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  1. 1 hour ago, CWC1983 said:

    Doubt it. 4th place wasn't what the BBC thought would happen. They definetly had them in the final and possibly winning it at the start. 

    Nailed on Cricket team if they win it, closely followed Man City for the treble. 

    However, Megan Rapinoe is a shoe in for the International sports person award. 

    Did you watch her speech the other day? Brilliant, difficult to disagree with anything she said and pretty inspiring.

    I've not paid attention to what she's said in the past so maybe she's been a bit of a nut job and I've missed it but that speech has elevated her to a different level.

  2. 6 minutes ago, McRainy said:

    The correct procedure would be to campaign to rejoin once we have left. 

    Then maybe you'll get another referendum in about forty years time. 

    I agree.

    You must see that I've been fairly consistent in saying get us a deal and get us out.

    Whether I agree with the result or not is a different story.

    What I'm both pissed of at and worried about is a) how the country let itself get to this stage and b) the consequences the country "may" face by pushing through a no deal at any cost.

    Note the use of "the country" and not "we".

    This isn't being done in my name. None of it.

    I can't be enthusiastic about something I don't believe is right.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Highgate said:

    I understand and respect that viewpoint but I don't agree with it. 

    Firstly I think there could be winners in the second referendum,  Imagine if a No Deal Brexit won.  That would be it surely. No more arguments, the path forward should be clear.  If Remain were to win, I agree with you that would be difficult.  Those, who voted leave, could argue with a great deal of legitimacy that even though a No Deal lost to Remain in a referendum that doesn't mean that a Brexit with a Deal would Lose to Remain ....so the debate and division would rumble on.  So certainly the simplest solution would be if No Deal were to win the Second Referendum.

    What I can't agree with is the notion that a second referendum would be somehow anti-democratic. Given that the Brexit that people are now facing is quite unlike the Brexit they thought they were voting for, it may well be that public opinion is against a No Deal Brexit. For that reason I think the UK must be absolutely sure before it takes the decision of leaving the EU with No Deal that that is what the public wishes. Therefore I see a second referendum as a expression of democratic principles rather than a betrayal of them. 

    I think i've agreed with everything you've posted on this subject highgate and I 100% agree with you on this one as well.

    I think it will be a huge mistake to crash out with a no deal. I think it will be a huge mistake not to have a second vote.

    Unfortunately pal, I'm not in charge.

    I should probably have put my "for the sake of democracy" line in ironic speech marks.

    In terms of anti democracy, that's one stick the leave voters would be able to beat the country over a stick with though.

    A democracy SHOULD be allowed to change it's mind, hell we get the chance to vote for a new Prime Minister every 5 years so having another opportunity to vote for something you think you got wrong last time around is nothing new.

    The stick that could legitimately be used is that the democratic will of the people was never implemented first time around.

    That's why I think we've just got to bite whatever bullet we need to bite and get on with it. I am genuinely terrified at what we've been voted into doing to our own people though.

  4. 1 hour ago, VulcanRam said:

    Awesome today, but let's face it, even if we spank New Zealand and win the World Cup, they'll still lose out in the BBC Team of the Year to the women's football team. 

    Isn't it a democratic vote ? 😉

    If they win the world cup I'd be surprised (but not disappointed( if the Ladies won team of the year. The lasses have been superb and have broken down a lot of barriers this year.

    The overall issue of course is in the coverage.

    The fact the Woman's World Cup was on the BBC meant the entire country was able to watch it, the fact that up until now the CWC has been on Sky means it's a drastically reduced audience and there's nowt like watching a game on TV to help you get behind the buzz.

    Was it 6.5 million who watched the Lionesses in the Semi's> Compare that to how many were able to watch Sky today.

    Fair play to Sky for opening up the Final but I think there is a massive case for putting ANY World Cups. European Championships or Olympics on terrestrial TV.

    Oh and by the way.

    It's coming home 😉


  5. 2 minutes ago, Highgate said:

    You are saying people would vote against what they believe in, in order to serve democracy?  If there are people who would do that, I can't express how much I disagree with them.

    I don't think a dangerous precedent is set with the second referendum.  I think the problem started with the first referendum when people were led to believe that leaving the EU would be a piece of cake, so they happily voted for it.  And they look like they are getting a No Deal Brexit instead.  Quite a different scenario to the one they thought the were voting on in 2017. Therefore a second No Deal vs Remain would be an entirely different referendum. 

    I'm not for Remain or Brexit.  I don't have a vote, it makes little difference to me really.  I just wouldn't like to see a country leave the EU in a manner that is actually against the wishes of it's population.  That's actually a plausible possibility for the UK now and I'd like to see safeguards put in place so such a scenario can't unfold.   In other words a second referendum when the precise nature of Brexit is clear.


    Unfortunately there can be no "winners" in a second referendum, so even though my own view is that I'd like to have the chance to "test" whether the mood has indeed changed, I think the only way to stop the ridiculous levels of nationalism and hatred that is sprouting up, we simply HAVE to get out.

