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  1. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Norman in We are all Derby   
    Fined 6 weeks wages.
    Bet you wish you hadn't written all that now.  Think the fine and the statement should have come before they played. 
  2. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in We are all Derby   
    So many divisive issues in recent years. Why'd we sell Hughes, likewise Hendrick, is Nigel Pearson a massive ****, has Keogh always got a mistake in him, does the stud prefer golf to footy, why no Vydra, go eat a bowl of **** Roman, on and on, yadda, yadda, yadda but none that measures up to the uproar brought about by a bunch of lads getting pished and ducking up royally. The upshot? Folk saying they're no longer going to games, others at one another's throats on here, players, the manager and the owner under fire. One thing's for sure, it's never dull being a Derby fan.
    The arrogance, stupidity and  recklessness of some of the squad notwithstanding, we are all Derby and whatever we feel about the idiocy of some of the players, surely the club is bigger than a couple of ricks who can't handle their ale. Can we not put this bolarks aside for the time being and not add to what is fast becoming a toxic atmosphere? Save for a brief period under Lamps, it's been yonks since we all stood together but how good were those brief periods when we did? Norwich away, Manure undone in their own backyard, Leeds, oh yes! Take your scarves and duck off home, I was bouncing off the wallsand I'm sure I was not alone.
    For those saying the lads, the manager and even the owner have disgraced the club, really? Fair enough, Mason and Tom have no excuses but they have a court case coming up and were we to ban them, or as some have demanded, sack them right off without delay, would we not then have preempted due process and potentially predjucied their case? Is that really waht we expect the club to do or is the management team doing exactly what they should in the circumstances? They may not deserve the loyalty shown, but nor can the club issue judgment before their case is heard, irrespective of the weight of evidence and the likely outcome of their trials. If, as seems almost certain, Tom and Mason are found guilty as charged, then and only then can we take a view on the club's stance which I am sure will be appropriate. Until then, let's give Cocu and Mel a break FFS! Those who understand Mel in particular will know that he is not the kind of guy who will preempt the court's decision, but neither is he likely to shirk the tough calls after the case is heard. Likewise Cocu. Let's not mistake their current stance for weakness or worse still, tolerance, because I'm certain both will do what is necessary at the appropriate time and that is not now. Innocent until proven guilty, after which we bloodlet as we need to, if that'll make this whole shitstorm easier to swallow.
    At the end of the day, it's really simple. It's our call. We make a choice to stand together when our beloved club needs us most, or we stand in line with Leeds, Boro, the EFL, Sky and every other ducker with and axe to grind and help them tear it all down.
    I know where I stand. What say you? 
  3. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to angieram in Hello!   
    No, I didn't join in with the boos and I didn't join in with the chants. I did however applaud Lawrence when he did something good football-wise. Don't think Bennett touched the ball, did he? 
    I clapped the teams on and off the pitch as usual.
  4. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to jono in Hello!   
    It’s a bit like the answer to life the universe and everything. What was it ? 49 or something?
    anyway, I support DCFC
    nothing’s changed for me. All this is just another national enquirer headline. I’ve about as much interest in this scandal as last years June edition of hello magazine
  5. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to angieram in Hello!   
    I'm here and if anything,  feel more like supporting the club when they are going through tough times.
  6. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Carl Sagan in Pub before Charlton game   
    There are two Nicholson pubs on the river by London Bridge, so you can have proper London tourist views and good beer:
    Old Thameside Inn (beside The Golden Hinde ship) https://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/restaurants/london/theoldthamesideinnlondonbridge
    Horniman at Hays https://www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/restaurants/london/thehornimanathayslondonbridge
    Horniman is posher as a converted gin palace, between London and Tower Bridge. Both very close to the station for a short journey to the Valley. The Old Thameside is on the fringes of Borough Market.
    If you want more urban hipster London then the other side of London Bridge has Vinegar Yard. https://www.vinegaryard.london/ What people do nowadays is plonk some astroturf down in a disused space, hang some fairy lights and sell beer. Works well. They have shipping containers round the outsides for bars and shops, including a place with great vintage football gear. But the guy who owns it has a few Rams mates so they get the Derby stuff off him before it reaches the main shop.
  7. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to irobinson in Pub before Charlton game   
    Guys - I’m planning a trip to the Valley with a load of pals (not Wales or the Skids) and wondered whether London  Bridge be good to drink
    Or with Ram fans closer to ground
    where you London Rams going? or can anybody e recommend a good boozer
  8. Like
    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from Ewe Ram in Supporters Charter Meeting Questions   
    With Derby County having a number of famous fans including the pop industry in Niall Horan (One Direction) and in the film industry in Jack O'Connell etc.
    Has there been any opportunities in the past or any possibilities in the pipeline of anyone famous wanting to produce a new song or work together artistically for the club to help raise the club's profile by creating something new for everyone to see or listen too or sing along too by viewing it, playing it at Pride Park etc to go along with Steve Bloomer's Watching, the We Are Derby – a poem by Jamie Thrasivoulou, and the recent art work designed by Derby-born artist Iona Rowland that combines the city's music culture including Niall Horan, Simon 'Bassline' Smith and White Town with iconic moments from the club's matches?
  9. Like
    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from Will Hughes Hair in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Waghorn again and again, can't control it, can't win a corner, can't defend it in attack or defence, he can't hold it up, can't win ball fairly, takes an eternity to shoot, someone stick a rocket up his behind to wake him up, he caused the Birmingham penalty and again tonight has put his side needlessly on the back foot again to concede late on. He's as frustrating as TL. We should have scored a third and killed the game off, by making the correct decisions, plenty of chances there, but lazy final balls, we should have kept the ball longer in Barnsley's half and seen the game out, but yet again we shoot ourselves in the foot. And everyone of us saw it happening again.
