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  1. Cracks me up. Complete legend.
  2. Ok, are my ears deceiving me but that’s two games on the bounce now I hear someone bellowing “WOOOO” when we’re fannying around at the back and I reckon it’s CKR!?
  3. They've only just discovered channel 5 in Barnsley, so I wouldn't expect much...
  4. Barnsley v Chelsea this coming Thursday. You watch: wind, snow, rain, monsoon or earthquake, that will not be called off.
  5. Wonder why he didn't come in peace when we shafted them 6-1 at PP not too long ago?
  6. Why can’t “CKR u-turn fans” realise we’re shopping in the bargain bin for a bit? Shrewd move. what are you expecting, Diego Costa on a free? Still whinge then.
  7. Juan Mata. imagine. Haha.
  8. That’s great business for Derby. Cannot for the life of me see Whittaker making it. Thought we’d loan him out to league 1 or 2 but 700k!?!?!? Great deal.
  9. Keogh will get us out of this, nae bother. ”welcome back, Richard.” ”yeah like you say, great to be back”
  10. Based on Jozwiak away at Scum Trees, absolute biggest offside I've ever witnessed. Played ref/lino.
  11. A global pandemic forces a football team to put a C team of boys out. Subsequent C team gets schooled by grown men. Good luck to Chorley but the last thing Derby want this season is a cup run anyway. Social media does make me laugh, however. Just read a Bolton fan on Twitter state that as Derby are the richer of the two clubs, they should have avoided covid better. Honest to god, I despair. Far more important things going on in the world, hopefully the off field events can get sorted with haste, but I won’t hold my breath. I really want a time where I never hear the words:
  12. Clear foul on Sibley and a yellow card. No foul at all by Jozwiak on Fisher in the first half when he was steaming through and the ref gives it. Complete utter inconsistency is the issue. Its pathetically bad.
  13. ah man, actually feel for you the one half of football where we looked slick!
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