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    Fla Ram reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Harry on Mel and Frank appointment   
    The last-gasp winner at Reading; beating United at Old Trafford; coming within inches of taking Chelsea to penalties at Stamford Bridge; the comeback at Norwich; a trip to Accrington Stanley; knocking Premier League Southampton out of the FA Cup; the huge wins against QPR, Bristol and West Brom at the end of the season; the greatest night in my Derby-supporting life at Elland Road and a day out at Wembley.
    I don't regret MM's decision one bit.
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    Fla Ram reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Worst Rams Manager Ever   
    Tommy Docherty
    Close thread
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    Fla Ram reacted to Archied in v Blackburn Rovers (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I’ve posted this before ,I don’t think cocu is a play 11 week in week out manager , I get the impression he wants to coach a squad that’s so well drilled it can mix and match , harder to do but very good long term if you can ,, and to be honest I think we are seeing consistency of performance and style whilst changes made , it’s going to be a culture shock for some who just squeal if their personal fav isn’t in the team one week but hey it’s fun for the forum 
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    Fla Ram reacted to Ambitious in v Manchester United (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Bird v Aston Villa last season. Wow. What a mistake that was - he was completely and utterly out of his depth. Derby fans would've cheered his release from the club at that point. He had no future. 
    Now, roughly 12 months on, he's seen as an ever-present name in our starting XI. I would say that experience definitely played a part in his progression. I'm not youth team football coach, but I know that challenges and adversity tend to focus minds, build character. 
    We're actually sat here hammering Cocu for playing the kids, despite the only kid in the team who was inexperienced winning our MOTM by a comprehensive majority. Knight, Bird, Bogle & Lowe are fairly regular first team players now - or have been in 2020 at least. It would've been a bigger issue had he not played them IMO. 
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    Fla Ram reacted to Archied in v Sheffield Wednesday (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Yep get him signed ,,,, little note though ,is cocu s management  bringing out the old Chris Martin? For me you can see players starting to find themselves again ,Martin ,wizzy, fozzy ,Lawrence his best run ever for us ,young lads stepping in and looking the part ?
    any credit?
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    Fla Ram reacted to Sparkle in Yet another Chris Martin thread.... Yes really   
    That great to watch 
    martin Bryson ward and Russell- we were blessed - well done clough - not even £2 million spent either 
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    Fla Ram reacted to angieram in Yet another Chris Martin thread.... Yes really   
    What a brilliant graphic, and how sad to see it stall those two seasons he was in the wilderness. 
    Thankfully this season has given us a second chance to appreciate Chris Martin's brilliant contribution to Derby County whilst he is still around. 
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    Fla Ram reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Tom Lawrence appreciation thread   
    Always been a Lawrence fan but I’d come to the end of the road with him a few weeks ago. After probably his most consistent spell during his time here through October and November his performances fell away again. The last 3 games he’s been excellent, even Steve Nicholson who I think is overly harsh on Tom at times is giving him good ratings. Once again though we’re left wondering- can it continue?
    As for today, outstanding shot for waggy goal, a constant threat, cleared one off the line, put in an excellent shift and caps it off with a cracking goal for the winner. Excellent all round performance. The Tom  Lawrence we’ve seen today is a major asset to our club.
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    Fla Ram reacted to nottingram in v Swansea (A) - Matchday Thread   
    So strange that a man with well documented health issues can’t play three games in a week
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    Fla Ram reacted to cosmic in Mike Te Wierik - Signed pre contract, joining in the summer   
    They were going to announce it in a press conference last week but couldn't get the Mike Te Wierek.
  12. Cheers
    Fla Ram reacted to Ambitious in Mike Te Wierik - Signed pre contract, joining in the summer   
    If anyone wants to track his progression, it's really easy to find Eredivisie games online in their entirety in high definition. I watched the first half of the game against Ajax, which they won 2-1, to see what kind of player and team Groningen are. It was a very useful insight. 
    You can see why Groningen don't concede many goals; I'd love to say it's all down to the magic of #4 but the truth is that their entire team is full of animals. They have a explosive players all over the pitch, by explosive I mean athletic competitors who don't make it easy for the other team - more so than the much more talented Ajax side who were leagues ahead in technical ability but were still disrupted by Gronigens battle ready approach. A player on loan from Swansea, Joel Asoro, was the full embodiment of that - tireless worker, who would compete for every loss cause and caused no end of problems for the Ajax backline. 
