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  1. Born in Gloucester, live in France. Dad a lifelong Derby fan, no real football team in Gloucester, and I started getting into football in 1974/5, so I didn't tke a lot of indoctrinating.
  2. Of course there is: mushobetis1907 Ayer, 20:45:59 Otra derrota contra contra un equipo con jugadores a prueba. De vergüenza (Translation: Another defeat against a side with players on trial. Shame on us! ) Not much about how we played though. More complaining about how bad they were.
  3. I could never support (like properly support) another club. I don't think I could stop following football entirely either - I still play Sunday league at 52, so there must be something about it that keeps me coming back. So that leaves the general football fan option, generally supporting my fantasy PL picks to get as many points as possible. Wouldn't be the same though. Let's hope it never comes to that.
  4. I've seen suggestions that tonight's game is crucial because of the other teams winning around us. Although it would be great to keep up the momentum, we're bound to trip up eventually, so I don't think we should overreact when we do. Even if we slip back closer to the bottom three, the last 9 points out of 9 means we're also a lot closer to the teams higher up. The season is a marathon and not a sprint (cliché alert!), and I for one think we have easily enough quality now to comfortably avoid relegation. Just treat each game on its merits and we may even be challenging for a play-off place, even if this is still very much an outside bet. The improvement over the last few games has been clear, and if our new attacking options help us stick a few in the net, we will be formidable opponents for anyone in this league.
  5. Not usually keen on loans (except for Lampard's three young superstars), but it's probably the sensible way to go at the moment with our financial future so unclear.
  6. I've been living in France for 30 years. It usually means "shouldn't". It can, more rarely, mean "wouldn't have to', but here it is definitely an expression of probability (or lack thereof).
  7. 'ne devrait pas" = probably won't
  8. Who knows? But "ne devrait pas donner suite" doesn't sound promising.
  9. To come back to the French tweet, "prêt avec OA (option d'achat')" means a loan with an option to buy. Doesn't sound as if he particularly wants to come here though.
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