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    GboroRam reacted to Albert in Coronavirus   
    What's interesting is that I've been accused of having 'extreme' views on here, which is quite frankly odd given that I live in a country controlled by a conservative government, under the thumb of the Murdoch press, and am just advocating for the fact that our methods did indeed work, and the UK demonstrated that they had all the tools to make it work there too.
    These methods have been recommended in the literature for decades, and which their use has meant that I personally have only spent 4 days in lockdown since April. I personally know 1 person who has had the virus here, as compared to my relatives back in the UK. 
    One of the stifling parts of conversation here is how the very people who claimed there would be no second wave and that we'd already achieved herd immunity, and hence should never lock down again, are the same ones calling it 'over now' and demanding reopening. They baulked at the scientific community criticising the the great Barrington Declaration, they sucked up to anyone who criticised lockdowns, regardless of how loopy they were, regardless of their lack of qualifications. Dr Johnny Bananas was good enough, as long as he said 'lockdowns bad'. 
    It's not about the reality, the data, or otherwise to them. They just want the country to open up, they don't care about the consequences, they don't care that when they called for it previously, all their reasons were entirely incorrect, and the result has been that 60-70,000 people have died, and livelihoods have been destroyed. 
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    GboroRam reacted to Wolfie20 in Coronavirus   
    This thread is becoming more and more bizarre by the day. Is it any wonder the vast majority of posters aren't contributing - I'm sure it's not because of a lack of interest in the topic. What should be one of the most interesting and thought-provoking threads on the forum has degenerated into a farce, with polar extreme, deeply entrenched views contributing virtually nothing constructive to the debate.
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    GboroRam reacted to 86 Hair Islands in DCFC Chess club   
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    GboroRam reacted to Mostyn6 in DCFC Chess club   
    I assume you’re just about to finish him?!
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    GboroRam got a reaction from 86 Hair Islands in DCFC Chess club   
    My opponent kindly offered me a draw. I'm playing white. 

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    GboroRam reacted to B4ev6is in Relegation watch   
    Nah forest to go down
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    GboroRam reacted to David in “We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season   

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    GboroRam reacted to IslandExile in “We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season   
    All those saying that we shouldn't have sacked Billy Davies are wrong.
    We should NOT have appointed him in the first place.
    Horrible man, boring tactics, underhand methods.
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    GboroRam reacted to BIllyD in Coronavirus   
    Which is exactly my point, once in two weeks time the vaccine is proved effective, a road map can be put in place to open up the country again. Unfortunately a vaccine isn't effective if 2m people refuse to take it, therefore you have to take i to account the impact of this proportionate to the risk. 
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    GboroRam reacted to Albert in Coronavirus   
    If only the government were competent, and controlled this virus from the start, or even after the first wave. They'd not have needed to take it in the first place. 
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    GboroRam reacted to LeedsCityRam in “We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season   
    It was a perfect brew of players not good enough for the division, ownership in the air, panic buying & two managers not good enough to manage at the top level.
    Its highly unlikely to happen to another promoted team ever again...I'm just pleased we didn't sign off with a signature 10-0 defeat, I genuinely thought it was coming.
    I was under the impression it was Warnock who was lined up for Davies' job in August, not Jewell. Warnock wouldn't have saved us but we'd have got far more than 11 points, that man knows how to galvanise a club & organise a team. One of the most appalling things about Jewell was his approach to the players...getting stuck into them & hammering them publically. Absolutely the worse thing he could have done given how pitifully short of confidence they were, shows him up as the complete charlatan he is & Im not surprised his career never recovered. Thats on him, not us.
    Like @Duracell very correctly points out, we could easily have fallen straight through to League One that next season. Clough still has my upmost gratitude for saving us and rebuilding the club. I'll look on him much more favourably than Davies or any of his successors who failed to get us up from a much better starting point.
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    GboroRam reacted to Bald Eagle's Barmy Army in Coronavirus   
    Are any of you who keeps posting in this topic dizzy? You just keep going round and round and round the same things. 
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    GboroRam reacted to Leicester Ram in “We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season   
    Can’t say I did mate, I honestly had forgot the Sheikh existed.
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    GboroRam reacted to uttoxram75 in “We threw in the towel” - The 11pt season   
    I would have a much better opinion of Todd if he had knocked the little twit out.
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    GboroRam reacted to Carl Sagan in First TV   
    I'd forgotten that. Watching Pot Black in b&w! 
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    GboroRam got a reaction from Stive Pesley in Coronavirus   
    Does anaesthetic stop you breathing? Or have I misunderstood? 
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    GboroRam got a reaction from Carl Sagan in First TV   
    I remember I'd conditioned my eyes to recognise the different shades of grey so I knew which snooker ball was which.
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    GboroRam got a reaction from Stive Pesley in Coronavirus   
    {Thanks APILN) 

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    GboroRam reacted to Wolfie in Coronavirus   
    @G STAR RAMThis is why hospitals haven't been overwhelmed. Those 220 odd thousand people should have been in hospital beds taken up with covid patients.
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    GboroRam reacted to TexasRam in Coronavirus   
    We’ll be fine in league 1 next season, loads of space in the stadium 
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    GboroRam got a reaction from 86 Hair Islands in Coronavirus   
    I read that as a drop in the fertility rate, but then the over 80s bit confused me.
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    GboroRam reacted to Archied in Coronavirus   
    Not seen that anywhere yet
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    GboroRam reacted to TexasRam in Coronavirus   
    Yes get in!!!! Loads of news doing the rounds from government leaks that Hospitality (everything pubs, restaurants etc) will open up with all be it with some Restrictions from the 30th Feb!!!! Happy days 🥂🍻
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    GboroRam reacted to 1of4 in Coronavirus   
    While we  are doing very well in the number of vaccination carried out, many other countries are nowhere near our level.
    We are also told that, if more people become infected there is a likelihood of another variant of the virus developing. So if the Kent variant is easier to catch wouldn't you do all you could to avoid coming into contact with it, just in case it morphed into a new and more virulent strain ?
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    GboroRam reacted to sage in Handforth Parish Council   
    Enough about the moderators, what about this meeting?
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