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  1. Alan Biley that must have been late 70s or early 80s? I was young but loved him was Dave Swindlehurst and Yaka Banovic the same time? 🐑🐑
  2. Nobody complained at the time and teams like Wolves gambled and it worked out.To compete with parachute payments now is getting almost impossible although teams like Barnsley making the play offs give you hope.
  3. He’s club captain and should set a example surely? Otherwise anyone can toss a coin.
  4. As the club captain it makes it even worse and Keogh thinks this acceptable ? Why should the club continue to pay him through injury when his own actions and bad choices led to it.
  5. Bobby Davison what a buy he was I think Taylor signed him from Halifax and he was a 20 goal a season striker in a poor side.
  6. Great pro he really cares I just wish he was 5 years younger,I would give him a player coach role but it would be on much reduced terms. 🐑🐑🐑
  7. If that’s true I hope he makes a full recovery but I thought he had a groin issue and then did his hamstring didn’t he get dropped from the squad for some incident early on in the season?
  8. He’s never fit now days for a start and I do think some fans see him with Rose tinted glasses his 1st touch isn’t great and if you play him he needs another striker to play off as if he’s on his own up top the ball keeps coming back as his hold up play isn’t good enough. Then again our other strikers don’t seem to be able to do that either.
  9. Marriott is not the answer ask any Weds fan.
  10. I don’t think Marriott has even scored for Weds he’s a shadow of the player from 2 years ago and even then Lampard called him out a few times on effort in training.
  11. The game is over and they are mates I don’t get your problem?
  12. It went over because our keeper was behind the line ffs 😡
  13. Why the duck is Roos behind the line? I really give up with him 😡
  14. Sick of this team ruining my weekend our last 3 games against 3 poor sides and no points we deserve to go down as I can’t see where the next point is coming from. Role on the cricket season 😩
  15. Spot on it’s our decision making in both boxes that’s costing us points we deserved something from our last 2 games and we look more lively going forward but we are finding a way to lose matches by gifting sloppy goals and being wasteful at the other end.
  16. How do you blame Rooney for defenders switching off? If we defend properly we win that game.
  17. Apart from some shocking defending I thought we looked ok today good going forward at times but it’s in both boxes we are falling short and we are running out of games to get the two wins I think we will need.
  18. Roberts could be a real player if he learns to make the right decision’s I like him.
  19. That’s so frustrating we’ve looked really sharp in the final 3rd and should be a couple up but leaving that big lump free at a corner is unforgivable.
  20. I can’t remember Nick Pickering scoring 1 goal for us never mind 2 in the same game 😂 he was pretty awful. 🐑
  21. Yes before it turns sour
  22. Totally agree he’s one of the few players we have who are trying to take a man on and create something,in the past he has linked up well with Lawrence but at the moment he’s got nobody to link with or feed off.
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