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  1. The Express reporting that an agreement reached to restart the championship on Saturday 20th of June with season completed by the end of July
  2. Anyone remember the World Cup heads that were given away with petrol Esso again I think
  3. If we do well next season and are challenging,more will be changed by sky -at £522 for the season its the first time I’m seriously considering not renewing
  4. Good to see the nod to the rams in the ear plugs!
  5. East Midlands Today mentioned that Radio Derby were still conducting and internal investigation
  6. Saw them at Kings hall (Queen st swimming baths to youngsters)-High Voltage tour - only about 200 there- what a show though Bon was one of the Greg frontmen.
  7. 11-Work and study as hard as possible to set the foundation for the future 21-Begin the pension with as much as you can-early savings to build up the pot pays dividends later 40-Realise when you are becoming irrelevant and change the situation asap
  8. Cheers - can make games changed to Sunday and earlier/ later Saturday but not Friday and there seems to be a disproportionate number to Friday-Guess next season I just won’t bother with the season ticket
  9. Anyone know if there’s any chance of getting refunds on season tickets for changed games if you can’t attend.?
  10. Would imagine Liverpool,Chelsea and Man Utd games will be nailed on tv possibly Brentford v Leicester-how many tv slots 1 Friday 2 Saturday 3 Sunday 1 Monday.
  11. Sky -killing football by the month.As a fan down south no longer any point in getting a season ticket just becoming an armchair fan
  12. Not looking forward to this-think sky will regret choosing this one
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