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    Fla Ram reacted to Orphanram in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Sounds like you would be delighted with 2-3 win for Luton... It’s been a mix bag of a performance from a team trying to find some form. Fair enough if that’s how you see it but I don’t think many would agree it’s burgling a result.  
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    Fla Ram reacted to Andicis in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Definitely. The ending is so frustratingly Derby, but it shouldn't override all the good play we saw tonight.
    Bielik looked a man mountain in midfield in the second half, and put in some brilliant tackles.
    Lowe and Bogle look like the answer at fullback, it's so good to have Bogle back. 
    Paterson is starting to prove himself and causing teams trouble at the back. 
    Martin is back scoring goals, and looking more and more like 2014 Martin with each game.
    Our overall play was pretty fluid, on a different day we score a few more of our chances and we all feel differently about the game, but it certainly wasn't a bad showing.
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    Fla Ram reacted to atherstoneram in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Saturday we played with a fire in our belly as a complete unit,and i thought we had turned a corner tonight we reverted to form and weren't even smouldering. This loss of 2 points lies squarely at Cocus door, should have kept the winning team, never mind integrating Lawrence back unto the squad.
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    Fla Ram reacted to ViewsFromTheMiddle in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Paterson doing well again.
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    Fla Ram reacted to TuffLuff in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Lowe looks so much better that he’s not this bombing forward wing back. Looks a lot more composed and all the better for it. Quietly having one of the best performances out there 
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    Fla Ram reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Never Write A Player Off   
    Today has shown that you should never write a player off.
    Despite my respect for him, I completely disagreed with @86 Schmokes & a Pancake opposing the signing of Paterson simply because of his loyalty to a former club. However, at least he wasn’t writing him off on the pitch. Anyone who wrote Paterson off because of a couple of substitute appearances is, quite frankly, a ducking idiot. He was the best player on the pitch today by an absolute mile and I can’t wait to see him on Wednesday. Don’t write him off.
    On to Chris Martin. Chris ducking Martin. Coldplay. I confess, I thought he was done. Not physically, but mentally. I’ve seen it with many players, including myself (I used to be pretty decent as a kid but completely lost the skill I once had, mainly due to a loss of confidence on the pitch). Yet, last week and today, he showed that he’s back to fight for his place for good. I’m not saying that he’s going to reach the heights that he once hit, but he’s going about it the right way. Don’t write him off.
    Curtis Davies. I doubted whether he’d be able to play at the level he was at in 17/18, but he was good today. He was especially good on the ball, which I thought would be his weak point. Give him a few more games to return to match fitness and we could see the return of the best defender we’ve had in a decade. Don’t write him off.
    I’ve just given three examples of players who might have been written off but who proved us wrong today. This is why we can’t write off Bielik, Clarke, Dowell, and even Zoon. Bielik made some stupid decisions today, none more so than the penalty, but I think he’ll come good. There’s no reason to think that the others can’t, especially if we build on this result and start moving up the table.
    What a week. From the amazing, emotional ending at Elland Road; to the disappointment of this week’s events; to the fantastic start today; to the frustration of being pegged back and, finally, the elation at the late winner past daddy’s boy.
    Football is a crazy game and Derby are a crazy club. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Up the Rams. I’m off for a Dark Fruits.
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    Fla Ram reacted to Carl Sagan in Academy Thread 19/20   
    After today's 1-0 win over Blackburn the U23s sit 2nd in the Premier League 2 table.

    The next round of league games isn't until 18th October when we entertain Everton.
    Meanwhile it's a big week for the U18/19 team who begin their Champions League campaign with a trip to Minsk! Kickoff is 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.
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    Fla Ram reacted to LittleEatonRam in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    I get your point, and it’s been made a lot on this forum lately, which is fair enough. None of us are perfect and have unblemished records. I know I don’t.
    But I’m afraid different standards apply to footballers. I know that seems unfair, but it’s a fact.
