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  1. Academy contracts - amidst all the discussion of the first team contracts (martin,Huddlestone,Forysth, Martin, Anya etc) - any idea what's happening about some of our Under 23 regulars and who's likely to stay and go ? Hepburn Murphy's loan running out, Babos, Wassell now 'veterans' at this level without stepping up
  2. No promotion/no relegation precedent set in Netherlands and Belgium and in the non leagues in the UK. My heart bleeds for Leeds fans (not really)
  3. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy channeling the accuracy of some Derby ‘great’ strikers from the past. (....not really knocking him...he’s been great for the 23s)
  4. At least we have Shinnie to stand in at full back in case our other 5 full backs get injured.
  5. Priorities, new keeper, new wide man, new centre back - 3 in, possibly 11 out. Could see the 21 year old strikers Hepburn-Murphy and Hector-Ingram stepping up to first team squad from the U-23 as we move towards an all hyphenated attack. Maybe even Festy Ebosele and Buchanan in defence, though Buchanan just adds to the crowd of possible left backs behind Lowe (Forsyth/Malone etc). if Bogle was sold, could see Festy being second choice behind Wisdom. Thorne off the books at the end of the year too - and a crowd of young goalkeepers that need a decision - is Ravas good enough to stay and be with the first team ? As well as decisions needed on a couple of the old hands from the U-23s..(Wassell/Babos) I'd see: New Gk - Roos, Ravas -- Bogle, Ebosole Lowe, Buchanan Te Wierik, Davies Wisdom, Evans (new CB) -- Bielik, Bird, Rooney Knight, Holmes, Sibley, Shinnie --- Lawrence, Whittaker, Hepburn-Murphy, Mitchell-Lawson, new wide player Waghorn, Marriott, Hector-Ingram, --- departing Martin, Forsyth, Huddlestone (purely on wage grounds) Hamer, Clarke (loans going home) Anya, Josefzoon, Mitchell, Thorne, Malone, Carson, Bennett
  6. 2-0 - hepburn from trialist cross - great goal - what a performance against 3 leeds first teamers
  7. The Mutch story is fascinating - From Alveston and our outstanding youth player of his generation - England under 21 (and all the other levels), Birmingham player at 16 (they wanted to pick him at 15 but weren’t allowed) - key man as Cardiff got promotion - 3 x million pound plus transfers ( up to a reported 6 million) and then only a handful of games in Vancouver and South Korea in 2019, and now nothing.. still only 28 and with too many middle names - Jordon James Edward Sydney Mutch, (thank you Wikipedia). What happened to him ? Just peaked too young ?
  8. After that - Bit worried about the Play off final and FA cup final - 2 games in 3 days.
  9. High earners gone in the last year - Johnson, Thorne, Bryson, Carson, Nugent, Bennett, Keogh, Pearce, Ambrose, Cole, Ollson, Ledley, Butterfield King, McCallister, Thomas, Blackman plus a host of younger players (Elsnik etc) and the wages for loanees Mount/Wilson/Tomori/Dowell/Paterson Hamer, Clarke, Forsyth, Huddlestone, Anya, Martin at the end of this season. (presumably Malone, Davies and Zoon with year left on their contracts up for sale) Shinnie and Bielik bought in for the longer term. we’re in the middle of a revolution.
  10. Game screaming out for Marriott. Not always a fan of his but the amount of possession we had on the edge of the box was screaming for someone to make the sort of 5 yard runs that he's excellent at. Lowe daft at the end but everyone's heads (fans + players) gone by that point. Cocu's picked three strikers on the bench then frightened to bring them on. Shinnie was the sort of battling presence we could have dealt with once the game turned into a struggle. What has he got against subs.
  11. Loved that - battling win against good opposition. Finally Wisdom arrives at centre back, big fan of Curtis the man, but that injected some energy and forward movement (and I worried less about Bogle). Good floated corner by Lawrence for the goal. Trying to give him his due. Holmes outstanding, he's looked a different player since Charlton, positive and finding space throughout. Waghorn much improved today as well. Knight's forward movement makes our front 4 look much more threatening (so close to a goal in the first half - excellent save). Big game from Lowe against Bowen. Great centre back's header from Clarke. Rooney may not be showboating but clever touches. We're not a great side, but we're showing great attitude and improving. 7 from the academy in the team/bench today - Bogle/Lowe/Hudds/Knight/Bird/Sibley/Whittaker. Shinnie and Marriott will improve the squad when they return shortly. Happy Ram tonight.
  12. Hope there's a fee and at least a sell-on clause - seems to have been progressing, and while we might not see him as being 'first team standard' for now - his career has definitely been on an upward journey.
  13. JHI again on his own and again makes a goal.
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