    On to Mike Te Wierik, in half a game it's incredibly difficult to see what we could potentially get. Nevertheless, I just wanted to see what he was like physically to see if we were going to get another Albentosa or not. It was pleasing to see that not be the case. He's not a head-and-kick type of defender, he avoids going man-for-man and reads the game well that he's able to jump ahead of the striker - he made a lot more interceptions than he did clearances, i.e. he's more incline to get ahead of his man than he is to stand behind him. It's an aggressive approach and Groningen play a high line to achieve it. He's no slouch, either. He's not Tomori in terms of pace but he's certainly an athletic player and doesn't mind running shoulder to shoulder with players who are renowned for being quick. He stands up extremely well in that regard. He's definitely what I would describe as a ball playing centre half, he's very much the Keogh of Groningen's team and would be tasked with the one to bring it out. In this game his CB partner would more likely put it down the wings whereas Te Wierik would look to play it into feet at every opportunity. He's very composed on the ball, but his decision making is very quick. He doesn't take too many touches - I think the Groningen manager can take some credit for that because they were very well drilled when playing out from the back, plenty of options and everyone seemed to know their next pass. The cons, although I didn't see many in the 45 minutes I saw, I did think that his reaction to danger at times was a little delayed - there was a couple of times, he would jog when he should be running and it culminated in him having to sprint. It could also be down to his partner, but it seemed like they would stray from each other and the gap between them would be too big, it could be down to a number of reasons in fairness, perhaps even tactically they wanted a wide back line - just not often seen. 
    The other Groningen players that caught my eye, although both not in exactly problem positions - Daniel Van Kaam (CDM/CM) and Dayovaisio Zeefuik (RB). Van Kaam was their stand out for technical ability in a team that is built on athleticism. He is neat and tidy with the ball and moved the ball up the pitch. He's only made a handful of appearances for them, but he looked to have a lot of ability. Zeefuik is a player that would I imagine would quickly become a favourite - he's extremely fast, he's an outstanding competitor and he's very good on the ball. He signed for next to nothing from Ajax, bizarrely, despite being first choice for the Holland U21 side - I'd imagine he has a huge sell on fee, but he'd be a great option should Bogle leave. 
    As for Ajax, they had a 17 year old that I would imagine will soon become an extremely well known player - Ryan Gravenberch - from what I can gather it was his worst performance for Ajax since breaking through, but you could tell he just had it. Outstanding.
  13. Clap
    Fla Ram reacted to Carl Sagan in Cocu and the youth: a great success story   
    When Philip Cocu was brought in the key reason we were given for his appointment was that he would focus on youth and bring the academy youngsters into the first team picture. In order of this season's appearances, this is what we've seen:
    Max Lowe, age 22, season's apps 23, total Derby apps 38. Max has been a star of the academy for a long time, but this has been his breakthrough season and he is establishing himself. He did so well at right back during Bogle's injury and is now first choice on the left.
    Jayden Bogle, age 19, season's apps 22, total Derby apps 72. Already established in the first team after a breakthrough season under Lampard it's easy to forget he's still so young. Has struggled sometimes and been injured but his talent is clear and he will continue to improve.
    Jason Knight, age 18, season's apps 19, total Derby apps 19. Included in the squad for the key games at the end of last season, it's clear to  everyone why. Won't  be long before young Jason is a full Ireland international and one of the first names on the team sheet.
    Morgan Whittaker, age 19, season's apps 14, total Derby apps 14. Top scorer in the EUFA Champions Youth League and just beginning to show what he offers to the first team, with a new contract to take the pressure off. Just needs a couple of goals and there'll be no stopping him. Very, very classy in the U23s.
    Max Bird, age 19, season's apps 8, total Derby apps 17. I had my doubts but over the last few weeks Max has come on strong again and shown he can be a very influential future member of the team.
    Louie Sibley, age 18, season's apps 5, total Derby apps 5. For me the most talented academy player right now. Can score, dribble, tackle and pass, with a great engine. Has everything and my disappointment is he's not had a little more game time to show what he can do. But it's great he's becoming a regular around the first team squad.
    Lee Buchanan, age 18, season's apps 4, total Derby apps 4. Came through at the start of the season and stood up when the club needed someone to play left back. Been injured, but seems one for the future.
