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    mickey lewis right foot reacted to Carl Sagan in A fridge too far   
    Rearrange these words into a well-known saying:
    sinking leaving a ship rats
    Seems Warburton and his mate MacParland don't really fancy it in Division Three.
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    mickey lewis right foot reacted to ossieram in on a slightly sour note...   
    Christ we have some snobs on here!
    Some of you people must live in a perfect little bubble with your perfect families where no naughty words are spoken and no jokes are allowed in case they offend somebody somewhere in the world.
    I take it none of you lot stood on the ossie end or popside in the late 70's or early 80's? Or have you become more precious over the years and decided that you should be the moral guardians of football?
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    mickey lewis right foot reacted to Mostyn6 in Who remembers when....   
    Derby County nearly ceased as a club in around 1984, only to be rescued at the "11th hour" by Stuart Webb and co. Derby County owner Robert Maxwell agreed to leave Derby but only after we got relegated and he pocketed the cash from selling Wright and Saunders to Liverpool Pickering had bankrupted himself and the club nearly ended up being bought out by a consortium involving SISU (Coventry) and (ex Bradford chairman) Geoffrey Richmond?. The 3 Amigos buying the club for a pound each, giving Huddlestone to Spurs in exchange for magic beans, then selling Rasiak after the Championship deadline had passed, leaving Phil Brown to play Stern John up front! Fans throwing t-shirts onto the pitch during the QPR game and chanting "where's the money gone?" to GSE. It amazes me reading what I am reading about Mel Morris at the moment. IGNORANT Derby fans who spent as long as they remember praying for an owner like Mel, only to sling **** in his direction for putting his money where his mouth is. Read the above and remember harsher times, look around the rest of the country. Look at other Midlands club. Villa - relegated after trying to oust Lerner. Birmingham - owner in prison. West Brom - no investment in the team, doomed. Forest - WOW, cuckoooooo. Wolves - spending stupidly but the novelty will wear off very soon. There's only Leicester and they're an exception to the rule.
    Mel's intentions have been very good. I clashed with him at Breakfast club, and I am in no way influenced by a pigless breakfast, but, and it's a but... HIS ideas were bang on. I just feel the fan backlash/reaction to a) Wassall and b) The Derby Way, have influenced him and maybe rocked his conviction in the cause, which is worrying,
    Derby fans need to be very careful what they wish for, cos over the past few years, this club has been plagued by self-fulfilling prophecies
    What happens if Martin gets injured?... then it happened How will we cope if Thorne gets injured?.... then it happened McClaren will leave and go to Newcastle? ..... six months later, he's sacked and goes there. About time Derby fans started showing some loyalty and love back to a bloke who deserves some respect, and ultimately, we cannot force out of the club.
    He knows, he's not stupid. Mel admitted to us there were things he'd have done differently .... in hindsight.
    But it's disgusting to treat him as if he's been worse than any of our owners when reality is, he's been the best in my lifetime.
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    mickey lewis right foot reacted to Pearl Ram in Johnny Russell   
    Coming on here is getting pretty depressing lately for me. 
    A new season starts tomorrow, I log in to read of optimism, positivity and excitement and I find the 3 Amigos slating Keogh, another appealing for an end to Martin bashing and this one having a pop at Russell.
    Being a supporter has sure changed since I was a Popsider. 
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