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  1. Rubbish. It’s about knowing the game inside and out not shouting and dicking around. Ramage is just a fan with repetitive phrases. Makes out he had a legendary career. “It’s only Brentford” he said the other night v forest. Clown. Steele has worked with SAF at Man Utd for Christ sakes, not to mention legendary at DCFC (Bald Eagle/Mac 1) I notice Dawes pipes down a lot more when Steele is on too.
  2. Look like relegation fodder, this seasons Ipswich? That is not drastic to state after 5.5 games, this team is abject. Can’t defend, can’t create, you’re only going one way.
  3. Like Malone but yesterday everything was a first time cross. Wish he’d just take a touch and compose himself rather than hit the first man frequently.
  4. He's done OK with the academy. I suggest there is a correlation as to why a few have been blooded whilst Jody Morris is here. I don't think he would get respect from the players (Shackell at Rotherham for example) - it is completely different from U23's football to first team football. I agree we need an understated appointment though - for me Hughton is understated but proven.
  5. Fair enough. Can I ask what DW has done to deserve the job then?
  6. says more about Wassall with the fact that we had to get Harry Redknapp in to hold his hand last time....
  7. Wont be Wassall. "must have good relationship with the fans"
  8. For god sake Wassall is horrific. 99% of this forum would have took Derby to the poffs that season we were top at Xmas. Had credit in the bank. He is pure crap.
  9. There’s a small whisper going around that he’s linked with Chelsea
  10. probably finish above us if we don't crack on...
  11. no but you can acknowledge the fact the below teams will most prob all be top 10: Huddersfield Swansea Stoke Bristol West Brom Brentford
  12. quietly pleased with the first month. always good to play the teams that will be challenging early doors.
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