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  1. how is Craig Pawson a premier league referee? one of the worst games i've seen from a ref today
  2. poor performance from us today but this referee aint helping. been absolutely useless
  3. Hard to tell from that but looks like a lot of running with poor end product! pretty sure we've got that already somewhere
  4. the Lino on that side was shocking all game. Honestly think he might have forgotten the offside rule as well
  5. Slightly better yesterday but still think he must be a training ground superstar as he seems to be undroppable even when he does nothing for 4 or 5 games
  6. Hopefully the case but you never know!
  7. If his agent was speaking on his behalf then he needs to be sold IMO
  8. very poor yet again! selection/tactics wrong in my opinion!
  9. better than Brentford but still no way near good enough!
  10. so he takes off our best player...confused?
  11. hope im wrong but Cocu has looked out of his depth. doesnt know what to do
  12. Bielik needs to remember where hes playing! getting caught in possession high up the pitch far too often!
  13. brentford are out of sight now! doubt we will score 1 let alone 3!
  14. if only you could score goals passing sideways and backwards we would be class
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