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  1. On the most recent Rams TV podcast Kevin Wilson revealed he is the agent for one current Derby player but wouldn't reveal the name. Who could it be do we think? Also, an agent showing integrity, should have him stuffed....
  2. Don't think Mr Keogh would agree with you.....
  3. Someone said on Twitter the agent mentioned the likes of Anya, Butterfield and Blackman being paid but not being selected as if that could in some way be equated to the situation that Keogh has put himself in. Perhaps he was basking in some reflected pride in their agents getting them to be paid shedloads by Derby whilst being s**te? Missing the point that, if selected, they all did run about for 90 mins, not necessarily very effectively.....
  4. On similar lines, would the club change how they deal with away coaches after the games? Currently, anyone in Car Park A (behind the South Stand) is held back an age until all the away coaches have departed. With the best will in the world this takes time. My question is, why can't they allow cars to leave the car park until the coaches are ready to depart and then suspend the cars for a while. This would get cars moving away from the ground quicker. Another transport issue (which the club will say is not their responsibility) is some active traffic management to improve the flow away. The roundabout at the junction of the A6 and London Road has cars blocking exits thereby stopping vehicles crossing it to go round the ring road or turning right onto London Road. A small amount of human traffic control here would make such a difference. That could be replicated at other pressure points around Pride Park and its exits.
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