    17m people (maybe less but couldn't possibly be more) would simply not shut up for years about the fact they were denied their democratic rights.  It would kill us as a country.

    So even though leaving without a deal would be a huge leap into the unknown, for the sake of democracy we've got to see if they were right or not.

    The biggest issue for me is IF in or 20 years we realise we've dropped the huge bolllock I think we're dropping, there is literally nothing I can do about. there is no comeback and no consequences.

    It would be like the banking crisis all over again. In the end everyone knew they'd ducked us all over but nothing could be done about it.

    And again just in case there is any attempted twisting of what I'm saying.

    I don't mean we should stay unconditionally but I certainly don't think we should leave in a "no deal" which will throw us into short term uncertainty. We literally have no idea what's going to happen and that's one hell of a gamble to take.

  6. 1 hour ago, Igorlegend11 said:

    It was no big deal. Post removed and away we all go    ( I just stay logged in and the ignore function is cool )

    Hope you read this reply 😁😁

    So you made up the part about being attacked and being intimidated by messages from a poster on this forum?

    And to think I was genuinely worried.

    Poor form that.

    I hope you read this reply.

  7. 1 minute ago, SKRam said:

    Totally agree. Technology is there now so let’s have three reviews per side. Can only mean more correct decisions 

    Especially in a sport where players are very quick to "walk" if they even suspect they'd nicked it.

    You could see from Roy's reaction he'd got nowhere near it.

    Very poor, fortunately I think we've got enough quality with Root, Stokes and Morgan to see us over the line pretty comfortably.

  8. 1 hour ago, ronnieronalde said:

    Well that was just brilliant. 

    All we can ask for really, we're in the Semi Final going into the Second Innings with every chance of making the final.

    For the first time in a generation our cricketers could make a World Cup Final.

    With everything that has been going on in the country, the sporting side of things has been a brilliant distraction for the last couple of years.

    I'd love to see the openers make a century partnership here, something like 50 for 0 after the first 10 just to settle the nerves.

    Come on lads. Come on!!!

    Hang on a minute lads and lasses.

    You can add cricket scoring rates back onto that list of things I'm a genius about 😉

    It's gone straight back in a number 4 on the list, behind the first 3 but edged back ahead of "how to eat 4 trfiles in an hour without making yourself sick."

    Happy days.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Uptherams said:

    A trade deal, for now, in all honesty, is a bad idea. Trade deals tend to benefit one or two big businesses in every sector e.g. the CBI in this scenario. What we have now with the EU is skewed. Let's not be silly and fall for what it says on the package...being members of this custom union. It's still detrimental. We need to push for full and open free trade with as many nations as possible. Any country that wants preferencial treatment should be put to the back of the queue 😋

    Do some of you seriously not understand the advantages of having open and free trade with emerging and '3rd world' countries. I can explain it to you in a paragraph if you like 👍👍😋😁

    I'd love if it you did. Being serious as well. I'm always keen to see somebody else's explanation of something I'm struggling to understand

    Is it just as simple as saying we'd like a free trade deal with you on our terms or you can duck off to the back of the queue with the rest of them? Sign here. Cheers.

  10. Well that was just brilliant. 

    All we can ask for really, we're in the Semi Final going into the Second Innings with every chance of making the final.

    For the first time in a generation our cricketers could make a World Cup Final.

    With everything that has been going on in the country, the sporting side of things has been a brilliant distraction for the last couple of years.

    I'd love to see the openers make a century partnership here, something like 50 for 0 after the first 10 just to settle the nerves.

    Come on lads. Come on!!!

  11. 30 minutes ago, McRainy said:

    By closing down half the forum again, probably. 

    I'm still waiting for @Igorlegend11 to confirm that he has indeed been attacked and intimated by private messages.

    I'm staggered by that. 

    Admin have a tough job, even I've got to admit that, it can't always be easy to sort out arguments between total strangers on the internet and I'm starting to understand why they must sometimes think duck it, let's just get rid.

  12. 11 minutes ago, SchtivePesley said:

    I struggle to get my head around such insular thinking. I'm sorry. Maybe you don't really believe it but you just like winding people up?

    If we fund university research projects ourselves - then it's "an excellent record" but if that money comes via the EU then it's "over inflated waste"?!

    That  don't make any sense. The worthfulness of the project doesn't depend on the source of the funding


    Nail. Head. Hit.

    I think he's trying to push people until they snap and get themselves banned or warned.

    Internet trolls, don't you just love them.


    University leaders said their sector could be pushed into “survival mode” if the funding cuts proposed by a new report into student financing become government policy.




    Luckily, research and development now sits at the heart of the government’s industrial strategy, which aims to put the UK at the forefront of cutting-edge industries of the future, including clean technology and artificial intelligence.

