2 years. There would be a noticeable difference ! Oh and bring back tackling, nothing gets a crowd going more than a crunching tackle !!! I blame Pep and his pansys
  3. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Don't see it to be fair. I'm not turning him into a scapegoat but don't think he's improved us, in fact the opposite Martin is twice the player. But we move on, and hope your right and I'm wrong.
  4. Cardiff match on the telebox

    One day all this will implode and the arm chair bridge will jump on the next trendy band wagon. The faithful will go back to watching football in the ground every Saturday and all will be good in the world. Oh I pray for that day!!
  5. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Poor performance so a good point I suppose. Surprised we signed Jerome, poor poor footballer IMO, doesn't add anything. Need to go back to partnerships that worked, Ledley and Huddleston, Vydra and Nuge.
  6. Our pre-match routine. Embarrassing.

    I'm behind your campaign 100% let's protest outside the main entrance next Saturday IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW ! Get behind our campaign everyone
  7. Our pre-match routine. Embarrassing.

    It's horrible so horrible...............Please someone make it stop, please
  8. Bomb Scare

    Don't get it myself, and as for the ones who come 5 minutes late, then go down for half time on 40 mins only to come back 5 minutes into the 2nd half. Then leave on 85 mins!!!! Each to their own I guess, but I think any season ticket holder leaving before the final whistle should have to write an excuse letter to Mel in advance for approval , or they get their ticket taken off them
  9. Stronger or Weaker

    Weaker when others around are getting stronger. However let's see what happens we have an experienced squad (let's just hope they stay fit)....what makes me laugh now though is, we all know who this kid from Chelsea is "ah yeah him, he's dead good, great addition" I have absolutely no clue who he is?!!?! Could have been in goal on Sunday for Spondon Rovers for all I know
  10. Transfer Deadline Day

    What time does this circus end? Do I have to stay up ?
  11. Transfer Deadline Day

    Ahhhhhthe Ukrainian winger from F.C нікуди. That'll be nice ??
  12. Transfer Deadline Day

    Fergie’s retired mate
  13. Underrated and Overrated Cities/Tourist Attractions

    Great city love it there. Ghent for the beer, Kraków for a cheap weekend (great city also) and Vienna just because it’s beautiful all worth a visit also imo.
  14. James McClean

    No thank you
  15. When is Anya going to be let out of the cupboard?

    Maybe because he's not really any good? Nothing I've seen suggests otherwise

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