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  1. Magnificent, Clinical, Industrious and above all else likeable. All words that come to mind. However what I wanted to do was post a set of suggested words for his already existing chant. Before someone decided to create one about him having a massive appendage or making love to someone’s Mrs... Who’s that holding up the ball? Waghorn, Waghorn He’s 5 foot wide and 6 foot tall. Waghorn, Waghorn A total snip from Ipswich town, He’s taking us up they’re going down Martyn Waghorn Derby’s number 9
  2. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a repetitive chant of “Keogh, Keogh, Keogh!” After he’s made a last ditch challenge or burst into the midfield like a stray horse jumping it’s field fence and galloping down a country road. That being said what about this for a full song? I know these threads rarely take off but I really like this one. Maybe one for @Club84 (disclaimer my sister sent it me so someone else may have come up with it or she has and she’s a genius) Rhythm is a dancer Keogh is the answer Scoring penos everywhere United to Southampton Our leader and our captain He can score them anywhere! (Not sure if it needs this at the end before a repeat) ohhhhh he’s oour captain ooohhhhh he can score them anywhere
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