    They are paid exceptional wages on exceptional terms of employment. They’re paid whether they play or not, and however well or badly they play. Most people don’t have that luxury. Someone like Lawrence is probably on about £15k a week (and that is probably a conservative estimate). That’s £780,000 per year. More than the best Consultant surgeons in the country, more than some of the most responsible individuals out there. More than some very top level managers at some of the biggest companies in the country. Certainly, if a Exec level employee in the company I work for (who probably aren’t on a fraction of that) did what TL did he’d be sacked without doubt. Because the level of pay dictates a level of behaviour and responsibility. Add into that the fact that professional footballers also have more free time and their wage per hour is astronomical.
    They are also (whether they like it or not) role models. I’m not saying they should be – god knows I’d prefer people to idolise those surgeons etc – but they are. They will know this because growing up they will have idolised footballers themselves. And they know this when they decide they want to be one.
    What must Philip Cocu think? Before Messi he made the most appearances for Barcelona of any foreign player. Do you think he did anything like this? I’m guessing not. And maybe that’s one of the reasons why he held that record. He knew he had to be a dedicated professional.
    Players like Mason Bennett will never make it to that level. He’ll be lucky to have a career in League Two if he’s as professional as this past week has suggested. At Derby since he was a boy. Handsomely rewarded way beyond what he deserves or has shown he might deserve. What a good life this club has given him up to now. Wealthy enough for a Mercedes despite a minimal contribution to Derby County in almost 10 years. The kind of life he probably wouldn’t have managed in any other sphere of life given the legendary void between his ears.
    Even if they are not beyond redemption (they clearly aren’t), I’d still get rid of them as they plainly do not have anywhere near the kind of attitude to make it into the kind of player this club needs and wants.
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    Fla Ram reacted to Van Rammeister in Cocu   
    This guy is class.
    Clearly intelligent, he demonstrates humility and dignity in his interviews and generally how he conducts himself.
    I believe we are lucky to have him, and given time, he will transform the playing side of things. 
    I also think he is really starting to ‘get’ the Championship and the English game.
    Great appointment by Mel.
    Anyone disagree?
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    Fla Ram reacted to Saity in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    Well done Chris Martin and a mention for Jamie Paterson ...i thought he done well when he came on ....and Lowe was excellent today ...well done second half was better
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    Fla Ram reacted to TexasRam in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    Martin and Marriott in a 2. It has to be Cocu 
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    Fla Ram reacted to SaintRam in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    Watch Cocu's reaction to that goal and tell me he lacks passion. This matters to him, he's just a calm individual. 
    Wonderful work by Lowe during that build up too; and presence of mind from Paterson.
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    Fla Ram reacted to SaintRam in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    I feel like Max Lowe's had a really good game, relatively speaking. Unlucky to have an OG tacked onto it.
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    Fla Ram reacted to Andicis in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    We signed Cocu to minimise disruption in style of play. We have a squad with a lot of players that finished in the top 6. I'm not saying we have to be in the playoffs, but our performances are shocking, our results are shocking, and there is little to no signs of improvement coming. Not sure why it's bold to ask questions about what's going on. We're getting mocked by the opposition who are telling us we're getting relegated.
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    Fla Ram reacted to Andicis in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    Love this from Jody.
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    Fla Ram reacted to TigerTedd in Frank Lampard’s Chelsea FC   
    Tell you what, makes you realise, if you didn’t before, how good those loans were for this level. 
    We scraped into 6th last season. It was a helluva ride, but ultimately that was the end result. 
    The commentator on talk sport mentioned about how many points were gained by Harry’s freekicks, and who’s going to score those free kicks now?
    That really hit it home for me, and this more so. 
    Without Harry scoring some top draw belters, not to mention tomori and mount’s contribution, we would have been a distinctly average team, finishing in a distinctly average position. 
    We’ve not replaced those players. But we were never, seriously, likely too. They were a cut above, and trying to get in 3 more loans of the same calibre would be like winning the lottery, then winning it again the next week. Not going to happen. 
