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    clough08 got a reaction from Chester40 in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Looked decent to me. Our best line up with Bogle back.
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    clough08 got a reaction from Saffy van der Ram in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Looked decent to me. Our best line up with Bogle back.
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    clough08 got a reaction from LittleEatonRam in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Looked decent to me. Our best line up with Bogle back.
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    clough08 got a reaction from ramit in v Scunthorpe (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread   
    It's a reserve team. Don't think Marriott will appreciate this
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    clough08 reacted to EnzaRam in v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread   
    Sheffield Tap attached to the station is great for ūüćļ
    Food wise you are about 5 minutes walk from the Peace Gardens where there are chain eateries of all types, and some town centre type boozers. Smoke BBQ is good if you want a meat feast in the PG's.
    Kelham Island is good for both, then an Uber to closer to the ground. This is my proper pubs map, that I have researched extensively...
    My guess is the Four Lanes Fisheries on Leppings lane, and not the Hillsborough fish bar.
    If you come via the tram from town and get off in Hillsborough then the Riverside fish n chippy is also good.
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    clough08 reacted to ColonelBlimp in Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.   
    Well done @ttkk very interesting, very informative, very well written and might just help to change a few minds.
    Personally, even though i was born near Ilford and Leyton Orient were my closest club, I've always suspected Millwall get a bum deal from the media for historical reasons. 
    It's a shame some people will never change their minds, even when presented with evidence.
    I don't remember any Leeds fans coming on here with the same attitude you have so fair play.
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    clough08 reacted to ttkk in Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.   
    Crikey, the world was a very different place back then.
    I was 5 in 1985. My granddad and uncle went to that Luton game. They (and Danny Baker) say the overcrowding in the away end was horrific that night. That's no excuse for the violence that erupted, as it was brewing anyway (this was the height of football hooliganism after all), but they are glad the hooligans did smash down the gates, as it was very much a Hillsborough (pre Hillsborough)  disaster in waiting. 
    1994 was awful, remember it well. But, it was nearly a quarter of a century ago now.
    Do you remind young Germans of what their forefathers did when you meet them? I mean where is the cut off point? As it's interesting that the tabloid press have been reduced to labelling us 'scum' for simply going onto a pitch in celebration these days! Perhaps showing how much times have changed. 
    Look, I can see you won't be convinved whatever I say. That's fine. I don't define myself by the football club I happen to support through family and basic geography (a mile further west I could be a Chelsea fan / 2 or 3 miles further south a Palace fan!), it' just one facet of my personality. It's just a bit sad (in every sense of the word) that you judge me & about 45,000 other people on it.
    I must admit football forums can be quite depressing really - for all the good, interesting people, there is always a few difficult personalities shall we politely say.
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    clough08 reacted to ttkk in Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.   
    Not sure you could say the club are scum. Millwall FC pioneered community work in this country, way, way before it was seen as good for branding & public profile - starting in the early 1980s. For example, they opened a creche, ran (& still run), workshops to help young adults in the area apply for jobs & gain skills, have clubs for isolated members of the local community (such as the elderly or disabled), visit schools and run even more workshops for educating young people about knife and gun crime, open the club facilities up to local charities for free, run a food-bank for local people, have taken part and pioneered so many anti-racism initiatives that they are the highest ranked club in the Kick-Out rankings & have made the fact that Millwall have the highest ratio of ethnic minority season ticket holders outside PL possible.  Millwall also pioneered the promotion of women and girl's football in the UK, starting (again) way back before it was seen as 'good' for the brand, by becoming the first professional football club in UK to affiliate with a female team (Millwall Lionesses) in 1985 and the first to open and run a centre of excellence for female players. The club has also pioneered the sugar tax in the last year or so, donating all profits (the tax) from sugary items to local schools and education projects. 
