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    sheeponacid reacted to ramit in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Many years ago i wrote our most socialism leaning local politician an email.  Soon after i was invited to be interviewed by two young aspiring politicians in the Left Green party for a thorough inquiry on my views, with the aim of possibly recruiting me to work for the party.  i had no desire to join the party, but attended the meeting out of curiosity.  One of numerous questions was my opinion on the plight of poor African Americans and how it could be addressed.  i told them that poor people, no matter their race were all in the same boat, downtrodden with little hope of improving their lives, not just in America but all throughout this capitalist world and that poverty needed to be challenged on a human basis first and foremost.  The young woman and man, who now are parliament members rolled their eyes and after trying to sway me to the "right opinion" gave up on this seeming lunatic and ended the interview.  i learned a lot, but they didn't.
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    sheeponacid reacted to ramit in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Tony Blair did more international damage than any other British PM i can think of.  He took the country to war in Iraq based on a shameless lie, a lie he has never apologized for.  He lied to his parliament and the general public.  Hundreds of thousands perished, the country is in ruins, infrastructure in shambles, etc.  The attacks on Libya were another example of his devotion to being a lapdog for a foreign power, the USA.  Libya had the highest standard of living in Africa and is now a playground for competing powerhouses, a ruined country.  Not incompetent?  Okay, a criminal then.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Eddie in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Well, the vast majority of old people that I know have been basically self-isolating and socially distancing for the last 7 weeks - and if the only people queuing (hopefully socially distancing is the process) have been doing likewise, avoiding contact with others in the process, why would that be any more of a risk than, say, going to the supermarket?
    When you are retired, your garden might well be the only thing you have to look forward to. What is the point of just existing?
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    sheeponacid reacted to SouthStandDan in Exit strategy   
    The Irish managed to come up with a simple plan. Ours looks like a last minute overnight essay in comparison.

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    sheeponacid reacted to RamNut in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Same for all of them. Ego. Vanity. Power. Money. Greed. 
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    sheeponacid reacted to ramit in The Politics Thread 2020   
    For goodness sake Eddie, the two parties are controlled opposition to each other, two sides of the same coin, a front to a front, a collective sham, owned and controlled by the same powers, a means of presenting to the voter the illusion of a choice.  Surely, you must know that.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Stagtime in The Lockdown “Bizarre Purchases” thread   
    Got bored with nothing to do on weekends so I bought a 2.700m door and pulled the back of the house down.

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    sheeponacid reacted to i-Ram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Boris locked down very soon after you revealed that 100 Chinese students had been abused in the month of February at an East Midlands University. If you had got your data out a few weeks quicker you could have saved a great many lives, and the huge Anglo-Chinese shitstorm that has subsequently arisen.
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    sheeponacid reacted to David in DCFC Fans x Derby City Mission Food Bank Fundraiser   
    This is a challenging time for us all, and across the country food banks are working hard to maintain the provision of emergency food to those in crisis.

    With donations to Derby City Mission food bank being reduced, and an increase in demand, we know that you, our members will share our belief that those who have the least resources to cope with the Covid-19 crisis must not be forgotten at this time.

    Many families across the county may be forced to rely on food banks for the first time this year, with businesses either closing down or laying off staff.

    If you can, even if it's just the cost of a pie and a pint or even a match ticket, please donate and help us put a meal on a families table tonight.