    So we are what we are, we have the players we have, if anyone thinks Cocu’s going for promotion this season, they’re dreaming. Top 6 would be an almighty achievement with this squad. 
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    Fla Ram reacted to Bob The Badger in Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part Three   
    I know a lot of people are down on the Rams and the job Cocu has done, but I’m not one of them.
    I think it’s really important to understand and accept the steep learning curve he and his staff were, and still are, going through. 
    He’d never played, nor managed in English football, and he was walking into a dressing room full of players I doubt he’d ever seen play live before the speculation started - I’m presuming he watched a lot of film when it looked like he was coming - but that’s not the same.
    I’ll not get into the Frank leaving debacle and who is, or isn’t, to blame, but that surely didn’t help matters. Neither did having players like Shinnie imposed on him.
    I got shot down for saying I thought we were lucky against Huddersfield and that I thought the defense were exposed down the flanks way too often. 
    If their strikers hadn’t been so profligate we could have lost that game after two world-class goals from Lawrence.
    I think that win was a blessing and a curse because of what it did to supporters expectations.
    but, it is what it is and I’d rather have the 3-points.
    Since then we have played some dreadful football, but other than at Brentford (and those games happen, think Villa last year and Sunderland at home 2 or 3 yard ago) - we have also played some nice free-flowing football.
    At times you can clearly see what Cocu is building even if at other times you want to scream, ‘get it forward’.
    It’s light years ahead of Rowettball irrespective of the results.
    Similarly, we got result under the poison dwarf, but jeez it was uglier than a warthog licking urine off a nettle at times.
    I asked a few times before he broke through, what the deal with Max Lowe was, but nobody seemed to know.
    It seemed like Derby wanted him away. For that reason and that reason only, we could see the Bogle injury as a bonus in months to come because it pushed Lowe into the fray.
    He’s young and raw and he’s playing on the wrong side, but the signs are promising.
    Wednesday was the first time I was happy with Cocu’s team selection. Sure Malone was in, but he is a threat going forward and I thought he had one of his better games.
    Dowell has bothered me a LOT. I’ve a good friend who’s an Everton diehard and he raves over him.
    I’ve seen nothing.
    I know Tomori and Wilson took time to settle in, but there were signs before they started to play with consistency. 
    As I say, I liked the team. Clarke isn’t the Mark Wright-lite that I thought may be the case and his inability to use his right leg concerns me at times, but when he bothers to, he can bring the ball out with pace and threat.
    You’d not describe either him or Keogh as quick, but they are bothy long striders and can ghost past players that may seem faster with surprising ease at time - the Leeds goal was a classic example of that.
    And Biliek, I mean come on?
    I posted in the game thread that I think we can put to bed any talk of where his best position is.
    Without playing brilliantly he showed touches and moments where you can clearly see the potential to be a stand out player - at least in this division.
    I’m going to repeat something that I posted after the game - I think this team is close to being good.
    We absolutely need Bogle back and Lowe on his natural - but those two alone will terrorize a lot of championship defenses.
    Bogle could be that Igor spark that somebody mentioned last night
    Unlike many, I also think Huddlestone is playing well. The problem is that he hits a lot of balls that many players on’t attempt and when they go awry it looks awful.
    I do think he’s a calming influence and that moment he brought the ball out when we were under intense pressure last night was pure class.
    Roos otoh, is anything but a calming influence and  worries me more than any other player. 
    He’s punching way too often and that is either because he lacks confidence in his handling, or he’s learned bad technique. There was one cross last night that I with me with my dodgy achilles and girl sized hands could have caught while simultaneously scratching my nut sack.
    I’ll not dwell on that though because I see us as becoming more  and more attack minded and the opposition can’t score from their own half. 
    Unless that is, you have Wayne Rooney in your team (see the goal he scored against Orlando City this season).
    I’m not a  wrist-slasher and I’m not a happy clapper - I try to be objective when I can. 
