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  1. I think I found Davids other account guys.
  2. Gloucester Live have realised they get more clicks from talking about Derby County, than they do Cheltenham Town and here we are.
  3. Looks like we're all agreed, we want a goalkeeper, who is a great shot stopper, capable with the ball at his feet, capable of dealing with crosses every time, commands his area, has excellent distribution, able to organise his defence, and is generally perfect in every way. So who does that leave us with as a possible signing? Donnarumma? de Gea? Maybe Neuer fancies a new challenge?
  4. Not sure why there's 48 pages on this. Chelsea have a manager, and it shouldn't really concern us until they don't, and even then, I suspect there's a few ahead of Frank in the list.
  5. Do you not have annual appraisals with the boss at your workplace?
  6. It's alright saying 'blood the youngsters' but some of these clowns that call them fans are on them from the get go if performances aren't perfect. Remember the stick Bogle got for the having the gall to be picked ahead of Wisdom at the start of the season?
  7. It's a bit of banter. It's not like they have anything better to do in Leicester.
  8. I got push notifications from FotMob 30 seconds before I saw them happening. Twas bizarre.
  9. Jack Marriott saying words like "Credit to the management team" and "best night of my career." Yep, they are DEFINITELY the words of someone who had fallen out with the gaffer and wants out...
  10. If Frank had made similar comments, the usual suspects would be on here wanting him sacked!
  11. The Leeds dummies clearly not landed yet after bottling automatics.
  12. It's a travesty is Mason doesn't win this. Lucky or not, it was knicker soakingly awesome.
  13. TobyWanKenobi

    Forum Issues

    Any particular reason? I found it useful to disagree with someone without actually starting an argument. By the by, Bring back the facepalm. It would have proved useful for many of the pre-match predictions today.
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