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  1. I agree with all that, however his football is tepid, boring and negative. There is nothing to say even with new investment and signings that will change. His style is his style, personally it’s not for me.
  2. proofs in the pudding, and this desert is negative and boring. I can’t think of a time this season where the football has excited me one bit. I’d be interested to hear from the Cocus the right man for the job folk to tell us what games have been above a 6/10 for exciting football?
  3. Rooney, Marriott, Martin...not to shabby and I’m sure most championship managers wouldn’t mind them. But why bother when you can play Waghorn up top on his own.
  4. Awful, there for the taking. Poor tactics, poor subs, to negative at the start, lacking quality down the spine of the team. Waghorn up front on his own is laughable.
  5. These are there for the taking, be positive Phil go for it
  6. WOKE, it’s a bunch of stunts isn’t it?
  7. I’m sure he’s got gloves on tonight. I have now withdrawn my support for him
  8. Waghorn up front on his own, oh my good god 😂
  9. That’s another traditional British pub closing, well done @NewquayRam ps I’ve just done the same so the local won’t be getting my cash either
  10. Really? I thought this was an awful window, other than Ince the rest gave us very little. In fact the continued persistence to play Bent I believe cost us the play offs, the most emperors new clothes footballer of all time.
  11. Northampton 0 - 3 Derby FRGS Rooney
  12. Trust no one spend wisely travel and see stuff
  13. He’s not much use if he’s injured is he
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