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  1. singaporeram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    While not ignoring that we’ve had some fantastic moments this season - man u, chelsea, west brom, norwich etc ... what a job Bielsa has done - that is a squad that was mid table last year and has now lost saiz and viera - keeper blackman broke his leg - baker’s gone back to chelsea - there’s a bunch of kids come in - their wage bill is mid table at best. The only money spent under this owner is on bamford, who’s hardly played. Hernandez is quality but not new. We outspent them on flo jo. As a club, obviously leeds are as bad as it gets and Allioski as irritating as you get but Bielsa - he’s a miracle worker
  2. singaporeram

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    Leeds U are watching, helping them fight...
  3. singaporeram

    Is anybody in the know anymore???

    Just to make you happy and to continue this forum’s tradition of 2+2=5. Chelsea recall Lewis Baker from loan at Leeds in order to loan him to a championship club - we made an approach for him (4 years ago) - it clearly adds up
  4. singaporeram

    V Bristol City (h) match day thread

    Agree with all those three points Texas a) Flo-Jo little threat and the bad decision making of a player lacking practice. b) Marriott much better than Nugent as a line leader - though it’s just pointless putting high balls towards him. c) Waghorn - don’t know what he’s done wrong - so many good first touches in a way that accelerated attack. In general, good job that City aren’t very good - lots of opportunities for them and though we looked the better side, they could easily have won. Should be no suprise that the side that brought our best form (wilson and mount in the middle, waghorn and lawrence wide, Marriott up front) still looks the best balance, but our available bench strength has quickly changed to be a weakness (in the absence of ollson/forsyth/davies/bennett/johnson/lawrence/thomas/lowe and the persona non grata - martin, butterfield, thorne, anya, elsnik, blackman, babos) Sure Frank/Jody picked out flo-jo and Duane and Malone to join the squad based on good intelligence, but not convinced they’re better than thomas and bird and lowe. Tomori, Wilson and Mount have been great loans but today just felt a throw back to some of the toothless managers of the past.
  5. singaporeram

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    Watched on the feed - another nervy finish but awful weather in the second half - we looked lightweight in midfield and lost a lot of 50-50s - normally sympathetic to Lawrence, not today. But big credit for an away 3 points and up to 3rd (at least till sheff u at Reading), Holmes doesnt look like a man to defend a lead but battled hard when he came on. Callum McDonald rather than Wisdom on the bench - have we given up on Wisdom as well now ? January could be interesting - potentially freeing up wages from Butterfield, Anya, Thorne, Wisdom (I’d keep Pearce) might allow a couple of improvements. (And nice to see Luke Thomas score again for Coventry)
  6. singaporeram

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    Top goal by Jack from a cross slightly behind him - Bogle targetted by Wigan early on so great to see a bit more confidence from him going forward - Frank needs to protect Wilson from himself, take him off if we get a second ?, - Gibson done a good job for Wigan since he came on. We need to be careful here
  7. singaporeram

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    you're right ! Blackman on as a sub as Sporting Gijon won with an injury time goal...
  8. singaporeram

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    today's update... League 1 Offrande Zanzala started again for Accrington Stanley - but substituted after 85 in 1-0 defeat at Rochdale Coventry up to 6th - Luke Thomas again starring without scoring - 'Coventry looked more menacing after the break and they should have scored when Luke Thomas won the ball on the halfway line, did all the hard work by dribbling his way into the area, but failed to find the finish' Callum Guy didn't play for Blackpool in v Burton Jamie Hanson started for oxford in their defeat V Bradford, Mitchell back on the bench League 2 Kellan Gordon came on as a 2nd half sub and Jason Shackell played the full game for top of the table Lincoln City as they drew 1-1 with 4th placed Mansfield for whom Timi Max Elsnik came on as a late sub. Farrend Rawson started as Forest Green as they won away at Carlisle United Charles Vernam scored his 2nd of the season, from a Ben Pringle cross as Grimsby drew 2-2 at Northampton In the foreign leagues max lowe started for Aberdeen, but they lost 3-0 to Motherwell. Alex Babos appears to be finally playing for Real Union - 3 games this season according to Soccerway nick blackman still not appearing for Sporting Gijon though..
  9. singaporeram

