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  1. better than Brentford but still no way near good enough!
  2. so he takes off our best player...confused?
  3. hope im wrong but Cocu has looked out of his depth. doesnt know what to do
  4. Bielik needs to remember where hes playing! getting caught in possession high up the pitch far too often!
  5. brentford are out of sight now! doubt we will score 1 let alone 3!
  6. if only you could score goals passing sideways and backwards we would be class
  7. resting players mid week really helping us today!
  8. from what ive read/heard on the radio not good enough. though the same could probably be said for the whole season so far!
  9. Same dutch Journalist that tweeted the other day about Cocu being a done deal has tweeted that Faber will be staying at PSV
  10. Used the Roadrider and couldnt complain at all! Got to the Pride park around 0730 and was on the road by 0830 so not too bad. got to the stadium around 12 including the stop off. Coming home was one of the first buses out the car park and the driver heard about the m1 incident ahead of time so turned off at 21a. back in Derby by 930 so not the worst!
  11. currently booked on the roadrider not sure what coach number though! also wondering about getting back etc. anyone know?
  12. Sorry if this already been covered but do Roadrider tickets go on sale tomorrow as well?
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