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  1. Paul clement left a while ago
  2. Nijul_cluff

    Ex Rams

    Arsenal fans will be saying that on Monday
  3. I thought it was pronounced beer-lick
  4. It sure can't hurt, we could find a right gem for like 200 thousand and sell at the end of the season for 8.5 million plus add ons
  5. It doesn't really matter. I bet Mel wants Chelsea to wait though so we can announce cocu 15 minutes after they announce lampard. That way we beat f*orests 18 minute announcement of there manager.
  6. Als je niet stuitert, als je niet stuitert, ben je rood
  7. It is still currently available. Do you live in Derby?
  8. Bought a ticket for a friend today but they can't make it, you will be sat on your own though as it is 1 ticket. Cost 66 so i just want face value. Any takers?
  9. Hi does anybody know how i can listen to the whole of Wednesdays match on bbc radio Derby? Doesn't let me listen on the site or app
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