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  1. Seeing as we're supposedly being put into admin and docked points today, this grand scheme doesn't have long to kick into action.
  2. Have you actually done any research into exactly what level of football you'd be watching with a phoenix club? Bury's new club have started off in the North West Counties Football League Division One North, from what I can gather (although it can get a bit confusing) to work their way back up they'd have to progress as follows: North West Counties Football League Division One North (same level as Ripley Town FC) North West Counties Football League Premier Division (same level as Heanor Town - who's reserves are, I think, in the league we'd be in!) Northern Premier League West Division (same level as Belper, Ilkeston Town) Northern Premier League Premier - (same level as Mickleover, Matlock) National League North National League League Two League One 7 promotions needed for them, 8 for us and there's no guarantee that they'd come easy Now I've looked into it, the thought travelling Derby supporters going to to Matlock to sample one of those pies is looking, well, ambitious!
  3. No two-bit self important james blunt decided to go running to the EFL to grass them up until it was too late to do anything?
  4. Also the endless references to more famous celebrities forming the very basis of her act, lazily appealing only to the same sort of vacuous celebrity worship mindset as herself. Either that or some weird narcissistic ********. Most of the time I haven't got a clue who she's talking about and even when I do it's some talentless twit famous for being famous. She's one of the few people who's very existence on a show makes me say Oh duck Off and change the channel until she's disappeared, can't fathom why anyone would want to pay to go to see her. She can duck off back to wherever it is she came from.
  5. It's an ever so slightly different version as the Waitrose one doesn't have the gooseberry/raspberry notes. https://www.wildbeerco.com/item/229/Bestsellers/Ninkasi.html is the one in Waitrose,.the original version Just drank it, it's difficult to describe it as a beer as it has a lot more in common with a prosecco! I enjoyed most of it, but by the end of a whole bottle to myself it had lost its impact somewhat - you can see why it's marketed as it is. Worth a one off purchase perhaps, but if I hadn't already bought a second, I probably wouldn't especially when you can get 2 TKs for almost the same.price.
  6. Not wanting to step on rynny's toes, but Just down the road The Alex are also currently advertising for staff. "2-3 shifts / week bar work mixture of afternoons, evenings and weekends. Some knowledge of real ale and craft beer would be a bonus" Contact them via Facebook I guess - it's nothing to do with me but they did give me a chance about 6 years ago when I had no experience in a customer facing role let alone working in a pub https://www.facebook.com/149000768474236/posts/6435769133130670/
  7. https://www.wildbeerco.com/item/807/VeganBeers/Ninkasi-Rose.html Available in Sainsbury's, £9.50 a pop though
  8. I'm not sure how they'd shunt loans around without other clubs needing and agreeing and being able to pay back the money? Surely they couldn't just effectively let the other clubs off, or force one club to pay up in order to take control of another? The financial knock-on effects of that would seriously put in doubt the spirit and legitimacy of the competition, would they not? The part of the EFL rules covering joint interests is at https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/efl-rules--regulations/sections-10--11---association-and-dual-interests-and-additional-provisions/ - section 105. I suppose it would then hinge on the bits in bold, the first of which is explained with ...but what constitutes "the ordinary course of banking" is up for dispute - other clubs tried to get our MSD loan cancelled on the premise that it wasn't, but nothing came of that challenge.
  9. In the scenario some posters ran with MSD would become owners of Derby. Do you think the owner of one club can simply lend money to another - not in a business transaction connected to a player sale but as a direct contribution to their running costs - without there being a conflict of interest? That's what people were suggesting! I'd be flabbergasted if that was the case.
  10. What about the loans MSD have with other clubs? Have I missed the post where someone explains how we'd get around them not being allowed to own a club when they've got money sitting around helping to fund others, or are people just wilfully ignoring reality to come up with a fantasy scenario where we don't end up in administration?
  11. Rooney is dealing with the current situation fantastically well. Not sure what it would have been looked like if he hadn't replaced CKR with Baldock but if we'd been allowed both, and more... Absolutely no complaints about his management in the past few games, and there's little ******** bravado either, he's getting on with his job, getting us results and long may it continue.
  12. Someone agrees with you (but takes it a little further than jailing them! 😅) Proper rant!
  13. Your idea of what a good game is depends more on what the opposition does than our own players do. We didn't defend well, no better than many matches we've lost. Them not scoring isn't proof of good defending unless you're a complete simpleton with no analytical skills. If they hit the ball 3cm to the left in one of 3-4 great scoring opportunities we lose the game and there's a barrage of abuse aimed at the defenders, even if it's just a 1-0 defeat.
