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  1. I got push notifications from FotMob 30 seconds before I saw them happening. Twas bizarre.
  2. Jack Marriott saying words like "Credit to the management team" and "best night of my career." Yep, they are DEFINITELY the words of someone who had fallen out with the gaffer and wants out...
  3. If Frank had made similar comments, the usual suspects would be on here wanting him sacked!
  4. The Leeds dummies clearly not landed yet after bottling automatics.
  5. It's a travesty is Mason doesn't win this. Lucky or not, it was knicker soakingly awesome.
  6. TobyWanKenobi

    Forum Issues

    Any particular reason? I found it useful to disagree with someone without actually starting an argument. By the by, Bring back the facepalm. It would have proved useful for many of the pre-match predictions today.
  7. International breaks bring out the lazy journalism to make up for the views they are losing through the lack of games.
  8. People are just stealing bird puns off of each other here. Bunch of vultures.
  9. Got dcfcfans loaded up, got Radio Derby on. Looking forward to seeing what Keogh gets blamed for today.
  10. Banned from all Birmingham games for life. Absolutely disgusted that he's being rewarded for his actions.
  11. Scott Malone scores. Let the dcfcfans mental gymnastics begin. 😂
  12. Radio Derby blaming Keogh for Tomori being a maniac. 😂
  13. His first touch is alright though....
  14. Looks like a 433 works best with those players to me.
  15. Don't be ridiculous. We need a manager to have opportunity to create his own team. A summer of backing is needed.
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