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  1. Strange day. I live in Sweden and pay a monthly subscription to Rams TV. Never miss a match. Then today my Rams TV said ” broadcast not available in your location”!! Huh? WTF So instead of getting cross and frustrated I dropped an email to the address they provide for support! That email bounced. Then I got cross and frustrated. Seriously Rams TV. Thanks for ruining my weekend to twots.
  2. I rarely comment after matches but this one has got me out of my chair. Thats not even a decision for a ref and linesman to make. Its as clear as day. I thought the Ebosele one not quite as clear. Amazing that suddenly we are not getting any penalty shouts at all. Plus the Johnson lad not getting a second yellow. It does start to add up for me. Again very proud of the lads currently representing our club on the field. We really couldnt ask for more effort. If we dont get the extra points deduction there is a chance we could get out of this yet.
  3. My Derby County expectations have dropped to such a level I thought this might be a Connor Sammon thread.
  4. Blimey Utch. Sorry to hear that lad. Its been a stable place of employment in Uttoxeter as far back as I remember. Strange times we live in.
  5. Id love that version. Like a 60s retro style but in 1884 colours.
  6. Im no expert in employment law. However, if I was to go out drinking and put myself into a situation with my work colleagues where I ended up injured and unable to do my job for many months Im pretty sure id expect to lose my job.
  7. In Sweden... Public sector jobs have the same pay for each relative position regardless of age, sex. Private sector heavily regulated on fluctuating salary offers.
  8. Blimey. Was this so uninteresting? She has a very famous / infamous relative from Derby County history. She is the great grand daughter of Sam Longson.
  9. Its not the answer im looking for but as your answer amused me and we have just beaten Reading you can have half a point Pearl.
  10. Trivia time. No googling. What is the connection between Charlie Dean, Englands ace womens crickter and Derby County?
  11. Its not the best post ever, but its definatley in the top 1.
  12. The funniest thing in football ever, ever... would be.... Derby survive relegation even with a points deduction and EFL pets Middlesbro go down.
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