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  1. 😆 Can't say I'm particularly keen to refer to people who celebrate being bankrolled and controlled by a regime known for state sponsored beheadings as 'bretheren' tbh. I mean if their own fans want to big them up, OK I guess it's understandable, but fans of other clubs sucking up to them and making out they're bigger than they are? No thanks.
  2. 1. No they shouldn't. Don't believe the hype. 2. As we'll see? How exactly? All you'll see is the equivalent of some ugly old dosser with a rotting teeth and a serious BO problem turning up to a party in a Jaguar with a 20 year old model in his arm telling everyone how how mummy always told him he was gorgeous and could have his pick of the girls, it just took winning £250m on the lottery before everyone else realised. Any success Newcastle have from now on isn't evidence of their real status or proof that they deserved it all along, it's artificial BS.
  3. He wasn't found anything either way. He and the club reached a settlement, the details of which (as far as I'm aware) have never been disclosed. He never even specifically denied that he did the things he was sacked for, just that it wasn't a breach of FD, gross misconduct, not 'wrongdoing' and not worthy of being sacked for.
  4. Miles Morales seems quite popular. Are Spiderman fans more open to change than Superman fans? Is there more acceptance of new characters having a different ethnicity to the original than a different gender and/or sexuality? It would seem that way. Perhaps they should have had the first black Doctor Who before the first female Doctor Who? Who knows, or does sheheittheythem? The budget for that show's been slashed massively so it would probably have ended up a bit poo regardless.
  5. Yeah, quite a few of those sort of songs would be a good for for football chants tbf. I wish the following was a slightly better song, because it's got the right sort of sentiment for our current predicament "We are the ones who will never be broken / We are the ones who survive / This is the sound that brings us together / You are the one by our side / And through it all / And through it all, the spirit's alive / And through it all, your spirit's alive"
  6. The problem here is that most of the people who've formed an opinion of us know very little about what's actually gone on, and are basing their views on sensationalist headlines, untrue and/or misleading write-ups telling only half the story, and what they read on that poo stain of the internet known as Twitter. All they read is that we've broken some rule or other, that's enough to condemn us. Never mind that we've only broken a rule because the terms of engagement have changed, or that ultimately it's boiled down to one person's opinion overruling multiple others on a technicality. I think it's summed up by your line about us being viewed as seeking an unfair advantage, we simply haven't - we've sought a competitive advantage, which isn't the same thing at all. A lot of our actions have been an attempt to even out the genuinely unfair advantage gained by teams in receipt of parachute payments, that gained by those who've blatantly set out to make a mockery of spending limits - clubs like Villa who basically just bought every single sought-after midfielder in the division at one stage - or that gained by a club like Wolves signing Champions League quality players & managers from a closed market (and as such at well below market value) while deferring a massive chunk of their wages until such a point they achieve the inevitable promotion signing those players/that manager would bring. Throw in those with owners of two clubs in separate counties trading between themselves for good measure. We've doubtless gone too far with it, of course, hence ending up in this position. Nobody is saying we're blameless or that Mel Morris hasn't well and truly messed it up, but an unfair advantage, really? It's nonsense. In saying "The EFL and its constituent clubs currently view your club with so much suspicion" you make it sound like there are far more clubs who are emotionally / morally invested in our situation than there really are. The only people to really speak up are Boro, Wycombe & Rotherham. There's little evidence that there's a whole host of clubs baying for some sort of justice - plenty of evidence of fans of other clubs doing so, but they're mostly hypocrites who've forgotten their own club's past misdeeds. Nobody really seemed to have a problem with us until one chairman went running to them to complain about us after we pipped his team to a play-off spot (because our £4m striker gave us an advantage over them that their £15m striker didn't give them over us!). Without that and the Kieran Maguire writing letters to the EFL about our amortisation policy it's debatable whether or not the EFL would ever even have opened a case against us.
