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  1. Mason Bennett Injured

    So many questions about the Zanzala deal. Why would they loan him of they were just going to dump him on the bench. Why would we allow him to go for the experience of 5 minutes here and there? I can only assume that we wanted him out of the way because the club know he's not really going anywhere.
  2. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Jesus Christ, that man has a family. Ease off on the brutal personal attacks.
  3. v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Derby 0-1 Leeds Hoping to be wrong.
  4. Mason Bennett Injured

    Mason has been subject to bad luck and mismanagement. When he should be around the first team, he's been handed off on waste of time loans to ***** clubs. Sadly its got to the stage where the writing seems like it's on the wall for him. With Zanzala he was never close to being good enough for the first team.
  5. Mason Bennett Injured

    21 and can't buy a start for Accrington Stanley... Let's be honest with ourselves here, he's not getting anywhere with us.
  6. What going wrong lately

    Something is missing lately...
  7. Get him on the plane

    You caught that eh? I hope so manage it, but I can see Villa overtaking and us not quite keeping up, and we do have a bit of a reputation as bottlers...
  8. Get him on the plane

    Naaah, keep him off the plane. Lets have him fresh and fully rested ready for next seasons promotion push.
  9. Derby County F.C. v Norwich City F.C.

    Anyone else irritated by the ordering of players in the DCFC twitter lineup announcement? Keeper, then defenders, then midfielders, then forwards. This number order thing needs to stop, especially when people like Thorne and Huddlestone have ridiculous numbers. Anyway, that's my only problem with the lineup... The players are fine, the order isn't.
  10. Macdonald (Barrow) & Stabana (Tamworth) out on loan

    Why is this in "Transfer Talk"? I thought people moaned about having loan discussion here, even though it's the sensible place for it... Seriously though shame they are going out to teams so low down the pyramid. Not a good omen.
  11. should we get a replacement for Winnall...

    Not necessary in my opinion. Nugent and Jerome to rotate, Vydra I'm sure is capable of playing up top when needed and we also have a capable U23s setup that there's no point in having if it's not going to feed the first team every so often.
  12. Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Opportunity for a young player to get on the bench and maybe some first team minutes, something we've been lacking lately. Lewis Walker has been scoring for the U23s lately.
  13. GReat manager?

    He's saying mostly the right things, but I prefer to judge people based on what they achieve, rather than what they say. Second in the league is great, but we're not promoted yet and wheels still have the potential to fall off, and he doesn't really have much of a record of giving our academy players opportunity, but that may be a case of the players not being good enough rather that GRs issue. Some are going to write this off as a negative position, because anyone who doesn't say "We're second everything's perfect!" is obviously a wrist slasher or whatever, but it's not intended as that; we're still in early days. Things have gone great so far, but it's not even been a year yet. There's a long term to consider after this season. As for Mel, his trigger finger seemed a bit too twitchy early on, Mac1 was a undeserved dismissal in my opinion, and arguably so was Clement (although not an argument I would make!), but generally it does seem that he's become more thoughtful and responsible over time. Overall, the future looks bright though.
  14. View from the outside

    We should really be going for winning all our games - we're certainly capable of it. Catching Wolves will either happen or it wont, them dropping point is out of our hands for all but 3 of them!
  15. Heh. Sounds familiar.

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