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  1. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Kernow in Stadia Vision   
    I'd be worried that we wouldn't be able to call future must-win games off because of snow when we've got a few injuries if we have a roof though?
  2. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Pearl Ram in Stadia Vision   
    Harsh. 🤣
  3. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Rev in Stadia Vision   
  4. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Pearl Ram in Stadia Vision   
    The Foo Fighters would probably beat us. 
  5. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Anag Ram in Yankee Doodle Derby   
    Derby does Dallas? 
    We've been screwed enough. 
  6. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Foreveram in Yankee Doodle Derby   
    Ronald McDonald
  7. Haha
    SKRam reacted to nottingram in Yankee Doodle Derby   
  8. Haha
    SKRam reacted to bimmerman in Which player made you fall in love with DCFC?   
    Haha my phone auto corrected it 4 times to Robbie Williams,I had noticed it had done it as Rob 
  9. Haha
    SKRam reacted to ck- in Reclaim the club - starting with this forum   
    I’d vote for that
  10. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Gaspode in Reclaim the club - starting with this forum   
    Can we have a vote to decide whether we should have a vote?
  11. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Sheikh n Bake in Reclaim the club - starting with this forum   
    I heard the forum name has to stay that way as part of his contract with 32 Red. Rooney opted out of performance based incentives and instead opted to have a forum page named after him. 
  12. Clap
    SKRam reacted to IslandExile in Reclaim the club - starting with this forum   
    In the thread 'Rooney In', @Highgate argued one of the reasons we should dispense with Rooney's services is:
    "Sacking him will mean we won't have to look at the 'Wayne Rooney's DCFC fans' anymore."
    To the mods.... Help us reclaim our club. Even if we must have a celebrity in the managerial hot seat, and it seems we must, then at least let this forum lead the way in showing the world that the club is bigger than any individual.
    Derby County Football Club.
    Then we can say things like "DCFC's manager Wayne Rooney..... needs to get wins".
  13. Clap
    SKRam reacted to 86 Hair Islands in EFL appeal   
    This was my very first thought, but I'm wondering whether bringing that into the debate is the wisest move 😆 
    I fear a few on here are close to...

  14. Like
    SKRam reacted to YouRams in EFL appeal   
    Shows just how much of a shoddy organisation the EFL is, rather than hold their hands up and say we have a flaw in our rules that rightly or wrongly has been taken advantage of, and we should now adjust those rules, they’d rather try and save face and take not only a club but a fan base down. I hope the lot of them stand on a plug then stub their little toe.
  15. Clap
  16. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Gaspode in This is what is happening behind the scenes at Derby County, including the EFL appeal...   
    I know what's actually happening, but I'm not going to tell you in case it upsets the bloke down the chip shop that told me to keep it a secret.....
  17. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Spanish in This is what is happening behind the scenes at Derby County, including the EFL appeal...   
    Thanks this is it, he comes on here giving it the ‘big i am’ and gets snotty when we don’t all bow to him and his hints of issues. This site is full of intelligent experienced knowledgeable individuals and it is insulting to suggest any of us have our head in the sand.  His posts are borderline wummery 
  18. Clap
    SKRam reacted to IslandExile in This is what is happening behind the scenes at Derby County, including the EFL appeal...   
    I think you are misinterpreting why people have selected that answer.
    It is not because, as you keep claiming, they are burying their head in the sand.
    It is because we are sick and tired of everything that is hanging over our club, whether that be failed takeovers, FFP or EFL charges and appeals. We just want to go back to the club being about football.
    You keep saying we need to be aware of what's happening and we should do something about it.
    No one - including you - is freakin' telling us what's happening.
    So, what on earth do you expect us to do???
  19. Haha
  20. Haha
  21. COYR
    SKRam reacted to MickD in My kit for today   
    Still play in this one at 74 in our Seniors drop in games. ( Covid permitting)  
  22. Clap
    SKRam got a reaction from Rampage in mo55y's Prediction League updates, 2020/21 season.   
    I did incredibly well considering I had us down for a W pretty well every game but a draw yesterday 💪😎
  23. Clap
    SKRam reacted to Ramarena in A message from the top   
    I imagine there was as bigger sigh of relief in the boardroom as there was from the fans at the final whistle!
    I think Mel is genuine, he’s just made some big and costly mistakes that have cost him and the club dearly......(especially this season).
    This should be a busy summer, lots of things need changing/putting right starting with the ownership. So hopefully this is the start of improved communication as the required changes are made.
    Otherwise the rumour mill will start churning out rubbish in the void
  24. Haha
    SKRam reacted to Gaspode in A message from the top   
    Any chance you could go for a practice drive? - absolutely no reason for you to rush back….
  25. Clap
    SKRam reacted to SouthStandDan in A message from the top   
    Boooooo club statement apologising for the season.... boooooooooo
    What else can they do at this point? The club will be taken over subject to EFL checks.
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