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  1. positives.. we have three young players in our back 5 that could be at the heart of what we do for years in Bogle, Lowe and Bielik. Marriott is a 20 goal a season striker. We have some great young players in the under 23 on the fringe of the first team who might break through this year or next - Knight, Bird, JML, Buchanan. Rooney will distract us from our January disaster movie obsession. The amount of players we’ve offloaded (and the ground) means we don’t need to worry about FFP, though I have to admit it wasn’t keeping me awake at night. We have an owner who loves the club.
  2. 22 out so far since Wembley remarkable if we get to 25 out (left back, goalkeeper, Thorne maybe even Anya, Martin, Wisdom and McDonald loan) Loans Gone back 4 - Mount, Wilson, Tomori, King - replaced by 4 loans in Dowell/Paterson/Hamer/Clarke. Sold 4 - Johnson, Thomas, Delap, McCallister. Released 14 - Bryson, Blackman, Nugent, Elsnik, Pearce, Ollson, Cole, Ambrose, Eyoma, Karic, Rashid, Gordon, Butterfield, Carson non loan signings - Bielek, Shinnie (Rooney) At the moment - two for each position would give us Roos Hamer (+Mitchell, Ravas) — Bogle Wisdom Keogh Davies Clarke Buchanan Malone Lowe (+ Forsyth, McDonald) —— Bielik Evans Holmes Huddlestone Dowell Shinnie (+ Bird, Knight, Sibley) —— Lawrence Bennett (+ Anya) Waghorn Marriott (+ Martin) Josefzoon Paterson
  3. Agreed on the attendance, first home game, after a great win, with a new manager and plenty of new faces. Definitely felt like two points dropped but interesting that Leeds, WBA and M'Boro all dropped points as well from games they'd have expected to win. Going to be a long tough season. Bogle's injury worries me - he really was key to some of our best attacks and we have no specialist right back cover. Clarke looks a great loan, no issues there. Bielek and Holmes will hopefully make a difference whenever they're finally fit - be good to see Paterson, Shinnie, Marriott and maybe Knight get playing time at Scunthorpe And hopefully some set piece training during the week...
  4. looks like South Stand sold out - hopefully whole ground will be bouncing (except the West stand obviously - not that many ambulance men on stand by)
  5. doesn’t the scottish transfer window only close in September - so we could still have someone depart ? (particularly one of the left backs with Forsyth coming back soon ?) presume same applies to McCallister ?
  6. good game for everyone who didn’t play in it - forum stock gone up for Marriott, Holmes, Lowe, Sibley, Knight and ‘new signing’.
  7. there’s been lots of ins and outs...21 now in the 60 days since the play off final - 19 out, 2 in (Shinnie, Dowell - loan) updates thanks to Kellan Gordon’s move to Mansfield: Loans Gone back 4 - Mount, Wilson, Tomori, King Sold 3 - Johnson, Thomas, Delap, Released 12 - Bryson, Blackman, Nugent, Elsnik, Pearce, Ollson, Cole, Ambrose, Eyoma, Karic, Rashid, Gordon. think a few more to go before the window closes on the 8th of August - Butterfield, Carson sale entering last year of contract or another keeper (Mitchell ?) on loan, Wisdom, a left back on loan (McDonald ?), McCallister another spell at St Mirren loan ? we’ve been saying for ages we needed a clear out, well now we have one. See the u-23 thread for one possible in, Hector-Ingraham our penalty winning and goal scoring trialist.
  8. good detective work Chewbacca and obviously anyone called Hector is in the right town.. found this background https://www.hammers.news/transfer-news/insider-report-jahmal-hector-ingrams-future-to-be-resolved-shortly-west-ham-and-crawley-table-offers/ including Jahmal Hector-Ingram has offers on the table. Hector-Ingram is expected to make a decision on his future in the coming days. West Ham have offered the youngster fresh terms to extend his stay at the club. But Hector-Ingram could move on instead. A few clubs have made offers to the striker and that includes League Two outfit Crawley Town. The Irons hope that Hector-Ingram chooses to stay in East London. However, he might decide to drop down the leagues in search of first-team football
  9. Current bodycount since the end of last season is 17 Gone back: Mount, Wilson, Tomori, King Sold: Johnson, Thomas, Delap Released: Bryson, Blackman, Nugent,, Elsnik, Pearce, Ollson, Cole, Ambrose, Eyoma, Karic, Rashid. Could easily be 20 wages off the books plus the compensation money before the end of the transfer window (Butterfield, Wisdom, a left back, Carson ?) plus our annual compensation income and the stadium sale. Despite FFP there has to be financial room for some significant signings...
  10. surely he’s been given some sort of transfer budget we have the sale of the stadium to protect us on FFP 4 million plus compensation for Lampard/Morris/Jones Fees in/compensation for Thomas/Delap then the wage bill has shrunk with the departure of 12 first team wages (nugent/bryson/olson/cole/ambrose/king/pearce/elsnik/johnson/mount/tomori/wilson, and the loan fees) plus hopefully Butterfield/Blackman/Anya to follow And just Shinnie in...(and the return of Martin and Thorne, but presumably Hull and Luton werent paying their full costs)
  11. going loco with phillipe cocu... and we’ll bounce along going loco with phillipe cocu the rams are just too strong... advantages ..bouncing, not many words, no mention of forest..
  12. Both. Moore now , Wassell at christmas to ensure play offs 😞
  13. Same sort of midfield selection dilemma as McLaren faced at Wembley because George Thorne or Tom Huddlestone needed behind the two runners if we’re talking an actual team to play an actual made up opposition. Feel a.bit disloyal not to have more of next seasons squad involved so would tweak the selection criteria to include Bogle on the expanded bench to make it 4 from our own academy. Carson - Brayford - Forsyth - Keogh - Shackell - Thorne - Hughes - Hendrick - Ince - Martin - Russell Subs - Grant - Bogle - Bryson - Huddlestone - Ward - Vydra
  14. So from our retained list - who’s up for sale if we were to get an offer Carson ? wisdom forsyth (lowe ?) thorne anya butterfield Blackman martin huddlestone ? Obviously Gloucester-live will add luke thomas to that list. And we’ll have to cope with bogle rumours Quite a wage bill between them
  15. Cole, Olsson, Ambrose, Pearce (already gone), butterfield, Blackman, nugent, Roos, Bryson, Johnson all to go (surely if we were interested in renewing the last 3 we would have said something), elsnik I fear as well. Add in the loan fees for King, Mount, Tomori and Wilson too. That’s potentially 15 gone plus as the other posters have mentioned - maybe Anya, Wisdom, Martin, Thorne, Carson available for any sort of offer - which takes it up to potentially 20 gone. Shinnie in, McCallister, Lowe, Thomas back from loans. That’s quite a turnover !
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