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  1. TobyWanKenobi

    First WOW factor signings for a good few years?

    I've never heard of either of them, but a lot of people are gushing, so that's a good sign. Although I remember people fawning over Danielle Daino, so here we are.
  2. TobyWanKenobi

    Free home shirt when you join TalkTalk

    I wouldn't join TalkTalk no matter what incentive they offer. Had terrible service from them in the past.
  3. TobyWanKenobi

    Mr T Abraham and Mr M Vydra

    I hope this thread isn't causing pensioner, Mr Terrence Abraham from Sussex any inconvenience on his long weekend golfing trip. He only gets one decent golf away day a year as Mrs Abraham keeps a tight ship.
  4. TobyWanKenobi

    Derby reserves or England reserves.

    What if though, what if.... Instead of dropping our Harry Kane and Jesse Lingard to play the youth, we drop our Jordan Pickfords and Raheem Sterlings? You know, only drop the poo first teamers and keep the good first teamers.
  5. TobyWanKenobi

    Rams or England ?

    Personally, I'd rather Derby win anything than England win something, but why can't we have both?
  6. TobyWanKenobi

    Mason Bennett

    He's Matej's replacement...
  7. TobyWanKenobi

    Jody Morris first interview with RamsTV

    Colin Gibson is possibly the worst interviewer ever. Obviously I get that he's a corporate mouthpiece that says whatever he's told to say, but rather than questions, he just says enough poo to fill some time, then the interviewee just says yes and pads it out. More Kim Birtwistle, less Colin Gobson, please!
  8. TobyWanKenobi

    John Terry

    That's what people said about Dave Mackay. And ooooh aaaaah, Paul McGrath too now I think about it.
  9. TobyWanKenobi

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    Not a fan of advertising gambling companies, but they give us money for us to ignore their name on a shirt so I can cope with it. Pretty sure all the sponsors will be super pleased about all the media attention that Frank will draw. Hope we factored that into the negotiation when taking their money!
  10. TobyWanKenobi

    If your reading this Mel.........

    If my reading this Mel?
  11. TobyWanKenobi

    Tom Huddlestone's influence

    Why Tom Huddlestone? Not Scott Carson? Not Darren Bent? Not Kevin Phillips?
  12. Jim Smith George Burley Steve McClaren (both times)
  13. TobyWanKenobi

    If it’s Frank

    I don't know. Frank Lampard is completely untested as a manager. I don't begrudge him being given a chance, but I'd prefer it was with someone else further down the league who isn't actually at a crucial season where progress will be measured weather we finish in the playoffs or not.
  14. TobyWanKenobi

    Do we really need so many different topics?

    I don't like threads that goon too long in this forum. Due to the layout it can be difficult to follow when threads splinter off into different discussions. We need more of a conversation thread system like reddit for example to follow it easier.
  15. What, Brentford didn't put a post on the website about it to turn fans against the manager? Shocking state of affairs!

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