    But, I rarely have this level of confidence. I could look like a fool come next May and be gently retreating from the board hoping nobody will notice, but I think we could be on the cusp of something pretty exciting.
    If that is, Cocu can stick to the plan, find his best team  and get everybody fit. And the supporters let him breath.
    And on that note and a final note. I thought the fans were brilliant last night. You all deserve a pat on the back because nobody would have complained if PP had been like an undertakers office on their day off.
    Come on you Rams, to Leeds and beyond!
    PS. Don't be confused that there was no Part 1 and 2, it was just an Ian Dury hat tip for those of you old enough to remember.
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    Fla Ram reacted to Nuwtfly in Hold Your Nerve   
    Been a bit disappointing to see so many fans (not too many on here, mostly on Twitter) hitting the panic button after two defeats. I appreciate that this week has been something of a disaster (two defeats in a row and conceding six goals is going to annoy anyone), but we really need to hold our nerve here.
    When Cocu was appointed, many on here (and on Twitter) said they fully expected a transitional season. With so many players leaving as their contracts ran out, and the departure of our three most talented players (Tomori, Mount and Wilson), we should all have expected something of a decline in playing performances going into this season. 
    And now, as we begin to show the signs of a team going through a transition (inconsistent performances, the blooding of young players, trying different formations) many of us are suddenly losing our heads. 
    What did you expect? You've seen other teams go through this and come out the other side. So why the pandemonium? 
    Transitions take time. TIME. Some of you are calling it quits on this manager when he's had less games than Nigel flipping Pearson!
    We know what the modus operandi for this season is. We know what the aims are. They were communicated to us very clearly at the start of the season by Mel, Cocu and most of the players. We are trying to build something at this club now. We are trying to stop the constant chopping and changing of managers that has caused us to fall into the mess to start with. We are trying to finally utilise the incredible academy Mel has worked so hard to build, whilst building a footballing identity and philosophy and simultaneously stay competitive.
    You expect this to happen after 6 games? Come on. Let's get a hold of ourselves here. We have to back this team.
    Now, before you call me a happy clapper, I do think Cocu has made some errors. The first being some of the choices in the Forest game. I think he underestimated just how much that game means to us as a fanbase, and threw some youngsters in at the deepest of deep ends. He will learn from that. You could tell he had in the interview after the game.
    The second is the current use of formation. The 4-3-3, and the 4-2-3-1 to a lesser extent, aren't working because we are lacking any real quality in the wide areas, and a creative outlet in the 10 position. He needs to figure this one out, and I think he will. Richard Keogh suggested that he thought we looked good in a 3-5-2, and I agree with him. We've got the attacking full-backs to play this formation. Plus it means we can play Bielik in his preferred position of centre-half, with Keogh to the right of him and Clarke to the left. We could also play Waghorn and Marriott up top with each-other (which many of you wanted to see this season), and Lawrence in that 10 role behind the two of them. TL flourished in that system at Ipswich, so this might suit him in the long run.
    Regardless of this though, any system, formation, style will all take time. We all knew this at the start of the season, and we owe it, not just to the management, but to Mel and his vision, to not only give this time, but to back it. Back him. Back the club. Loads of you already are, so this post isn't really for you.
    Sorry this turned into something of a blogpost, but I've been stewing on what I wanted to say about all this since yesterday, and I couldn't really make it any shorter.
    Up the Rams! 🐏
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    Fla Ram reacted to Saity in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    None of us know Mels directive when hiring Cocu but it may well have been along the lines of the under23s have had a good season and due to circumstances eg lack of funds i would like to see them being introduced and nurtured into the first team.
    Lets make no mistake about this Lampard left us in the lurch very late after what seemed a long drawn out ...will he wont he go saga.....which left us in a bit of a mess with 3 big influential loanees missing and several players going eg Johnson and Bryson
    So we appoint our first foreign manager and with it comes expectation and excitement but the reality is he has to analyse his squad and gives everyone a chance including some players who haven't really kicked a ball in anger for us for ages
    The appointment of Liam Rosenior tells me that this was because Cocu and his team have a lack of knowledge about the championship and there is a lot of work to do and transfer windows will be important.
