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    bristolram reacted to G-Ram in Morris has bought shame on himself tonight   
    Not really Morris' fault they played. In the press conference after the incident didnt cocu say it was his decision if they play? 
    Mel cant win. Backs the manager lets them play as its ultimately the managers decision & gets accused of disgracing himself. If he tells cocu he cant play them then he is interfering with team selections
    The whole situation is a mess. I was well annoyed last week but i think we all need to quietly move on and forget about it. Its been done & nobody can change it. Pointless keep going on about it 
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    bristolram reacted to Ghost of Clough in Football chants 2019/2020 season!   
    He's Dutch, he's Dutch, he's Dutch,
    And he likes his tulips, his tulips, his tulips,
    He dances round in clogs, in clogs, in clogs,
    And that's the way he likes it, he likes it, he likes it,
    His name is Phil Cocu, His name is Phil Cocu.
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    bristolram reacted to Dannycuts97 in Football chants 2019/2020 season!   
    For instance...
    Na, Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Cocu! (Hey Jude) 
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    bristolram reacted to Bob The Badger in Let's Respect Mel   
    I have been really disappointed with the way this whole situation *appears* to have been handled.
    But, appears is the operative word because none of us know what was truly happening between Frank and Mel and the two clubs.
    If Mel is prepared to come out and say Frank has done no wrong and he wishes him well, then I can get onboard with that.
    When I see Derby fans claiming on Twitter that Frank threw the final and that his heart was never in the club it really irks me.
    Why on earth would he do the former? And the dressing room scenes alone after the Leeds game alone should have demonstrated his emotional investment.
    When we inevitable draw Chelsea in a cup competition I'd like him to get a good reception and not be hearing boos ringing around PP.
    I'm still not convinced he'll be a great manager and we may breath a collective sigh of relief as we pass Chelsea coming down as we go up under the mighty Cocu next May - but he did give us the most exciting season of football in a very long time.
    In Mel I trust.
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    bristolram reacted to admira in Stone Roses chant   
    This song is starting to annoy me in that it includes the name of a player who has never played for us and probably never will. So how about a tribute to Captain Fantastic instead? This flows just as well:
    Lampard’s at the wheel,
    Tell me how good does it feel,
    We’ve got Wilson and Richard Keogh,
    Martin Waghorn scoring the goals,
    Duh duh duh duuuhhh duh duh duh duh duuuhhh
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    bristolram reacted to JfR in Soft Transfer Embargo   
    Forgive me if I'm wrong on this, and please correct me if I am, but isn't the scenario effectively as follows:
    Mel Morris owns Derby as a company Mel Morris also owns a separate company Derby used to own the stadium as an asset Derby have sold the stadium to Mel's other company Derby now make no money off the stadium and have lost it's worth as an asset from their accounts Mel's other company now makes the money from the stadium, but must also provide for it's upkeep The money made from the other company cannot just be pumped back into Derby, either directly as the stadium-owning company is a separate entity to Derby, or indirectly through Mel as there are limits put in place by the governing bodies on the level of investment an owner can make into a club As such Mel's ownership of both companies is irrelevant as they are separate entities with restrictions in place to stop the free flow of money between them Because if that's right, then I can't really see any difference between what Derby have done and what countless other clubs have done when they have sold their ground to other parties, and can't really understand why it should be stopped or how it could be stopped. I don't see selling an asset to another company as a "dodge" of the rules just because the owner owns that other company when he's restricted to what he can invest from that other company into Derby.
    If there's something I'm missing here though, then please someone run it by me.
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    bristolram reacted to Anag Ram in 19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Reece James - Chelsea player on loan at Wigan. 
    Young, strong, clever midfield player. Just what we need.
    Frank and Jody get on to your Chelsea chums and make it happen.
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    bristolram reacted to Spanish in 19/20 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    somebody like that weimann guy, why do we always miss out on finding guys like him
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    bristolram reacted to Andicis in Blackburn Rovers v Derby County   
    In reference to a poster who I don't even want to quote.
    If we sack Frank, we'll get the same disingenuous rubbish from posters on here about how they're willing to give managers time, when quite often they're the first to call for the manager out after a bad spell.
    We're 8th with a rookie manager, that's pretty good going for his first year in the job. Norwich could have sacked Farke last year, but they actually stuck with their manager and are profiting. 
    At what point are we as fans going to accept there is no magical appointment out there that is going to overnight turn us into a premier league team, and that it takes time and effort to transition into one of those. 
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    bristolram reacted to Mr Tibbs in Best Derby Assists You’ve Ever Seen   
    Johnny Russell to Derby's number 9. 2-1 win away at PNE in 2015, 30 secs in. 10/10 for the cross, touch and finish. Bliss. 
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    bristolram reacted to David in Best Derby Assists You’ve Ever Seen   
  12. Clap
    bristolram reacted to CobRam in Word’s for Waghorn   
    Magnificent, Clinical, Industrious and above all else likeable. All words that come to mind. 
    However what I wanted to do was post a set of suggested words for his already existing chant. Before someone decided to create one about him having a massive appendage or making love to someone’s Mrs... 
    Who’s that holding up the ball? 
    Waghorn, Waghorn
    He’s 5 foot wide and 6 foot tall.
    Waghorn, Waghorn 
    A total snip from Ipswich town, 
    He’s taking us up they’re going down
    Martyn Waghorn Derby’s number 9

