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  1. @Leeds Ramcan do what he wants. As a moderator, you're very quick to tell us what can/cannot be posted, yet you out rightly dismiss a fan (in an immature manner) for having an opinion on a DCFC forum.
  2. 1-1 Edmondson. But Cardiff beat Rotherham without any fuss.
  3. For L1, Paul Simpson with Mcclaren *properly* involved. A good guy. Bide some time in what’s expected to be a dark period. Good manager/coach too.
  4. It’s a great point. we whinged when Clement had us top at Xmas. we whinged at Rowett getting a fairly average squad to the playoffs. Hell, we even moan when Whittaker celebrates scoring today. Entitled for no reason whatsoever.
  5. What on earth do they do all week? There’s an arrogance about Rooney and tbf Rosenior that they think they are up to the job. It’s utter dross. For every Zidane there’s a John Barnes at Celtic. Accept it Wayne, you are not up to it.
  6. Sod it, 3-1 Derby. Kazim FRGS.
  7. This is true. Today seems pivotal to make a change with last night's lifeline. Don't leave it late!!
  8. True. But BBC and SKY said Rooney would be a good manager, so....
  9. If it’s fake, I apologise! I’m pretending it’s true, makes me feel better!
  10. I’ve got it in my head Alex Neil will be our manager. No idea why. I suppose he covers the remit of both L1 and Championship. Free agent too.
  11. Don’t know how true. Throwing it out there.
  12. I swear to god if they put out happy smiley training pictures I’m done.
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