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  1. Should have had the fat f**ck on our board, seems good at negotiating…
  2. There lies the problem. Fans still pay it. Empty stands cause actions.
  3. Nothing will change until Smithers and Burns pull their fingers out. “Back the lads” only takes you so far.
  4. Birmingham are poor but are far better than us. Our club is shambolic. Utter pits.
  5. Must be one of the easiest teams to play against for a couple of years now. Soak them up, press their defence, and Derby will cave / give you a present. Rinse and repeat.
  6. 🎵Moneys too tight to mention..🎵
  7. The angle SKY are taking about Forsyth stumbling onto someone is frightening. Utter frightening.
  8. If you want to go, go. if you don’t, don’t. Life’s too short.
  9. 4k confirmed on radio Derby.
  10. Ten times better than Te Wierik and fans were raving over him before seeing him kick a ball.
  11. Chris Coles was saying during the Betis friendly that Steele has his own football coaching/consultancy business I think, and now restrictions have been lifted he’s back on that. However Steele is doing the Salford cup game. Assume it will be a mixture of both throughout the season.
  12. Rams 1-2 Huddersfield. CKR FRGS.
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