  7. Yes, and he appointed the managers and paid the wages of the squads who helped them blitz The Championship, which despite the protestations that simply playing at this level is a stain on their 'prestige' really isn't the case when they've spent a quarter of their entire history playing in the 2nd Division. Someone pointed out that Newcastle have been relegated twice (twice! Newcastle! twice!) under his tenure as if that was ultimate proof of how awful he's been (talk about drinking the Kool aid), but.. so bloody what? It's really not beneath them to have spent 2/14 seasons playing in The Championship. There's such a lack of self awareness amongst their fanbase and yet they're so outspoken that they've somehow managed to convince people, seemingly those who believe that football only started with the PL in 1992, that it is some great hardship to have done so, and that they should be amongst the elite, simply because they have a big stadium and fanbase and had a couple of good runs in the past 20 years. As I said earlier I don't really think his managerial appointments have been good, but barring a stroke of genius or capitalising on a certain moment in time most managerial appointments ultimately lead to disappointment, and that holds true for Newcastle. He tried the fan appeasement route by bringing back Keegan who was one of the biggest reasons they challenged for the title for a bit, it didn't work out. He tried it again with Shearer but it was a foolhardy approach, I'm not sure many Newcastle fans complained on the day it was announced though because that's exactly the kind of sentimentality they thrive on
  8. That's the biggest problem with him, he's employed some crap, uninspiring managers. Much as Newcastle fans are mardy want-it-alls I wouldn't be keen on him being here mainly for that reason. I did find their appointment of Bruce hilarious though, he's exactly that manager they deserved for their attitude, and it felt like a brilliant piss take.
  9. The timescale? How do you set a precedent when you're talking about a once in a lifetime event? If we had our points deduction reduced (we won't) and someone subsequently put themselves into admin and tried to play the same card it would be pretty obvious that they'd intentionally tried to imitate our actions! It wouldn't really wash because surely if it was going to be Covid that's put them into admin it'd have already happened by now, not in a few months once they've seen someone else get away with it! Unless we go full lockdown and fans are banned for another season it's probably too late for anyone else to try this, especially now they've had their £8m EFL loan. That's probably why they're so keen to paint it as us not applying for it.
  10. Arsenal & Man Utd are bigger clubs than Newcastle anyway, not sure why they're being compared Arsenal haven't been outside of the top division since 1919 and have won the league 13 times since Newcastle last won it (10 of those pre-PL) . If their fans are moaning about not challenging for the title that's quite a lot more valid. Of 117 seasons they've played only 13 seasons (11%) were at Level 2 with 9 of those pre-1904! Man Utd 1have spent 19% of their history at level 2 with only 2 of their previous 78 seasons spent there, winning the league 18 times since Newcastle last won it (5 times pre-PL). Again there's far more reason why they could feel entitled. Newcastle have spent 24% of their history at level 2 and haven't won the league since 1927. They're not in the same bracket. If we make it more recent and look at what's happened since Derby last won the league, Newcastle have spent 12/46 seasons at level 2, Arsenal 0/46, Man Utd 0/46.
  11. What's clear is they've got a very different idea of what a relegation fight is to me. Looking over their shoulders whilst hovering above the relegation before going on a late run to make themselves comfortable (even if it's through one player's excellent form) isn't really a relegation struggle/ sure they may be part of the conversation and may be doing some sums - but it's being painted as barely surviving as if they regularly spend 8/10 of their final matches of the season a couple of points adrift before being pulled from the mire. That's a relegation fight If nothing else they're the most melodramatic of the PL clubs. What I can't quite believe is how some Derby fans appear to have been suckered in by their tales of woe.
  12. I was talking about the other bloke, who very much did make out that Ashley was lucky to have Benitez and Hughton as managers. I even made a point to note that your posts were different, so....
  13. Just one of the many things the lad glossed over to paint his narrative. Didn't mention them finishing 5th under Pardew (not that it was entertaining) and seems to think that finishes of 12th, 12th, 10th, 10th, 13th, 13th, 12th constitute being in a relegation fight every season. Talks about Benitez, Hughton and their great squads saving them from a fate worse than Leeds, doesn't mention who appointed those managers or ensured they paid wages for a squad capable of blitzing the Championship. Honestly although he was polite, he just reaffirmed my thoughts on a lot of their fans. This new one doesn't give me the same vibe tbf.
  14. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Harrison_Binnie Not sure any that makes it sound like he's got the financial clout by himself to run the club, but seems to have had an interesting life, some decent business acumen (rather than just striking lucky), no major controversies and morally on the right side of things. I'm sure we'd break him!
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