    I don't think that Cocu had much input into Dowell which was his first signing and although he's given some youngsters a taste of first team football he may well be thinking that there is some serious work to do here....today as he acknowledges was un-acceptable and he may well feel quite let down by some of the more experienced players as this team was not too dissimilar to one that played WBA but you can see in his post match interview that it has shocked him how poor we were and mainly with the attitude and effort as he mentioned Brentfords running and desire.
    He's not hiding and saying the wrong things he's saying the right things and needs time and a bit of patience...I remember Clough saying all the wrong things when we played Crawley in the FA Cup saying we were unlucky etc etc when were were poor and it worried me that Clough could see a different game to us fans as it was cack
    Cocu is fully aware it was not good enough and although he still needs a few youngsters to come through will know that they need some help and there for me lies the problem.....the more experienced players have been very poor and without a Mason Mount or a Harry Wilson to score or create we lack ideas going forward and without Temori lack pace at the back...big losses 
    In Cocu we have a good manager and before we all lose the reality of the situation we need to give him time and a bit of patience as i really don't think we will see the same level of performances once he can get his own players and mould it how he wants it
    Cocu plays with decent wingers and tbh we don't have any and i can imagine its tough at the moment naming a side that he'd like to put his name too but he has what he has and needs time to sort it out....it is a new country new league etc etc and he's got a squad which to me is nowwhere near good enough and on top of that has a lot of untried young talent that he needs to see in proper match situations....keep the faith Rams Fans we've had tough times before but beleive we have a good manager who needs our support....thats all I'm saying 
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    Fla Ram reacted to Ambitious in v Forest (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread   
    I agree. I think we need to trust in Cocu, we have someone who has the methodology that we want/need and achieved results. I personally wouldn't have done it like he did tonight, but he finished fourth in a two horse race in his first year in charge and then won three league titles in four years making £100+ million in the transfer market. We're in the hands of someone who knows how to fast track young players. 
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    Fla Ram reacted to sunnyhill60 in v Forest (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread   
    My main concern is the lack of a goal threat. Waghorn, and Marriott, if selected, can score but they need far more help from the rest of the 11.
  22. Clap
    Fla Ram reacted to G-Ram in v Forest (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread   
    Im 100% behind our manager thats delivering on his word of promoting the youngsters & giving them a go. 
    I still think in the long run he'll develop this mixture of youth into a quality side given time. It was never going to be easy & we'll take a few unfavourable results along the way but im behind him. At least he is trying to do something 
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    Fla Ram reacted to Bob The Badger in Relax, we're in a good place!   
    I have no clue why Max Lowe is getting criticism, I've been really impressed with him considering he's playing on the wrong side.
    When we get Bogle back and he can move over to the left I think those two are going to inflict a lot of damage on teams.
    Derby have played some really good possession football at times - just not enough of it and too inconsistent. 
    I have a Jim Smith feeling about this team. Seriously, I think we could click and go on a run in a few weeks.
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    Fla Ram reacted to angieram in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    There's quite a lot of negativity today. Strangely, I thought we were a bit better. It helped that WBA had come to give it a go, helped create a fairly exciting match and the backing from our fans was much louder today.
    I was pleased to see the inclusion of two more youngsters as they brought effort and legs to the team. Although initially disappointed to see Huddlestone in there again I thought he had a better game, as did Dowell in patches but I wish he'd be there for the full 90 minutes - hopefully that will come. My pick of the three midfielders would be Knight - he's going to be a star for us.
    Waghorn was much more involved in the game on the right. I know about his penalties but he won the first one by driving in to the area (Lawrence please take note! ) and I thought he interacted well with Lowe. 