    Yet there is inconsistency in Whitehall’s approach. While the left arm of government is urging universities to prioritise essential R&D, the right arm is making plans that could put the future of university research at risk.

    A review of the funding of post-18 education, commissioned by the prime minister, is currently underway. The widely anticipated outcome is a cut in tuition fees. As you might expect, this has prompted some debate on the possible consequences for teaching, staff redundancies and course closures. Some universities may even be forced over the brink and student places will be limited.

    Then further down in the article.

    This would be a remarkable own goal. More than half of business investment in R&D in this country comes from overseas companies moving here to work with our world-class universities. Take AstraZeneca, which is moving its global headquarters to Cambridge to be next to the university. If the research generated by our universities goes into decline, these companies will go elsewhere, taking their vital investment with them.

  13. 28 minutes ago, HantsRam said:

    Need to attack Smith a bit more before he gets set.....

    I'd like to see Archer back for an over or 2 here. Put some pressure on Carey, whizz another bouncer down and see how he reacts.

    Dangerous partnership. Playing their way back into it.

  14. 3 minutes ago, CWC1983 said:

    Fair enough, appreciate that. 👍

    I find it staggering, upsetting and worrying that someone is sending him private messages and would love to see more forum members come out and post that it's wrong and needs to be stopped pal.

    I think whoever it is who is doing it needs to see that the forum community won't tolerate that kind of response to what is basically a set of folk chatting baalocks on the internet.

    I've given my name out, I've posted videos, I've told folk where I live so they know what I look like and NOT ONCE in all of my time on here has anyone ever sent me an intimidating or threatening private message and if they did I'd be both pissed off and probably a little bit frightened.

    There is no way @Igorlegend11 should have to worry about that kind of thing just because he has views that some people disagree with. Igor, you NEED to report it to admin. I know for a fact they would put a stop to that kind of behaviour straight away.

  15. 1 hour ago, Igorlegend11 said:

    We certainly have nt grown as much due to uncertainty.  The cure for uncertainty is to get on with Brexit, and force the EU into sensible practical discussions with their large trading partner, namely ourselves. 

    The alternative, of ending democracy due to some short term economic uncertainty is far far worse in my opinion, and history will show this.

    The EU have been hell bent on getting us to remain and their negotiation to date has been focused solely on that.  Actually leaving will lead to much calmer and realistic progressive negotiations. 

    I've used the Irish border as an example of seeing how easy a major issue is to solve if brexit actually happens and realism and compromise commence 

    Sadly I won't give away personal details anymore having been attacked and intimidated directly in a number of messages from a poster. I have suffered financially considerably but history shows me to give up democracy and go against what 17m voters voted for is simply wrong and if we stopped sympathising with the EU position, looked entirely after our own interests ( which includes some compromises ) things will progress.  Business is desperate to know what the final trade deal will look like. Which products will the EU out tariffs on that we sell into the EU. Sadly the EU refuse to talk trade with us until we actually leave. 

    To enact actually leaving it's sad that it requires someone like Boris who won't be much good imho for much else thereafter, unless his cabinet are strong and be the doers as opposed to Boris post brexit.   But Boris is focused on getting us out. He's clear.  Yet the EU still sadly won't believe Boris as so many people on the remain side refuse to let us negotiate sensibly as they attempt to place many restrictions on the UK side ( eg trying to block a no deal brexit merely makes the EU offer a bad deal in hope we remain ) 

    Whoever it is who is doing that is absolutely bang out of order. Do you mean someone is sending you private messages outside of this thread to attack and intimidate you?

    Christ that's wrong and bad. Have you reported it and them to admin?

  16. He should do ok there. But they've got a squad that has seen a lot of changes

    A lot will depend on whether they can keep hold of Marquis and how many games the older key players like Andrew Butler and James Coppinger can play.

    They''ve lost a key defender in Danny Andrews who has gone to Fleetwood, who are really splashing the cash (they've signed Couttsy as well). Malik Willis who was superb together with Marquis has gone to Barnsley and they've lost a key midfielder as Herbie Kane has gone back to liverpool and I'd expect him to make the step up to Championships level on loan this time around.

    (I've not paid attention for the last couple of weeks so if Marquis has already gone I've missed it)

    8th or better and he'll have had a decent season.

  17. On 04/07/2019 at 14:30, Alpha said:

    Liverpool Super Cup

    Leicester H

    Norwich A

    Sheff U H

    Wolves A

    Liverpool H

    Brighton H 

    Southampton A

    Newcastle H

    Burnley A

    Watford A

    Palace H 

    Their fixtures are quite nice in that for a team like Chelsea every hard game is followed by a chance to bounce back. It looks like all the games v their top 6 rivals are broken up 

    He probably couldn't have hand picked a better set of fixtures if he'd tried.

    I know anyone can beat anyone on their day (not strictly true and a bit of a cliche) but you'd expect him to get off to a good start looking at that list, then momentum is huge.

    I hope he does well.

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