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    sheeponacid reacted to G STAR RAM in Exit strategy   
    The same people that had decided they were going to be confused about it before they even heard it.
    Tell me which part you did not understand and I will get one of my kids to break it down it to understandable language because even they seemed to understand most of it.
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    sheeponacid reacted to G STAR RAM in Exit strategy   
    Quite clear what he said wasnt it?
    Employees should be encouraged to go back to work if not possible to work from home, although should avoid public transport if possible.
    From Wednesday unlimited outdoor exercise with close members of family.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Van Gritters in The Politics Thread 2020   
    I know we don’t see eye to eye on the EU but don’t you think we are a lot more accountable to things already and not hiding behind the EU’s failings.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Kinder in VE Day   
    I went with my wife and kids to see my grandfather today for a socially distant picnic in his garden. He’s 98 and was in the RAF in the war. He joined in 1940 and after basic training was based at Tangmere which was bombed to hell within a week or so of him arriving. Must have been terrifying for an 18 year old. He met Douglas Bader though!
    He ended up being posted to Egypt and Austria. He’s a fascinating bloke, completely with it, independent and still has such a good memory. He’s been into my kids’ school 3 times to talk to their year 6 kids about the war. I feel very proud of him, especially today.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Boycie in VE Day   
    I might take some stick for this, but hey ho, lets go.
    Watched the news at 6 and they did a report from a street party, everyone was respecting the memory of the lost men and women of the armed forces during the Second World War.
    Then one lady at the end said the same adding, “I’m also thinking about the NHS on the front line.”
    Now, I respect the NHS and clap every Thursday and have donated to them too.
    Why did she feel she had to shoe horn the NHS in with millions of people who gave their lives during the war?
    It smacked a bit of whataboutary to me.
    Thats my opinion.
    Lets just respect the fallen for one day shall we?  It’s VE Day.
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    sheeponacid reacted to angieram in Exit strategy   
    Is there anyone else thinks kids spending half a year with their families, learning how to make things at home, walks in nature, garden exercise, not getting everything they want on demand but getting love and attention and a bit of home cooking instead might be better for them in the long term than those few weeks in school that they miss? 
    I know not all families are this lucky but my experience with the families that I am close too are that the kids are blooming (although the parents might be under strain!)
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    sheeponacid reacted to Shuff264 in v Schalke 04 (H) Match Thread   
    Up the Schalke boys!
    Cant believe what I'm seeing, bunch of glory supporters jumping on second in the league!
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    sheeponacid reacted to Stagtime in Canberra Raiders 2020   
    Training to start May 4 with season to restart May 28. Even better, points earned in the first 2 games will still count. Sorry, didn’t see the earlier comments, it’s Australia’s Rugby League comp. If anyone is interested, the Raiders have 5 Englishmen playing this year and are one the favourites this season.
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    sheeponacid reacted to froggg in Picture where you and your knee are now   
    Down on the farm with awld muck spreader.

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    sheeponacid reacted to Tamworthram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Up until now I’ve been generally defensive of the government’s handling of the crisis given what a challenging and unprecedented time it’s been but, it will be interesting to hear why they’re only now (well, not for another three weeks) proposing to enforce two weeks quarantine for anyone arriving into the UK including returning residents (if reports on the BBC are correct). Maybe they’ve decided the current measures aren’t effective enough after all.
    Almost feels like rearrange these words to form a well known phrase: horse, bolted, barn, door, locked, after.
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    sheeponacid reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in VE Day   
    Happy VE Day to everyone.
    Can't believe it's been left to someone born 54 years after the event to start the thread!
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    sheeponacid reacted to King Kevin in The Politics Thread 2020   
    I also believe one of the contentious issues around a possible EU trade deal is that UK standards are higher than the EU's.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Van der MoodHoover in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Well you have in a way - you've shown us a different way forward. Which I would be happy to sign up to, but we have to as a country make sure we can all afford the 100 quid jeans and we haven't left a load of folks behind who can only afford the 10 pound ones or they won't eat!
    Whichever way I look at this I must expect to pay some more to help. Which is ok. But i'd like some honesty from our leaders on it!
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    sheeponacid reacted to Van Wolfie in The Politics Thread 2020   
    I've said it before and I'm saying it again...
    The UK consumer has benefitted over the last 30 odd years by being able to buy cheap stuff from abroad, all while watching UK businesses and industries become uncompetitive and fail. The consumer is as much to blame IMO as the businesses you mention.
    Why did M&S have to stop UK sourced clothing?. Because why would you spend £10 on a M&S T-Shirt, when Primark have them for £2 and because they are so cheap, we can wear them once and happily send them to landfill.
    I would love to see the UK's manufacturing base return but the public will have to be weaned off dirt cheap imports first.
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    sheeponacid reacted to GboroRam in The Politics Thread 2020   
    The EU is neither the cause nor the solution to this. The history of attacks on the standards of working people comes from the government you elect, not the EU. Sorry, but we had a chance to vote to improve how we treat workers but we chose to get Brexit done instead.
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    sheeponacid reacted to i-Ram in The Politics Thread 2020   
    Whilst your initial point, which I made earlier, is a fair cop, might you bring me up to speed how the EU Taskforce are doing with obtaining and distributing PPE equipment to their member states?
    In mid-April they had secured two fifths, of three eighths of one third of duck all.
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