    Watching Marriott today you can see the thankless task that any centre forward has in our system but I thought he worked really hard and am pleased he lasted 70 minutes. I  said when Bennett replaced him, watch the one golden chance fall to his replacement and it did. Jack would have buried that for the win. 
    We are creating so few chances now we do need to be taking them. 
    I've left Lowe until last because he deserves most praise. Such an improvement since last season. Playing on the wrong side he still has the composure on the ball and now mostly in the tackle well beyond his years. So sad that the penalty was given against him (wrongly as it happened ) but I trust him to learn from that.
    When Bogle and Holmes are back we should be more of a threat - looking forward to it. 
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    Fla Ram reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Relax, we're in a good place!   
    OK – the controversial stuff first; while it’s perhaps understandable that folk are annoyed that we’ve let a winning position slip, some of the criticism of Waghorn and Lowe is unwarranted IMO. Starting with Wagger’s missed pen, it wasn’t good but it wasn’t awful either. Chris Martin missed a few I seem to recall as do most at this level, so perhaps it’s not the foregone conclusion that many seem to think. Consider if you will the England team’s penalty shoot-out record for further confirmation of this point and these being the top players in the country. If we have to play the blame game then it's Phil's fault for insisting a striker take them when really it should be whoever takes them best. I think he’s been brilliant thus far though so he gets a pass from me. I loved Lampard but Cocu is in a different league IMO.
    As for Lowe, some comments are embarrassing. Sorry, they just are! He's been our standout player, Bogle aside, but remains a young and relatively inexperienced one at this level. Maybe he should have stayed on his feet, ok, but if you have to lambaste someone then the cheaty. diving **** and the ref seem much fairer targets. The fact is Lowe didn’t give away a penalty, the ref got conned. Why the vitriol? He’s a kid and has struggled with his confidence before now so let’s cut him some slack, shall we?
    Moving on to the game, overall, yes, it’s disappointing that we've let a winning position slip but to my mind, West Brom are the best team we've played this season and I'd be pretty sure they'll be in the play-offs again at very least yet we were worth a point at least. A draw then, is no disgrace, surely, and was probably a fair reflection of the game anyway. I actually thought we looked pretty polished at times, even in midfield so there are plenty of positives to take forward and our luck, or lack of it, will most likely balance out across the season.
    Looking forwards, Bielik is approaching full match fitness / sharpness as is Jack. We have Jayden and Duwayne to return and a certain Wayne Rooney waiting in the wings. These guys along with Keogh are the most important in our squad and we’ve yet to see them all play together, even once. Cocu and his team will also be getting to grips with what is required in this league so unlike many teams in the div, it can be sensibly argued that we have huge scope for improvement. With even an ounce of luck we could be sitting pretty on 10 points right now chaps, above the likes of Fulham at time of writing, who added £100 million of talent to their squad last season. This after the massively disruptive Lampard debacle, a truncated pre-season, some significant players being out injured and the loss of Wilson, Mount and Tomori. Perhaps then, we overestimate the quality of other teams in the div while judging our own performances rather too harshly? 
    While my detractors will doubtless write my reasoning off as rose-tinted, happy-clapperesque, or my personal favourite, utterly deluded, I genuinely feel much more confident about this season than any since 2015. We'll challenge this season, mark my words. The 'marathon not a sprint' maxim is something of a cliché but it's very true of this league nonetheless and there's a danger of overemphasising the importance of early season form anyway. With most of our players beginning the year a tad undercooked, some significantly so, they'll be a deal fresher than many at the business end. I'd rather this than the Bielsa method of having your squad trained to the minute for game one, but flagging in the last half dozen.  I’m pretty certain we will improve steadily through to mid-season and then finish strongly, injuries notwithstanding, so I’ll not be panicking any time soon.
    So..... My advice to all Rams fans and especially those focusing on the negatives right now is grab a beer, head to the garden to catch some of this beautiful weather, be happy or at least content and dare to dream. All that stress will kill you!
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