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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Inverurie Ram in Derby County Flags   
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Sparkle in Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season   
    Far to many wanted rid of Martin and Russell well now we will find out how much we will miss them
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to RiddingsRam in Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season   
    There's other websites ?
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to OohMartWright in Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season   
    No, I think it's his knee.
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to cannable in View from the outside   
    I thought Mac 1 would have gone on to be the next Southampton to be honest.
    High-standard, technical, attacking football. Wisdom 21, Fozzy 25, Thorne 21, Hughes 19, Hendrick 22, Martin 25, Russell 24, Dawkins 26, Keogh 27. 
    What could have been…
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to whaley bridge Ram in One for the oldies   
    I too was on the kipax that day
    but unlike SK I was a Ram then
    never forget that day I was also at Ipswich for frannys last game he did scored 2 and at the end a Rams fan ran on and gave him a bunch of flowers great days the 70s 
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Pearl Ram in Pick a Ram, any Ram   
    Thought “King” Kevin Hector straight away as he’d score goals in any era, particularly in today’s game with no hatchet men trying kick lumps out of him but on reflection I’d go for Alan Hinton’s pinpoint accuracy from the flanks with crosses and a shot like a cannonball. 
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to cannable in Pick a Ram, any Ram   
    Well… this is going to be difficult for anyone of my age…
    Tommy Smith? Barnes maybe? 
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to eddie in By the time we play Leeds...   
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to wixman1884 in By the time we play Leeds...   
    It's quite sad how desperate you are to attack our best manager in recent years. I don't know what he or Chris Martin has done to upset you so much. It mostly comes across as attention seeking though.
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Derbados in View from the outside   
    I cant even. . . . 
    "Fairly certain last goal was offside as well, man behind me said the same"
    What, the penalty you mean? 
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to HantsRam in Under 23s v Manchester United St George's Park   
    Does the Bobby Charlton pitch have it's grass grown overly long one side and rolled over to cover the sparse patches on the opposite wing?  
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to angieram in Under 23s v Manchester United St George's Park   
    Just got in from St George's Park. I do enjoy going there to watch the football. 
    I thought our young team did us proud, although it was a scrappy match, not helped by some really pernicketty refereeing. We seemed to be a bit wary of taking the game to United in the first half. After a bright start a couple of un-necessary bookings from the referee made us hesitant and it wasn't a surprise when a penalty was given against us. I would like to see it again as at opposite end of pitch to us but it looked like a block even though the player was looking for it.
    Second half I thought we were really bright, Babos and Cresswell came to life and Walker started to win the aerial duels.  It was a cracking header from him for a well-deserved equaliser. We looked the team more likely to go on and win it so such a shame when Cresswell was sent off. That looked harsh to me and if the referee had been a bit more sensible early doors it wouldn't have happened.  
    Manchester United inevitably had more of the ball afterwards but we defended well and still had a couple of good chances. 
    Thomas played well (though again a bit stymied by his early booking) but I thought the whole team played well together and can be righty pleased with their workrate and willingness to battle for each other.
    With a whole team of under 23s out on loan (I'm sure that also applies to United but they're a bit richer than us!) we still have a lot of talented players out there. COYR!  
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to hintonsboots in Derby County v Brentford F.C.   
    Congrats to the Weimanns. How things have changed, Cloughie would have delivered the baby in the old days while Andi got a good nights sleep ready for the game.
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to jono in Derby County v Brentford F.C.   
    Something weird and amazing happening today. My adorable partner and wife of 25 years, who has never been close to a football ground (not for religious reasons, it's just she's more of a face cream sort of  girl than A lover of the beautiful game ) has decided as a birthday present to come to the game with me. .....I am going to have to brush up my mansplaining. But at least she can recite the offside rule 
    come on you Rams . 
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Premier ram in Time to stick togather   
    This forum gets more childish by the day , everyone knows what B4 getting at , tomorrow is the start of a huge 17 game run , everybody needs to stick together , there will be twists and turns and not just for the Rams , every team will suffer them at some point , an extra 10 per cent of support from the fans startin tomorrow could make a big difference at home matches , so clap , cheer , sing and lets all roar on the lads to the Premier League together COYR
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to David in New baby Weimann on the way...   
    Would imagine we'll need to find out if it's a boy or girl first, might not be eligible for us
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Inverurie Ram in 104 Happy Birthday Jack   

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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Davide in 6pm live announcement with Mel   
    Heard it might be this one 

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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Manicsheepreacher in Cyrus Christie at Fulham   
    To answer my own question regarding when we last signed and sold someone over a very short period of time and made a profit .....the answer is Raul Albentosa.
    God I'm a sorry individual for answering my own question. At the moment of writing, I think I still have a girlfriend, but on evidence of this I'm not sure that will be for very long  : )
    I'm living in the south of Italy at present on me lonesome teaching English at an Italian high school, where my Juventus supporting students surprised me today with footage of that wretched  3-1 win from 1973. From this teasing gesture I was able to teach the words 'cheat' 'bribe' ''controversial' and 'scumbags' : ) 
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to B4ev6is in Time to stick togather   
    With chris martin gone out on loan and russle to the states and several under 23 players gone out on loan gain experance. But we must get behind remaining players no abusing them like one man at millwall saying come I got a train to catch I nearly said sodd off get train early then bit my lip.
    But what I am getting at it some times takes time for a player to settle in like tom lawarance and people getting on craig forsigh. It has been a long time to get fit so he can play first team football. Same thing for geoge thorn he just started showing form of old.
    We have a team to finnish the job and wovles manager is worried about as he would not loan out ben marshall not aiding out title push.
    So come on starting saturday lets have pp rocking and have brentford shacking with fear.
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Tombo in Transfer Deadline Day   
    Midfield? We've got Ledley, Thorne, Huddlestone and Johnson. 2 starting positions and two back ups, and all 4 are good in that position so it's possibly our second strongest position behind strikers in terms of squad competition.
    Wingers we've got Lawrence, Weimann, Anya and Bennett. Anya has come in from out the cold as Russell has left.
    Bent was surplus to requirements, simple as. Too many strikers, he was the odd one out. 
    Rowett is looking at the bigger picture, and I commend that. We've got a good opportunity to get promoted this year, but the plan stays the same. Thin out the squad and focus on improving what we've got through coaching, and making additions when they make sense and not panic buying like our Red neighbours have just done, rightly to great ridicule.
    This clearout was supposed to happen in the summer, but it's just happening now. If we opted not to offload anyone, or worse, offload them and then make big January signings, and fail to get promoted, where does that leave us next season? Exactly where we have been at the start of every season for the last few years - staring at a bloated squad wondering what the hell went wrong.
    We've got to break that cycle, and this is how we do that.
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to uttoxram75 in Stronger or Weaker   
    Weaker, Russell is better than anything we've got in that position and Martin was an excellent late sub to hold the ball up in the oppositions area when leading. If Bennett is fit then he's the closest to Russell in terms of work rate and running at defenders.
    Was confident two weeks ago about autos now i'm worried.
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to eddie in Stronger or Weaker   
    I think we are happy with what we've got, and bringing in the Chelsea lad is a no-lose scenario.
    Anyway, to keep in with the spirit of it all, I'm having a bottle of wine.
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    Dordogne_Ram reacted to Kernow in Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City   
    Sad to see him go. Frustrating at times but I really enjoyed watching him. His work rate and passion gets to you, for any criticism he gets, you could never fault his effort.
    And thus sees an end to one of my favourite DCFC photos from the 13/14 season. Just after Martin whipped that freekick into the top corner vs Bournemouth. Good times they were.


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