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    catram got a reaction from Rample in Marriott song   
    jackie marriott marriott jackie marriot to the tune of baby give it up
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    catram got a reaction from Rample in Marriott song   
    jackie marriott marriott jackie marriot to the tune of baby give it up
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    catram got a reaction from Rample in Marriott song   
    jackie marriott marriott jackie marriot to the tune of baby give it up
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    catram got a reaction from Gypsy Ram in Whats the best Derby County goal you've seen live   
    Hendrick in the 5-0 the build up to it bamford puts him in he puts it through keepers legs in front of south stand what a day
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    catram reacted to Wignall12 in Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town   
    So we sell one of our better players and complain that we're selling the wrong ones. Last season we complained things had to change ,no one seems to want any of our other players, if we sell nobody we complain nothing is happening . For goodness sake, GR et al are on a hiding to nothing with some people . Nobody can say for sure what is going off behind the scenes. Pre season was far better in my younger days without i pads, i phones etc. and all the inane rumblings of displeasure from armchair experts (no offence intended) . Let them get on with the job in hand and show some patience ! 
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    catram got a reaction from SKRam in Maths of the playoffs   
    Its happening again its happening again getting our hopes up its happening again
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    catram got a reaction from SKRam in Maths of the playoffs   
    Its happening again its happening again getting our hopes up its happening again
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    catram reacted to Nuwtfly in Derby Vs Preston   
    Hope we go 4-2-3-1 again. Really liked the look of our players in that shape. Would personally play the 3 in their preferred positions though, so we can start getting the best out of Vydra...
    - - -  - - - - - -Carson - - - - - - - - - 
    Christie - Baird - Pearce - Olsson
    - - - - Johnson - - Butterfield - - - -
    - Ince - - - - Vydra - - - Russell - - -
    - - - - - - - - - Nugent - - - - - - - - - -
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    catram reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Derby Vs Preston   
    I think Mac will go with the plan he had for today and it'll be:
    Christie Baird Pearce olsson/Lowe
                   Johnson.    Butters.
    Ince.                                         Vydra
                     Bent.       Nugent
    De sart losing out based on butters playing well today and bent starting because.
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    catram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in Nugent and Vydra   
    Nugent and Vydra.....although not technically playing up front together, they made a real difference.
    Long may it continue.
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    catram reacted to Millenniumram in 2 up front   
    Hooray, he's finally realised the bleeding obvious, now let's have vydra and Nugent up front and have it!
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    catram reacted to TomInceOnFire in 2 up front   
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    catram reacted to RamNut in Nigel Pearson strikes again   
    Ryan shotton was rubbish
    Jake - it was time to move on
    our decision to loan out rawson 
    baird should be ok, he played that position in the past.
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    catram reacted to jagerbob in Stevie mac or schteve   
    Its all opinions
    i think theres tons of middle ground.
    I dont get too excited when we win 7 in a row, by keeping clean sheets and get a lucky streak from Ince.
    Likewise I dont go slitting my wrists every time we dont win a game (unlike the twitter possee on radio derby post match).
    Give it 2 more transfer windows and we are still in the same position as when Nigel Clough left us, then i will be frustrated.
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    catram reacted to Duracell in Are we in crisis?.   
    No. We're having a mid-table season, and this is what it looks like.
    Bad runs and good runs.
    Disappointing that this is the case, but shouldn't be unexpected given where Pearson left us.
    Think a bit of calm is needed. Everything is always 1 or 0 at the club. Mac's either brilliant and we're on our way to Wembley or he's bottling it again and we're in crisis.
    The truth is somewhere in between.
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    catram reacted to uttoxram75 in Aston Villa v Derby County   
    Sorry to digress but seems a topical place to put it.....
    Buried an old friend today. Paul Chatfield from Utch. "Chats" was a year older and a lot wiser when i started going away with Derby in the mid 70's.
    One story that came to mind today was when he and I went to Villa away in the late 70's. Living in Utch, we decided to get a bus to Stafford and then a bus from Stafford to Villa. Chats had heard there was a direct bus link to the Villa ground from Stafford.
    There was. It was the Villa supporters bus. We paid our couple of quid and slipped quietly on to the bus early doors. No problems as there was a couple of old dears at the front with flasks and tartan rugs and a few "normals" scattered about. We settled about 5 rows from the back and hunkered down with a four pack of McEwans Bitter and 10 No.6, as you did back then.
    The bus started up and was about to move out when 20 or so drunken louts piled on, all loud and beery singing Villa songs and chucking tins of beer to each other all round the area where me and me mate were sat.
    We was about half way there when they realised we weren't joining in. One asked where we were from. Chats knelt up on his seat, faced the back of the bus and replied we were Derby fans from Utch. The bus went completely silent while i battled to control my bowels until one bloke stood up and said "fair play lads". You could tell a few on there wanted to have a go at us but they left it at that. A couple of the Villa lads held the bus back after the game as we were the last to board and we ended up having a pint with them in Stafford before getting the bus to Utch.
    Good man, top DCFC fan, taken too soon, RIP Chats.