    Craig Forsyth

    Luke Thomas and Max Lowe back pls.
  10. singaporeram

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    Quick update Luke Thomas - scored again for Coventry in 3-2 loss at Walsall - local paper said “A quick and lively outlet on the right and scored a brilliant volley to give City the equaliser they had threatened from the start of the second half” Chris Martin came on half time for Hull City as they came back from 2-0 down to finish 3-3 v Birmingham Nick blackman- back in Sporting Gijon squad for tomorrows game after apparently recovering from the right knee problem that has kept him out of the team Alex Babos- unused sub for mid table Real Union in Spanish secunda division. Timi Max Elsnik- Mansfield play tomorrow in the Cup Max Lowe- played full 90 minutes in 1-0 Aberdeen win that leaves them just 5 points off top. Kellan Gordon cleared to play for Lincoln City in the FA Cup but not picked Jonathan Mitchell rested for Oxford’s 0-0 home draw with Forest Green (Jamie Hanson on as a second half sub)
  11. singaporeram

    Derby County v Birmingham City Match Thread.

    I think the selection of Holmes over Johnson says a lot about how Lampard/Morris want us playing now - they’ve found a system which is exhilarating. First half we made plenty of chances and the management had the faith to trust the system. Amongst all the praise, let’s not ignore the improvement in Wilson, who puts his body on the line time and again in midfield. Very happy for our boys Bogle and Bennett today, and as for Marriot scoring through Lee Camp’s legs - how quickly can a player become a legend.
  12. singaporeram

    The unimaginable

    quick footnote as to what's happening with the under 23s (particularly Max Bird and Louie Sibley) and under 18s - and Lowe and Thomas on loan looking good enough to come back in. However, this is Derby - let's cover ourselves in 'of course, we'll probably be hammered by in form Birmingham' before we count all our chickens. And also, while not wanting to criticise St Frank - how important for the last week was Bryson's injury v Sheff U. Without that - we probably wouldn't have seen Wilson and Mount together in midfield, which was the key to the whole remarkable week.
  13. singaporeram

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Few thoughts: delighted for Fozzy on the cross, his touch deserted him in the first half to the point where Timori stopped passing sideways to him, credit for keeping going. Jayden looked like he’d told to calm down and pass rather than his trademark head down runs into the penalty area. Him and Waghorn as a right wing pair didn’t work (compared to the trust he had with Mason B or even Luke Thomas pre season). Felt like Wilder’s tactics were to overload our full backs as potential weak spots. Absolutely delighted to see so many flair players on the pitch for us at the end - Lawrence and Wilson (and though not yesterday, Josefzoon) running at defenders is the trigger for chaos - occasionally they’ll lose it, but they have ability to cause an opportunity/free kick. It only took the whole of the QPR game and the first half of yesterday for Derby to realise that high balls for Marriot are over his head...we have a poacher now, let him poach. 2 starts in, he looks like a 20 goal striker being coached by Nugent. Our crowd woke up after the second goal - from a rare East Stand position, felt really quiet (but finished in style) First home game in a while - so first time i’ve seen that poem on screen. reminds me of Rik Mayall in the Young Ones ‘people’s poet’.
  14. Not a bad day for the young Rams loanees - goal and an assist for Max Lowe, assists for Luke Thomas at Coventry and Timi Max at Mansfield as well, clean sheet for Jonathan Mitchell at Oxford.
  15. singaporeram

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Morning after comment...International break at a good time for us, particularly because we have a tough run of fixtures when we come back (sheff u, boro, west brom). Bogle is a massive talent but has struggled in the last few, Wilson immediately added energy when he came on, but seems so frail, boy wonder struggled too - hope England keep him wrapped up well. The big find for me was Marriot - not just his goal, but the way he battled for the ball and repeatedly won us possession. Should keep out Nuge (painful but necessary) on that form. Also very good to see a substitution that wasnt one of the front 3 - and big Tom did what he does immediately - vision, passing accuracy, control. Think the learning that we had absolutely no chance in any aerial challenge took a while to sink in on both sides (agree with the previous poster on Matt Smith coming on earlier) Bit frustrating to draw - and miserable weather - amusing to see QPR celebrating their 70s stars pre game (Dave Thomas, Don Shanks) as seemed in keeping with a ground that hasn’t progressed either. Nice to another side drag Leeds down to earth and if Sheff U are top, then this league is absolutely wide open.

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