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  1. Yes, the testimonial money must have run dry by now...
  2. Insta story = on crutches and protective boot ☹️
  3. he’ll be sacked, 100%. See Danny Baker.
  4. Least we’ll get Steele. Ramage talks as if he was won stuff as a player. Nothing more than a journeyman clogger. Adios.
  5. Cup tied. Played for Tranmere vs Man Utd IIRC
  6. He rules everything out with his “sources”.
  7. Rubbish. It’s about knowing the game inside and out not shouting and dicking around. Ramage is just a fan with repetitive phrases. Makes out he had a legendary career. “It’s only Brentford” he said the other night v forest. Clown. Steele has worked with SAF at Man Utd for Christ sakes, not to mention legendary at DCFC (Bald Eagle/Mac 1) I notice Dawes pipes down a lot more when Steele is on too.
  8. Look like relegation fodder, this seasons Ipswich? That is not drastic to state after 5.5 games, this team is abject. Can’t defend, can’t create, you’re only going one way.
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