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  1. We do get our allocations reduced quite a lot and have the highest amount of games changed to early kick offs. Blackburn was 12pm ! We’re also sick of been on Sky, it’s beyond a joke. The reason we are on is because last season for example, the lowest viewing figure for one of our games on tv was higher than any other teams best viewing. We’re on more because we pull the punters in and Sky obviously need to justify selling adverts.
  2. https://www.leedsunited.com/newsmobile/ticket-news/23555/tickets-derby-county-a
  3. Not arguing with you, it was a loyalty game for Leeds fans. You had to have been to something like 15 games the season before to initially qualify. The demand was so high.
  4. So are you trying to say we did not sell out for our first away of the season ? Your claim is laughable
  5. I can assure you we log on 10.30 and it sells out 10.35. We also have about 600 away season ticket holders which takes a big chunk out of our allocation. Blackburn gave us 7,000 and it went in minutes.
  6. I’m on about what Norwich have sold for the game at ours on a Sat eve 5.30. 1,500 is decent for them
  7. Don’t mean to be funny but we have sold out every allocation in minutes this season. We sold the allocation you gave us. For away games we sell to season ticket holders first, then members who get 20% after that. We have none going on general sale ever. Norwich who we play start of Feb Sat eve 5.30 same prices as you for Friday have sold 1,500 on the first day of sales. I think your at about 1,200 ? Mentioned prices but Derby should sell more than Norwich for an away game surely ? You brought 952 last season which let’s be honest is poor. There you go Leeds fan no longer in peace !
  8. Dirty Leeds ? Listen I’m no blinkered Leeds fan. The tag is deserved as they were ruthless in so many ways. They said every team had a hardman in them days, Leeds had eleven ! At the same time they were a great team and we were truly robbed in 2 Euro Finals. When we won the cup in 72, the league made us play Wolves on the Monday away in a title decider. That team was despised and as you know every team sings how they hate Leeds Scum. About Leeds population, yes it’s big but you would be surprised how cosmopolitan the city is and the amount of foreigners who have no affinity to the club. Also it’s a massive rugby area too. Lampard will be a top manager and will take you close this season for sure
  9. I agree we’ve got some very fickle Home fans at the same time when we averaged in the 20s there was a massive boycott from the fans due to the owners. Bates was charging £700 for a season ticket and we were signing free transfers and journeymen. Potential if we get back up is huge , at the same time I hate how the Prem is so sanitised. Not just saying it but I’ve always rated your home support better than Forest. Leeds v Derby is always a great fixture going back to the Baseball Ground days !
  10. Alioski is inconsistent but playing better now. We will miss Philips, Douglas, Pablo for sure. Saiz got homesick and was class on his day. Cooper will be back at centre back. Also out, Beradi, Bamford, Brown. I still expect us to have bags of possession but at home we are struggling to break teams down. A serious question on your support ? You’ve always had a loyal home fan base but never travel well. Like I said £40 on Friday is bad, but generally when cost ain’t involved you never take big numbers which surprises me ?
  11. Looking forward to the game on Friday against a much improved Derby since we last played you. We’ve hit a bit of a rocky spell but we’ve still played well. Same time we need to get back to winning ways. Good news for you, due to injuries, suspensions & players departing we will have 7 missing from the game earlier in the season inc our best player Hernandez. I’ll actually take a point now. Game as been sold out a while now at our end & I hear you’ve sold about 1,200 ? Pricing is a joke so I can understand people staying away and with it been on Sky. Should be a great atmosphere
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