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    bristolram reacted to loweman2 in Signed Shirt by the Snake   
    Looking quite happy in its new home, gave it a quick wash but the signature hasn’t faded ! Well done for being a gent @bristolram and not giving in to late to the party gazumpers with outrageous tales of bounty !
    up the Rams !

  14. Haha
    bristolram got a reaction from Norman in Signed Shirt by the Snake   
    Would anybody be interested in buying it? Or should I just burn it? 

  15. Haha
    bristolram got a reaction from Saffy van der Ram in Signed Shirt by the Snake   
    Would anybody be interested in buying it? Or should I just burn it? 

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    bristolram reacted to C-stand in Signed Shirt by the Snake   
    Nice shirt, very rare and collectable. Lucky enough to have a Lee Carsley one.

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    bristolram reacted to Van Cone De Head in Signed Shirt by the Snake   
    I bet you’ll get more on the oatcake forum.
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    bristolram got a reaction from loweman2 in Signed Shirt by the Snake   
    Would anybody be interested in buying it? Or should I just burn it? 

  19. Cheers
    bristolram got a reaction from RadioactiveWaste in Signed Shirt by the Snake   
    signed in 1997 
  20. Haha
    bristolram got a reaction from DarkFruitsRam7 in Signed Shirt by the Snake   
    Would anybody be interested in buying it? Or should I just burn it? 

  21. Haha
    bristolram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Signed Shirt by the Snake   
    Don't burn it just yet. I may take it off your hands as a spare loo roll. 😉😉💩💩
  22. Haha
    bristolram reacted to Inverurie Ram in The Loanee Update Thread 18/19   
    Max Lowe, sweet Marriott
    Coming for to carry Duane Holmes
    Max Lowe, sweet Marriott
    Coming for to carry Duane Holmes
    Coming for to carry Duane Holmes
    I looked over Lampard, what did I see
    Coming for to carry Duane Holmes
    A band of angels coming for DCFC
    Coming for to carry Duane Holmes
    Ha.....3 for the price of one. Just had Wednesday fans on the phone, thinking of throwing the Tango Man at us for part of the deal to buy me in the January Transfer Market. I've just thrown back at them a weeks worth of my epmpty bottles and cans!
    Enjoy the dregs!.........Right, I'm having another drink!
  23. COYR
    bristolram reacted to B4ev6is in Jim Smith   
    Keep fighting jim
    We all love you
    I say we get old jim smith balmy amy chant going on saturday.
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    bristolram reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread   
    Really, there's nothing much around the ground. You're not far from the City Centre - If you have map of southampton, if you find Oxford Street there is a car park around there and its the old city conservation area so has bars, restaurants etc and within about a 20 min walk of the ground.
    Or theres the city centre itself which again is about a 20 minute walk - theres a concentration of bars and some older style pubs in the Bedford Place area.
    And if you're coming by train and getting off at Soton Central, the signs to the City Centre should take you to Above Bar Street (about 0.5 mile to the south of Bedford Place) which has another collection of largely chain pubs like Slug and Lettuce, Yates' etc
    Good luck mate!
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    bristolram reacted to Sean in Thorne, Butterfield, Pearce & Anya “massive contribution” to the U23s   
    One thing that strikes me from this video is how lucky we actually are to have an owner like Mel Morris.
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