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  1. Got dcfcfans loaded up, got Radio Derby on. Looking forward to seeing what Keogh gets blamed for today.
  2. Banned from all Birmingham games for life. Absolutely disgusted that he's being rewarded for his actions.
  3. Scott Malone scores. Let the dcfcfans mental gymnastics begin. 😂
  4. Radio Derby blaming Keogh for Tomori being a maniac. 😂
  5. His first touch is alright though....
  6. Looks like a 433 works best with those players to me.
  7. Don't be ridiculous. We need a manager to have opportunity to create his own team. A summer of backing is needed.
  8. Mikkel Beck was dire, Manel failed to show anything of note. Stern John is up there as pretty damn bad, but he achieved elsewhere. I remember thinking "how this this person considered a footballer" when Johnnie Jackson was on loan with us. 2007 was of course a goldmine for this kind of thread. Earnshaw, Failhaber, Claude Davis, Eddie ducking Lewis, Tyrone Mears, Laurent Robert, Ruben Zadkovich, Jon Macken, I would go on, but I can feel some of you guys' PTSD flaring up. I'd pick Mile Sterjovski.
  9. Only winning by 7? Their goal was because Jody Morris' twitter account.
  10. As someone who doesn't listen to the morons on the BBC.... what has been said? I've just looked at Jody Morris' twitter and it seems perfectly reasonable. What's the issue? Do you want him to live tweet from the match? Maybe slag off his coworkers or something? Do you talk about your job on twitter? Is Jody the ODCFCFSGOTW*? *Official DCFC Fans Scapegoat Of The Week.
  11. How many of our squad would be anything other than premier league reserves?
  12. An expected defeat to a mid table premier league side. Not a lot more to say.
  13. With 3 games in 8 days, it makes sense that FL is using his squad, and that team should be more than adequate to beat the worst team in the league.
  14. Mate, he probably decided those ratings before a ball was kicked.
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