    Same old lack of intelligence, by the same players, roll on January.
  10. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Frustrating but encouraging. 
    Lawrence and Bennett received a mixed reception, but the applause probably edged out the boos, particularly in the case of the former (he didn’t have to come on as a sub). They looked suitably solemn when applauding the fans.
    Clarke and Bielik looked much better, especially when the latter moved into midfield. Paterson was fantastic, yet again.
    The main thing to come out of tonight is the conclusion that Chris Martin is well and truly back.
  11. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Mafiabob in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    If you want the reason why we didn’t clean them up 2nd half - decision making, Huddlestone doesn’t get injured, we win that game well..... some of the rushed panic in the final third tonight defies belief. Hudds would have controlled that 2nd half against a young Barnsley team.
    He gets a lot of stick, but the decision making would have been ten fold better if he was on 
  12. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Andicis in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Oh don't get me wrong, Waghorn, Roos and some of the others didn't have a good night. But I'm talking about the general pattern of play. I think it was pretty good. A lot of poor decisions in the final third, but isn't that the nature of being a Championship team? The fact that we're creating chances now is a step in the right direction. 
    The goals are both poor ones to concede, but I thought as a whole over the 90 we were good.
  13. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to GenBr in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Marriott is injured, but what the **** does Shinnie have to do to get in the squad? Has he upset Cocu? To not even make the squad after the two clowns mid week actions must be so soul crushing for him. For the drunkards to be picked over him just baffles me.
  14. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Andicis in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    I think Marriott's injured, to be fair to Cocu, if not I would question why he wasn't in the 18. To be fair, it wasn't just the strikers guilty of wasting chances, Curtis Davies missed from a free header in the 6 yard box. Plenty of chances, a lot of frustrating passes in the final third. Not a bad showing though.
  15. Clap
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Mucker1884 in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Big shout out for the guy(?) in the home end, who according to RD had a heart attack, and "needed working on" as the second half continued.
    Hope he's on the mend, and all ends well.
    Time for some perspective for many of us... and I most certainly include myself in that!  
  16. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Carl Sagan in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    I've not seen anything as I refused to give the club money when the teamsheet was released. Has Cocu been asked why our best finisher wasn't even on the bench? If you don't play people with the ability to score goals you're not likely to take chances when they come around. If Marriott's injured that's bad news. If he was dropped from the 18 that's even worse!
  17. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to hintonsboots in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    First thing in the morning I’m commissioning a T shirt with this slogan.🍺😆
  18. Haha
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Bob The Badger in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    That was for Lawrence and Bennett.
  19. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to TuffLuff in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Well at times  I thought we looked the best I’d seen us play...Bielik, Lowe, Bogle I thought were very good. Lawrence had a pretty good game as did Huddlestone until he got injured. The point to me was we tired, which I think is part of certain players bedding in and others coming back from injuries. But still, as they battled more in the last 20 we fell back into ourselves a bit. We are steadily improving, but the key thing now is a performance over 90 minutes rather than 60.
    The Knight substitution was the wrong one tactically, it essentially gave them the midfield and we lost an attacking threat. Would have been a perfect opportunity for Shinnie just to give us some bite.
    We look woeful at defending set pieces though, the last one was especially a mess.
    ...The Barnsley stewards are pretty bad ain’t they?
  20. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to hintonsboots in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Still recovering from the Curtis miss...as Sir Geoffrey would say, me gran would have trapped that in her pinny and then volleyed it into top corner.
  21. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to The Orange Pimpernel in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    The final ball on the break tonight was absolutely shocking. Mind you, in general we cant hit a barn door anyway. Not too long before they scored at the end what the heck was Waghorn doing with his powder puff attempt? Barnsley are nothing more than a harem-scarum league 1 side and we just didn't have enough energy or ability to play through them.
  22. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Topram in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Bloody typical Roos makes our defenders nervous as he just doesn’t collect anything can’t believe Carson was sent on loan! Had so many chances to win that bloody hurts supporting Derby
    Lawrence and Bennett should never of been near that squad tonight 
  23. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to DCFC1388 in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Cocu made his subs way too late, we were dead on our feet with 20mins to go, would have been perfect for Jozefzoom or Bennett on the counter. Final ball was shocking, should have been 3 or 4 up before their late goal.
    Positives - Martin 3 in 3, 4 unbeaten & Bogle back playing 90mins
  24. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to SaintRam in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    I counted about 10 separate times in that second half that Derby advanced into Barnsley's half outnumbering them. I can only recall a single time that situation resulted in a shot.
    That's ducking absymal. 
  25. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Alpha in Barnsley (A) Match Thread   
    Am I the only one that enjoyed the game?
    Every set piece caused us problems but other than that our only problem from 15mins onwards was figuring out how to pick out the player in wide open space with just a keeper to beat. 
    The highlights were;
    Paterson and Martin. Very exciting partnership down the middle
    Bielik is a defensive midfielder. He tracks runners and shields the defence. He has moments of crap amongst his superb play. Good player and I wasn't unhappy to see the back of Huddz. Shame about circumstances though
    Lowe and the brilliant Bogle. Young, a touch naive but good. Bogle is better than good
    The switching of positions between players makes me think they're understanding their roles.
    The bad?
    Roos. Refuses to catch anything he can't protect with his chest. Barnsley targeted him. A keeper that can't catch?!?! Why?
    Waghorn, first touch of Connor Sammon. Terrible terrible first touch. Plenty of graft and he's always there to try and help but not very good quality
    The game management. Sooo many counter attacks wasted by over excitement. Did the hard stuff easy and the easy stuff hard. 
    Fun game. Derby with very little composure.
    Martin and Paterson! 👍
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