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    catram reacted to mrdave85 in Season over   
    So because 11pts is obviously mathematically impossible we should give up? I wouldn't accept that, while there's a chance of us creeping in to the play offs we should fight for every point available. What have we got to lose by doing so?
    Brighton finished 3rd on 89pts last season, we were 5th on 78pts. The season before that they finished 20th on 47pts, we were 8th on 77pts. You wouldn't have said they were top 2 or even play off quality then. 
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    catram reacted to JoetheRam in Big Overhaul - New Squad - Who?   
    Solid right back. Sell one of Baird and Christie. I'd edge towards keeping Baird due to experience and not running into Ince's space. Maybe Wisdom?
    Hard as nails defensive midfielder. Preferably described as a "grizzled veteran", wears black boots. Has a skin head and permanent 5 o'clock shadow. Give him the armband.
    Central midfielder who is going to play like Bryson did in 13/14. Listen to offers for Butterfield.
    Genuinely quality left winger. Maybe Bale. Would settle for Ribery. Get rid of Russell or Camara.
    Get rid of Vydra and Blackman. Give Bent another year.
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    catram reacted to Leicester Ram in Chris Martin signs new contract until 2020   
    Martin has never been the reason we didn't get promoted. In fact, his injury in 14/15 was probably one of the biggest reasons we didn't get promoted. I really don't understand what your issue is, the reponsibility of getting us up doesn't lie entirely with Martin.
    We got unlucky (and it was unlucky) in a one off game to not go up in 13/14 and we were top in March of 14/15 playing the system that 'didn't get us up'. If McClaren had been here for the full season in 13/14, the statistics suggest we would have pipped Burnley to 2nd, and if we hadn't had injuries to all 3 of our CDM's and both our ST's all at the same time, we'd have gone up in 14/15.
    Martin was key to success in both seasons. He's an excellent striker at this level who's played really well with McClaren and almost all the players we have here in the past, particularly creating chances and scoring goals, the one thing we don't really have.
    We've had great teams with Martin in them, but their failings have never been because of him.
    Your wording is extraordinarily stupid too.
    'He can't score without service'
    Yeah, no one can. Is he meant to pick the ball up in our own box, dribble through their entire team and score? He does need service, that would be true of any striker we signed. If anyone's system gives Martin service, it's McClaren's, if anyone knows how to get the best out of him, it's McClaren, so yeah, I do think McClaren is the difference.
    He'd never have signed off on some of the **** that Clement served up, lumping balls down the channel for Martin to chase is like using a £50 note to wipe your arse. Play the ball to his feet and you've got a winner.
    'He is in decline'
    He's got 9 goals in the last 14 appearances, hardly the stats of someone in decline. It'd be more if he was any good at penalties. He's 28 and yet some people act as if he's some 34 year old Ricky Lambert/Grant Holt has been.
    And what's the alternative? Bent? Nugent? I suppose they're on the up, are they? Getting better every game?
    You seem to be pissed off more because you enjoy being pissed off rather than any reason in particular.
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    catram reacted to Ram a lamb a ding dong in Andi Weimann - Joined Wolves on loan   
    Headless chicken
    No end product
    Apart from that...........
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    catram reacted to cheron85 in Birmingham after Johnny Russell   
    They are all worse than Russell... So you're saying you'd happily just make our squad worse?
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    catram reacted to Nuwtfly in Henri Lansbury - Signed for Aston Villa   
    I read that as
    Big big offer to play at Derby
    But a bid has also come in from another club
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    catram got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Martin or Vydra   
    We've got vydra! Matej vydra i just dont think you understand we know hes going to pounce and make the south stand bounce weve got matej vydra!
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    catram got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Martin or Vydra   
    We've got vydra! Matej vydra i just dont think you understand we know hes going to pounce and make the south stand bounce weve got matej vydra!
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    catram reacted to NewhallRam71 in Bradley Johnson   
    I was in the North East corner on Saturday and thought that it must have been some LMA convention or ex Brazilian players get together judging by most of the ill-educated moaning that I witnessed. The first pass astray and the moaning begins, its not just grumbling either, its venomous noise directed towards one or two players. Bradley Johnson a target simply because we chose to spend so much money on him.
    I can recall Paul Trollope making his debut at the BBG and he looked like Bambi on ice to begin with. There were a few groans until a guy at the front of the popside turned round and reminded everyone he was a young lad and needed our support. He went on to have a good game and did well for us.
    Sadly those days are gone, there seem to be very few 'supporters' nowadays, but lots of fans who having spent £25 on a ticket expect to simply sit back and be entertained like a West End Show. 
    I'm a third generation season ticket holder who followed the Rams in the third division. Quite simply the atmosphere at home games is awful. I am seriously considering wearing ear plugs before I totally lose my rag with some of our lot.
    I don't think its just us though, many other teams appear to have the same problem. Sadly the high and publicized salaries of players nowadays seems to have had the result of detaching the players from the fans to a level where they aren't looked on as people with feelings and confidence, more as commodities who are expected to perform come what may.
    I would imagine that Bradley Johnson would be a nervous wreck the next time he is at the Ipro. Instead of taking risks he will feel he has to play the safe ball or else getting the boos again.  

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