    People scoffed when Millwall won the EFL'Family club of the year' award, but without realising that Millwall put more into their community in terms of ratio of actual income than any other football club in the country. Lewisham council said that Millwall save them over £7m a year, by stepping in and providing these workshops, projects and facilities. 
    As for us fans, yes, we do some have some bad apples - the club is based in inner-city London, so hardly a surprise. However, we have many diamonds. Currently Sunderland, West Ham and Leeds United fans will attest to this; as Millwall fans raised £2,800 for Bradley Lowery Foundation with an independent fund raiser; have got the club to promote the cause of Isla Caton, a 3yr old girl West Ham fan with neuroblastoma in the matchday programme and raised funds for her treatment at home games; and in the last week the 1,400 fans who went to Elland Road have decided to donate their refunds (Leeds broke rules in charging us more that the top price home end ticket) to the fund set up for Leeds fan Toby Nye, a 4 year old also fighting neuroblastoma. Furthermore, the club turned a very good offer from a pay-day loan company a few years back to sponsor us; instead listening to fans in choosing to donate the equivalent fee to the Prostate Cancer charity, adorning our shirts with their logo and fan groups raising thousands at home games. Millwall also raised thousands for Headley Court - a special rehabilitation centre for injured servicemen and servicewomen, plus produced a special kit to raise awareness and more money. The British Legion also wrote to Millwall thanking fans for their huge contribution at a home game collection, saying that the 12,000 Millwall fans in attendance raised more money than at any other club in the country, including the 75,000 at Old Trafford. 
    I would argue that the good far outweighs the bad at Millwall. I see us as a kind of rough school on a council estate, where the staff really care & the majority of kids are decent - but it's always the few bad ones that make the headlines and keep the bad reputation going for outsiders. 
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    clough08 reacted to NorwichLad in Jerome's a good player....   
    Seen a few suggest otherwise.
    Very hard working, surprising turn of pace, team player who you can tell actually cares about his own performance and results + decent bloke. 
    Not the most clinical so isn't one of those players who gets 1 chance and buries it, but don't think that matters when you are a team player and always willing to square the ball to your forward partner... if you're Darren Bent then finishing is 80% of your game! 
    Is a good choice for a team in your situation, will work his socks off for 70 minutes and tire out the opposition defence and you can bring a pace merchant on for 20 minutes to finish the job, or he'll come on for 20 minutes when the chips are down and mix things up a bit. 
    Sensible contract length... probably just at that very point where he's started to lose a bit of stamina, but won't be rapid enough for him to be 'done' before 18 months is up. 
    Struggled in our current system, and I think that's probably 80% of the reason for his poor season for us.
    You've basically got a player who will run all day trying to make things happen who will go for every 50/50.... good choice for a club who wants players to pull together. Easy to say "another old player" etc, but he's one of those lead by example types... if he's in the team then the gaffer can say to those on the bench "work that hard and you can have his place". 
    If you go up though.... you'll be loaning him back to the Champs. Reason = not clinical enough for the Premier League where a smaller team may get 2 good chances in a game, and has to take one of them. 
    Good luck for the rest of the season. 
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    clough08 got a reaction from whiteroseram in Rams Managers ranked by points per game   
    You have to remember that most of B Clough's games were in Division 1 - Jim Smith too. But very interesting.
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    clough08 got a reaction from RadioactiveWaste in Rams Managers ranked by points per game   
    You have to remember that most of B Clough's games were in Division 1 - Jim Smith too. But very interesting.
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    clough08 got a reaction from Carnero in Rams Managers ranked by points per game   
    You have to remember that most of B Clough's games were in Division 1 - Jim Smith too. But very interesting.
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    clough08 reacted to admira in Rams Managers ranked by points per game   
    I've done this before by win percentage but let's try something slightly different. 
    This list features managers from Clough Senior onwards and only those that managed the mighty Rams for ten games or more. 
    All stats converted to allow 3 points for a win even when 2 were on offer to make it comparable.
