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    GboroRam reacted to Gaspode in Colin Kazim-Richards Fan Club   
    I was actually quite impressed with Collymore's response to this - basically said that if it was Forest fans that were racially abusing CKR then they need to realise that were effectively abusing him as well - and also every black player that's ever pulled on a Forest shirt. 
    Strong message though possibly not strong enough to get through the thick skulls of the neanderthals that do this sort of thing....
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    GboroRam reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Buying and Selling Shares   
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    GboroRam reacted to TigerTedd in Face masks may be gone in the summer   
    Don’t get me started on this one, but I’d live to see the stats of East Asians (who often wear masks in any public space) and NHS staff (who wear masks all day every day) with lung cancer. 
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    GboroRam reacted to RamNut in Tiger Woods Crash   
    Hope he’s not lost a ball. 
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    GboroRam reacted to JuanFloEvraTheCocu'sNesta in are final getting nearer entering pp again   
    I'm fairly certain they can't help the fact that a global pandemic hasn't followed the European football calendar.
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    GboroRam reacted to BIllyD in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    My understanding for what it's worth is that it isn't deliberate, but does what you say. The problem being that the more hosts you have the more chance you have of getting a strain that if it's avoiding the vaccine or easier to infect will become more prevalent.
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    GboroRam reacted to Eddie in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    Finally, some clarity.

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    GboroRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    This hasn't been anywhere near a proper lockdown
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    GboroRam reacted to David in Coronavirus part 2. Whitty’s Revenge   
    Personally, I am sick to death of this topic, it’s a football forum, here to discuss Derby County and 95% of user reports are from the Coronavirus threads, previously Politics.
    It’s the same members, exactly the same all day every day squabbling, I have no idea why you all can’t create a private group in PM and moderate this yourselves. 
    Actually I know why, because you don’t get on, so why on earth continue to debate this I’ll never know, but it has to stop, it really does.
    We banned politics, don’t make us ban Coronavirus, don’t ruin this forum for others that are able to communicate and have healthy discussion without the pettiness. 
    And if you don’t agree with the moderators, that’s fine, I fully understand, quote this post in a PM to me and I will remove your account without the 30 day cooldown and you’re free to go find another forum with the completely fair and neutral moderation you seek.
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    GboroRam got a reaction from Ghost of Clough in Coronavirus   
    I'd say consider amateur football. 22 players on the pitch and more on the touchline - and many, many more times popular than tennis or golf. Thank god.
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    GboroRam reacted to TuffLuff in Coronavirus   
    I think it’s because they are aware that even though numbers are tumbling there’s a need to keep numbers low in the coming months to lower the chance of another mutation. The next six months or so are going to be really crucial in discovering the long term impact of the vaccine and its effectiveness. 
    Essentially a more stringent lockdown stops mutations that may not react to vaccine.
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    GboroRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in Coronavirus   
    Without knowing the impact of kids going back to school, I think it's best to be cautious. 1-2-1 meeting in outdoor spaces at the same time will likely have a large impact too.
    We then have 3 weeks to keep an eye on the impact of those easing of restrictions which makes sense based on the typical timescales we've seen in the past (catching, passing to others, hospital admissions, etc). Sports and rule of 6 to come in.
    Then another 3 weeks or so to checks the impact of those changes before opening up non-essential shops, pubs, restaurants.
    However, I feel the current decision to delay opening up hotels until June is a bit late. Surely a 3 week period from the previous stage (mid-May) is fair? Maybe this is to coincide with all over 50's and the vulnerable to have received their 2nd doses
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    GboroRam reacted to BIllyD in Coronavirus   
    Who is pretending ?
    100k excessive deaths is quite a number not to care about. Having relatives or friends being at risk from one of the most deadly viruses to hit the world, also something I have to say I care about.
    As posts go, this is one of the strangest I must say 🤷‍♂️
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    GboroRam reacted to maxjam in Coronavirus   
    Time travel confirmed 😲
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    GboroRam reacted to maxjam in Coronavirus   
    I think thats the key factor.  Most, if not all of us agree that the first lockdown was warranted - we were heading into the unknown and it seemed like the last best option.
    The lack of action to control covid after we exited lockdown though has been a source of frustration and made further lockdowns both neccessary and a waste of time in equal measure. 
    I blame he government, the media and the general public for their roles during the past 12 months and am just thankful that the vaccine is now offering us a way out.  I'd like to think lessons will be learnt for the next crisis but I'm not holding my breath. 
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    GboroRam reacted to Eddie in Coronavirus   
    The big problem for me was that it was 3 weeks late.
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    GboroRam reacted to BIllyD in Coronavirus   
    Yes I get that, but from the other point of view is that I'm in favour of lockdowns to protect people from getting serious illness or death...selfish sod that I am 😢
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    GboroRam reacted to ariotofmyown in Coronavirus   
    You can't be serious?
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    GboroRam reacted to BIllyD in Coronavirus   
    I'm really lost now pal on where your going with this ? We covered that about three pages ago 😳
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    GboroRam reacted to ariotofmyown in Coronavirus   
    Why are you worried about not being protected whilst you repeatedly claim there is nothing to worry about?
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    GboroRam reacted to BIllyD in Coronavirus   
    Because we stopped the lockdowns. We started a go eat scheme, we let anyone and everyone come in through our borders. Only when the numbers got out of control, the R number went through the roof did we decide to lockdown again.
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    GboroRam reacted to rynny in Coronavirus   
    If you wouldn't have anything to do with people in real life why do still engage with them in the cyber world? 
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    GboroRam reacted to bigbadbob in Abu Derby County   
    Not far from where I live. Shall I nip round and have a word?
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    GboroRam reacted to Rev in Coronavirus   
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