  14. Yeah right lol, you'd be saying we were lucky to avoid defeat, and that Roos saved us after Wisdom's lapse in concentration allowing them a free header. If their player had headed it 2cm further to the left and it was Wisdom stood watching you'd be saying the manager did all he could but his defence let him down. Now that's 100%> It's all in the evidence of your past posts. You've used this 'silly statement' thing before and then done what's not quite a u-turn but a 170 degree shift.
  15. All of those chances had a high chance of success, nothing is 100% but more often than not those errors would have been capitalised on and a defender blamed. As I said that my post was just based on highlights. How much more of this sort of stuff was there but not considered important though? Maybe loads maybe none, I'm.not pretending to know. What was there was some poor defending, excused because it ended 0-0. We've lost games before where we've failed to score and the opposition have taken advantage of it via just one of those 4 scenarios, with a defender villanised for it. That's the point. I doubt you'd have the same view had any if the situations involved Andre Wisdom
  16. Surprising, fortunate. You've proven my point exactly though, mocking the idea that we didn't defend well, evidenced by us keeping a clean sheet as if they're mutually exclusive. Ball across the box, 3 opposition players lining up for an easy goal, They hit it straight at the defender on the line - good defending? A central defender completely abandons his man on the edge of the box to help out a RB who isn't even being doubled up on they pass it to said attacker on the edge of the 6 yard box, keeper saves - good defending? A CB covering RB is beaten by the bounce of the ball, over-commits and gives an oppisiton winger 35 yards of open space in behind - good defending? A cross comes in from out left, there are 3 CBs marking 2 opposition players in the middle, the LWB is watching this while stood stationary, oblivious of the opposition midfielder running in behind him, free header is saved - good defending? The pont isn't to dig out the defenders in question (hence no names), if anything I'm often defensive of people being singled out for fault unless they do something like, say, kick it straight to an attacker 8 yards out. It's just that if you take the exact same scenarios laid out above and apply a better finish by the opposition (they were not difficult chances and you'd be miffed if we missed them), any one or all of those situations will result in angry criticism of all the defensive players involved. If Roos hadn't played so well 3 of those 4 scenarios would have been goals and we'd have had a heavy defeat. Even 1 of them going in results in us losing. We have Forest 2 glorious chances and 1 went in, the response was criticism. All praise to Roos for reading the situations well enough, just don't pretend that it was heroic defending and organisational structure which lead to us gaining the point - We'll be punished in the future for one or all of these things in the future and everyone will cry poor defending. But as we kept a clean sheet, in this one game... good defending?
  17. Yeah, this. I've only seen the short highlights of yesterday's game, completely forgot it was on and only saw the score at full time. Had other things on my mind. What struck me from reading a few pages of the match thread afterwards and comparing it to the highlights were the number of people calling it an excellent defensive display, but watching their chances every one of them coincided with some pretty shocking defending! We've had games where we've defended very well for 89 minutes but a couple of lapses of concentration means we've lost, and subsequently been absolutely slated for out lack of ability to defend, individual players moaned at and called frauds for their mistakes (even when they're not defenders), called a liability where the only difference is whether the opposition put the ball a foot or so further to one side of the keeper or not. If WBA's last minute free header without a defender anywhere near him ends up in the net it's "predictable Derby" "our ducking defending is useless" and negative threads created about whoever failed to track their man, whoever failed to stop the cross, the goalkeeper who's foot it went under etc. A matter of centimeters between being hailed as a great defensive display even though all of the Derby players did all of the same things at the same time, but the oppsoition hit it ever so slightly differently and it skimmed off the side of Roos foot and into the net. The WBA player hit it where he did though and so it's praise all round. It really doesn't make any sense!
  18. Fittingly they're both uber Bamfords
  19. Left of a front 3 is (Ibuleve) where he got 15 goals in 1 season for Norwich. They just had such a good team around him they could afford to carry him, leaving him out of most passages of play but creating space for him on the edge of the box to pick it up and shoot, which we know he can do pretty well.
  20. Bornemouth succeeded by breaking spending limits and getting promoted at the right time. They proceeded to spend a poo load of money on failed signings on big wages. Their last accounts showed a £60m loss. Good leadership my arse. If we hadn't had had all those injuries in 2014/15, or had Ibe recalled, we were pretty much nailed on for promotion (without cheating to do it) and probably still be being praised for our approach by some who've damned it.
  21. On the plus side at least he helped us rid the club of that bloody Keogh character, I thought that may help him ingratiate himself to you.😄 Shame Mel fluffed the rest up.
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