    Jayden Mitchell-Lawson, age 20, season's apps 1, total Derby apps 2. Not quite broken through but now out on loan in League Two at Bristol Rovers.
    Other academy players not considered here are: Kelle Roos who's now 27. This season has seen 20 of his 49 Rams appearances; Mason Bennett who's only 23 but has been around the first team since age 15 and has only played 9 times this season out of his 89 Derby matches. Tom Huddlestone is a past jewel.
    Looking at these numbers I think we must consider Cocu a stunning success. Five brand new youngsters have been given their debuts, two others have become more established and while Bogle hasn't wowed as much last season he's not doing badly for a teenager.
    This flowering of the academy must be a record for Derby. I don't believe we'll go on a playoff push this season (but there is a chance) but I do believe the pieces are being assembled for a strong challenge next season as these young boys learn what will be required of them in the Championship. And when we look at the U23s and U18s there's plenty more talent that may yet join them. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to go three forwards and it seems the future's looking bright.
  14. Haha
    Fla Ram reacted to Bob The Badger in v Hull City (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Lawrence has put some great balls in today.
  15. Haha
    Fla Ram reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Nigel Pearson favourite for the Watford job   
    Out of the relegation zone and still bookmarked.
    I'm absolutely mugging you off here.
  16. Like
    Fla Ram reacted to Bald Eagle's Barmy Army in Academy Players   
    Really pleased with how the young players have come in and shown what they are capable of. 
    Some supporters need a bit more patience though. I’ve seen quite a few saying one in particular not good enough etc etc. 
    Cocu has shown he knows what he’s doing with them and that they’ve earned their place. Let’s make sure we give them our full support and not bin them after seeing them for just a few minutes. Some younger players will need a bit more time to adapt and I fully back Cocu for knowing how to handle them. 
    These are players that can potentially take our club forward and make the club worth a whole lot more. 
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    Fla Ram reacted to Nuwtfly in Max Bird.   
    File these under players who have massively improved under Cocu:
    - Max Lowe ✔️
    - Jason Knight ✔️
    - Max Bird ✔️
    Who's next? 😁
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    Fla Ram reacted to BondJovi in Max Bird.   
    There was a great moment where he won it at the edge of our box and just drove through 3 players to get us on the attack... Or at least I think that is what I saw.
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    Fla Ram reacted to sage in Max Bird.   
    I thought Bird played well but having now watched much of the recording of the game, I would say he played very well. One thing that stands out when you watch it again is how many times he uses his pace to support breakaway attacks.
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    Fla Ram reacted to cosmic in Max Bird.   
    Just bumping this thread, as it shouldn’t get ignored among all the Rooney excitement that Max got MOTM this evening. Great performance from the lad, amazing to think he’s only on his third start.
    That's Knight and now Bird with back to back MOTM performances. What a midfield we’re building. 
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    Fla Ram reacted to IronRam 140.6 in v Barnsley (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I'm all confused now.
    Just watched the first half again on sky having been at the game. 
    From my POV at PP we looked loads better than what I just rewatched on the telleh?
     Wasn't bad by any stretch just not as fluid and smooth as I had convinced myself it was at PP. Odd that.  
    Jack has been "lethal" during his time here albeit kn fots and starts. Dig that out of him again and on a consistant basis and we could make a mockery of a few teams second half of the season's plans.
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    Fla Ram reacted to Rampage in Jack Marriott   
    Why sell Marriott when Rooney could put him in on goal from anywhere on the pitch. Hopefully.
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    Fla Ram reacted to BondJovi in v Barnsley (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Bear in mind this same team played 75mins with 10 only a few days ago. Not a surprise we lost that drive last 20.
  24. Cheers
    Fla Ram reacted to DerpyDane in v Barnsley (H) - Matchday Thread   
    He needs a goal badly. Clearly lacks the confidence and I don't think Cocu will give him another 10 starts if he doesn't hit the back of the net. He's quality and lethal when he's at his best. Think I want him to score just as bad as himself.
  25. Clap
    Fla Ram reacted to Derby blood in v Charlton Athletic (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Charlton have alot of injuries, also if we go for it, and get in there faces and play on the front foot we will win this one, also with 2 home games coming up, both on sky, let's show attacking flowing football, both Charlton and Barnsley are beatable, so I am expecting 6 points, then with Rooney and a few new signings let's see us climb this bag average division, hope pp is rocking tomorrow and we get behind the team. They need us. 
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