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  1. On similar lines, would the club change how they deal with away coaches after the games? Currently, anyone in Car Park A (behind the South Stand) is held back an age until all the away coaches have departed. With the best will in the world this takes time. My question is, why can't they allow cars to leave the car park until the coaches are ready to depart and then suspend the cars for a while. This would get cars moving away from the ground quicker. Another transport issue (which the club will say is not their responsibility) is some active traffic management to improve the flow away. The roundabout at the junction of the A6 and London Road has cars blocking exits thereby stopping vehicles crossing it to go round the ring road or turning right onto London Road. A small amount of human traffic control here would make such a difference. That could be replicated at other pressure points around Pride Park and its exits.
  2. I thought it was even worse than that and EFL rules apply to the EFL Cup so it might be as low as the number they give us for league games.
  3. Duane Holmes in the away end again last night. Back to see some old friends no doubt. Bielik is a beast and was superb last night but pushed close by Jason Knight. Agree that Bird could perhaps do with a League 1 loan to toughen him up and get some street smarts. Might be in a minority but I am not sure about Marriott. Didn't like him digging out Knight last night for not giving him a pass when Knight picked the correct option. Daughter has him in same pot as Martin, bad attitude. Shinnie didn't grab his chance, neither did Paterson although both were tidy. Bennett was a bit head down, bull in a china shop. Sibley and Whitaker lively in cameos. Buchanan won't score many better, he smashed it across a keeper who had been good on the night.
  4. Sheff Utd thought the same last season and then couldn't bin him off quickly enough hen he was on loan with them. Think there may be a bad attitude issue in there somewhere (rumoured in Sheffield) but he did get an injury so I may be doing him a disservice.
  5. It has been said before but I can see Cocu watching the last two pre-season games and then making his moves. That gives the current squad the maximum time to make their impressions on him and for him & his team to formulate what they think they need.
  6. That's an excellent start to summer recruitment, if you don't count Martin & Thorne being like new signings, or Rosenior being as good as a new signing.
  7. So we now have the following, just for the academy. Mel is taking this very seriously. Academy Director - Darren Wassall Head of Academy Coaching - Mike Scott Senior Professional Development Phase Coach - Pat Lyons Assistant Senior Professional Development Phase Coach - Craig Short Professional Development Phase Coach - Justin Walker
  8. I think Jack, Seb and Max are well behind in the footballers-who-don't-sound-like-footballers stakes.
  9. Got the impression from Mel's interview on Sportscene this week that this was something he had discussed with Cocu who was on board with it. Felt he didn't have that sort of local knowledge/support when he was in Fenerbahce
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