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  1. The game last night and the atmosphere among the FL-DCFC fans was electric and reminded me of the '68 Chelsea game. Thanks, Frankie for bringing back great memories
  2. rebb1

    1946 FA cup team

    Again, I know his son Peter. His FA cup medal was offered to DCFC on loan but they already had Peter Doherty's medal and so declined, Note, several members of the team sold their FA winners gold medal for scrap, during hard times it was a good source of income. I was with Peter when we went to a valuation day at Pride Park around 4 years ago, the valuer couldn't believe his luck and estimated that the medal at worth approx. £8,000, (but had 20% commission) after consultation with the family they decided to sell the medal as the next generation were not interested. He also had lots of other memorabilia from that era, including the FA Cup final program signed by both sides, if I get an opportunity I will ask Peter if I can scan his collection and put them on this forum.
  3. rebb1

    1946 FA cup team

    I know Jack Stamps' son Peter and he confirms that the story that he lost his sight from heading the ball is false, Jack worked at the Lloyds factory in Burton after leaving DCFC - which was an engineering company- and he had a 'flash' from a welder's arc. which caused his blindness.

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