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    clough08 reacted to RoyMac5 in Stoke fans want Rowett....   
    Worth a cheeky tenner?
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    clough08 got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Stoke fans want Rowett....   
    Dunno - checked Paddy Power and he's not there at all and they went up to 90/1 with Alan Curbishly.
    But just checked again and he's now in at 12/1
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    clough08 reacted to angieram in PPS Development   
    I prefer this to the other development which has now been shelved as I like the front of the stadium as it is.
    We are meeting friends at a future match and would have loved somewhere close by to go after the game to have a coffee and chat about the football. We aren't match-day drinkers and are all driving so somewhere like this would be great. 
    The architect's graphics always make me chuckle - full of bright skinny young things on a warm sunny day! No kids, no old folk, no fatties.  Obviously never been anywhere near Pride Park on a match-day!! 
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    clough08 reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Joe Ledley - Signed   
    Actually Ledley staying until the end of the season, leading us to promotion only to find that his name is really Juan Ledley and is an illegal immigrant from Peru resulting us missing out on promotion...is something more likely to happen to us.
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    clough08 reacted to Keepyuppy in What‚Äôs the missing ingredient ?   
    It’s simple really,,,,George Thorne !!
    Surely he’s ready for a start on Tues and give Huddleston a rest on the bench. 
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    clough08 reacted to Derbados in Derby County v QPR match day thread.   
    Would be tempted to see George start, Huddlestone looks like he needs a game or to out of the side. 
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    clough08 reacted to ilkleyram in Rising tide of performance?   
    And that's what I don't get about yours and Ellafella's views Pearl - you've clearly been around a while and seen all the comings and goings over a long period of time; you've seen football change, transfer windows and the way players have to be managed change; you've seen agents and Sky and BT and inordinate amounts of money come into the game; you've seen a new stadium; criminals in charge of us and decent people too. And yet you have no patience.
    I started watching us in 1963.  I remember Tim Ward going and the team finishing 17th in 1966/67 after many years of achieving not very much.  I also remember Brian and Peter coming and getting 11 players out in their first year (when there were no restrictions on when transfers could happen; no agents to guide players; no players seeing their contracts out; no foreign players to add to the pool of players available to the top clubs; when players did what they were told).  I also remember their first full season in 1967/68 whilst this change was happening.  We finished 18th and I remember well then the 'Clough out' voices that were raised - the guy's too young, too opinionated, he's changed too much, the defence doesn't defend, Kevin Hector is isolated and not getting the service, the midfield's too slow.
    It hadn't changed too much after 16 games in your first season either (presumably 1968/69).  Our record then was won 8, drawn 5, lost 3. Not too different to now.  And look what happened that season.
    This is not to argue that GR is the genius that Brian was.  There have been few that could match him in my lifetime. It's not even to argue that we will go up this season. But it is to say that even geniuses need time, and even geniuses benefit from support.
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    clough08 got a reaction from Gypsy Ram in A pattern   
    Are you moaning about that?
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    clough08 got a reaction from Ninos in A pattern   
    Are you moaning about that?
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    clough08 got a reaction from welshram1 in A pattern   
    Are you moaning about that?
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    clough08 got a reaction from Todd Is God in Derby County v Wolverhampton Wanderers - match day thread   
    Let's predict the script:
    4 points from 5 games
    Fans complaining
    We sign someone for a lot of money
    Fans a bit calmer
    We do a bit better and get to 12th by Christmas
    We sack GR
    We replace him by Paul Simpson / Nigel Clough / A.N Other
    Results don't pick up and crowd now hostile
    We sack A N Other and put Wassall in charge till the end of the season
    We finish 14th
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    clough08 got a reaction from jono in Birmingham City v Derby County   
    Many players would have bottled it with keeper bearing down and certain to get clattered. Ince deserves credit for his bravery.
    Wish Olsson would make more effort to stop crosses and defend - exposes Pearce.
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