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  1. Cardiff V Derby County

    A good confidence building result. I think we can start expecting wins to follow.
  2. Mel seems confident.

    Only a few days left to take advantage of this amazing offer!
  3. Brentford V Derby County

    I predicted a 3-1 defeat, so well done lads, much better than I expected. Keep up the good work.
  4. Brentford V Derby County

    Don't mind this lineup at all. Glad Mason is starting. Would have liked to see Thorne again, but obviously he must have some issues if he doesn't make the bench when there's no midfielders on it.
  5. Brentford V Derby County

    Luckily, the FA started allowing 2 substitutions recently - 1988, and it was increased to 3 in 1995! We're covered.
  6. v Brentford (A) - Predictions

    Brentford 3-1 Derby - Johnson
  7. Derby County V Birmingham City

    I predicted a loss, so I'm over the moon we managed to scrape a draw. Well done lads. Big improvement over the Bristol debacle.
  8. v Brum (H) - Predictions

  9. Bristol City v Derby County

    Good side, all well rested. No excuses today
  10. Just an old ball

    That's really nice, man! I'm gonna take the opportunity to show off a couple of my favourite pieces from my collection: While all the other kids rushed to get autographs from Dean Sturridge, Steve Elliott and Ashley Ward, I asked this fellow for a signature... He'd clearly not had much experience, hence putting the date And an interesting date it was.... This is a bit of a mundane letter from when managers managed things rather than just coached a football team: apologies for the shine, it's in a plastic wallet for protection. And finally, I have no idea what it's all about, but it seems worth saving at least to have something to ponder over: It's a greetings card to 'George' from John O'Hare and a 'B. Clough' with newspaper cuttings taped to it for laughs. One has fallen off in the top left; I vaguely remember from years ago it used to say 'MACKAY' in the top left, I don't remember what was under the words 'I've Failed'. None of it quite as cool as your signed ball though!
  11. Barnsley v Derby County

    I've drunk an entire bottle of port during ths game so I may be overreacting, but frankly, I',m somewhat dissappointed. edit: twas cockburns: the best port.
  12. Barnsley v Derby County

    3rd favorites for relegation!
  13. Barnsley v Derby County

    And they are now even further from the starting 11.
  14. Barnsley v Derby County

    Yes..... and they are being outclassed by Barnsley. What's your point?
  15. Barnsley v Derby County

    f****** joke of a team. Jesus. Barnsley. We're being outclassed by Barnsley.

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