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  1. Same sort of midfield selection dilemma as McLaren faced at Wembley because George Thorne or Tom Huddlestone needed behind the two runners if we’re talking an actual team to play an actual made up opposition. Feel a.bit disloyal not to have more of next seasons squad involved so would tweak the selection criteria to include Bogle on the expanded bench to make it 4 from our own academy. Carson - Brayford - Forsyth - Keogh - Shackell - Thorne - Hughes - Hendrick - Ince - Martin - Russell Subs - Grant - Bogle - Bryson - Huddlestone - Ward - Vydra
  2. So from our retained list - who’s up for sale if we were to get an offer Carson ? wisdom forsyth (lowe ?) thorne anya butterfield Blackman martin huddlestone ? Obviously Gloucester-live will add luke thomas to that list. And we’ll have to cope with bogle rumours Quite a wage bill between them
  3. Cole, Olsson, Ambrose, Pearce (already gone), butterfield, Blackman, nugent, Roos, Bryson, Johnson all to go (surely if we were interested in renewing the last 3 we would have said something), elsnik I fear as well. Add in the loan fees for King, Mount, Tomori and Wilson too. That’s potentially 15 gone plus as the other posters have mentioned - maybe Anya, Wisdom, Martin, Thorne, Carson available for any sort of offer - which takes it up to potentially 20 gone. Shinnie in, McCallister, Lowe, Thomas back from loans. That’s quite a turnover !
  4. The changes between villa and the next game v wigan were Malone for cole bogle for wisdom johnson for evans waghorn for Bennett wilson for holmes Huddlestone for Bird given team selection since (and absolving Bird), logically the short term finger is pointing at wisdom (or at a stretch Cole or Evans) or it could have been a more high profile and less quick to drop situation with Carson or Marriott.
  5. Me and the 2 boys. GCSE revision in the bin.
  6. sorry - can anyone confirm that what i think just happened actually happened.
  7. Worth adding that Bennett did well as a central striker yesterday - nice touches - holding the ball well - but he’s not the finisher that Marriott can be.
  8. Cracking atmosphere and top day out. 9 goals in 2 games sums up why this side is so difficult to write off when we have a full strength team. In addition to the usual subjects, Praise for Bogle for his finish, for Mason Bennett for a hard working centre forward stint, for Duane Holmes for commitment to stick his foot in. Of course we should have had a penalty, but then we had a bit of luck when Roos dropped the ball too. Lawrence just doesnt seem suited to the wide player tracking back. 4 full England internationals on the bench (and a Scottish one) which might be a first for us. That away game at Bristol might be quite important.
  9. No one can blame him if he does sell - he’s not just put money, he’s put his heart and soul in, and been let down.
  10. I totally get the desire to build patiently and let a manager have time. The results this year from a very young under 23s and the under 18s are a genuine source of comfort, but next year’s first team has very few secure building blocks and that’s a big worry if we’re relying on progression.
  11. So summary after this window shows how many (11) are off the wage list fully or partially. Added to last year’s clear out that’s huge - plus still more to come with 6 senior players out of contract in May. in: cole (till end of season) King (till end of season) back from loan Babos, Gordon out: Butterfield (loan till end of contract) Pearce (loan till end of contract) Ledley (paid off) Thorne (loan till end of season) Elsnik (loan till end of season) Mitchell (loan till end of season) Mcallister (loan till end of season) Still out on loan - Blackman (till end of contract) Martin (till end of season) Thomas (end of season) Lowe (end of season) Other contracts ending 2019 Davies, Huddlestone, Bryson, Johnson, Roos, Ollson. on naughty step Anya Last transfer window in - Marriott, holmes, malone, evans, Josefzoon, waghorn in (loan till end of 18/19) mount, wilson, tomori Out: Vydra, Bent, Shackell, Baird, Guy, Vernam, Hanson, Jerome, Weimann, Zanzala
  12. He loves a dive after the ball’s gone past him - maybe he’s just cold.
  13. Actually think this is what we expected. Awful pitch, cold and windy against a team used to playing in mud. Bogle and Bennett impressing. Strange bench but shows we’re planning long term.
  14. actually don't think Callum is even at Stamford any more - certainly not playing and not in their website squad. Still only 26. When he scored that goal against West Ham, would have expected a different story.
  15. While not ignoring that we’ve had some fantastic moments this season - man u, chelsea, west brom, norwich etc ... what a job Bielsa has done - that is a squad that was mid table last year and has now lost saiz and viera - keeper blackman broke his leg - baker’s gone back to chelsea - there’s a bunch of kids come in - their wage bill is mid table at best. The only money spent under this owner is on bamford, who’s hardly played. Hernandez is quality but not new. We outspent them on flo jo. As a club, obviously leeds are as bad as it gets and Allioski as irritating as you get but Bielsa - he’s a miracle worker
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