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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from admira in The Wedding Present   
    New Album by The Wedding Present. The full 20-track track-listing for ‘Going, Going...’ is...

    Kittery / Greenland / Marblehead / Sprague / Two Bridges / Little Silver / Bear / Secretary / Birdsnest / Kill Devil Hills / Bells / Fifty-Six / Fordland / Emporia / Broken Bow / Lead / Ten Sleep / Wales / Rachel / Santa Monica

    The band will also be playing tracks from the album live on air when they are featured on Marc Riley’s BBC Radio 6 Music show from 7PM on September 8th. ‘Going, Going...’ will also be the station’s ‘album of the day’ on that date.
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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from Dcfcsr92 in Songs for Steve Gibson !   
    Can you hear me?
    Can you hear me, can you hear me
    Through the dark smog far away?
    Our ground, so Mel is buying, but your forever crying
    To be with you, who can say, who can say
    We are sailing, you are failing
    Home again, don't get cross at PP
    We are sailing stormy waters
    To be near you, the points, we'll take 3
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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from uttoxram75 in Derby County scarves   
    And I have that one on the other side.
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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from uttoxram75 in Derby County scarves   
    I have that one on one side.
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    Inverurie Ram reacted to reverendo de duivel in Songs for Steve Gibson !   
    He's got pubic hair, on his head
    He's got a bank account, in the red
    He's had Tony Pulis, in his bed
    He's got pubes covering his head.
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    Inverurie Ram reacted to i-Ram in Songs for Steve Gibson !   
    Steve - Moneys too tight to mention.
    We’re talking about money money, we’re talking about money money.
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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from reverendo de duivel in The Trust   
    Derby County Football Club.......what a wonderful football club we really are. Wonderful people wear the Ram.
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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from I know nothing in Songs for Steve Gibson !   
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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from SKRam in Boro (H) Match Thread   
  10. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Sparkle in Sam Cosgrove   
    Or an agent trying to push up the price to Middlesbrough 
  11. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to cheron85 in Sam Cosgrove   
    I'd be shocked if we were actually after an out-and-out forward - We have Martin, Waggers and Marriott all not getting enough service already and each of them has shown that if you get the ball to them in the box they provide goals - We also have England's all time record goalscorer arriving in January and a whole load of youth players banging in goals
    No point getting a forward when the problem we have is supplying our current forwards with chances
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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from angieram in Matchday Moments   
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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from angieram in Matchday Moments   
    No Matchday Moments for Charlton A 3 0 Derby County Sat 19th Oct 2019.
    RamsTV must have stayed in bed or been told to save some pennies that day with our terrible record in London.

  14. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Sean in Hull City (A) Match Thread   
    The fact that HUDDERSFIELD TOWN are the current in form side tells you everything you need to know about this season's Championship. What a strange season.
  15. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to IslandExile in Hull City (A) Match Thread   
    Bielik in the first half played really well.
    I didn't want Dowell to play but he was good in the first half, unbelievable pass to Lawrence.
    Lawrence was nowhere near as bad as some claim. There is now a 'sheep' mentality in the criticism of Lawrence and Roos. Though things didn't come off for him, in the end, there was an anticipation that something might whenever he or Holmes had the ball. They were our main threat.
    We do need Martin and Marriott together. Cocu has to try 352 or 442.
    I love Davies's commitment but he gave the ball away too many times, by poor passes, in very dangerous situations. We desperately need central defenders who can both defend and play.
    Finally, Roos made one mistake, an iffy punch, but it didn't come to anything. Again, the sarcastic cheers aren't warranted. Too many sheep amongst our supporters and not enough Rams.
  16. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to IslandExile in Hull City (A) Match Thread   
    I don't get to many games nowadays but I managed to go to the Hull game.
    Whether the naysayers like it or not, Derby were very much the better side in the first half. Hull relied on their two fast wingers for breakaways - at home!!
    In the second half as others have said, Bielik and Dowell, maybe others, tired and it was more even. Nevertheless, it could still have gone either way. I have no idea why Lawrence's goal was disallowed, even after watching it again.
    We've all seen games where one side dominates and the other side nicks it. That's exactly what happened.
    Hull had a half price promotion that doubled their attendance but, sitting with Hull friends in the main stand, all we could hear were the supportive Derby fans; the home crowd were silenced by the way the game was going and only came alive once they'd scored.
    My final point is about the criticism of Cocu. It's crazy. The suggestion that Pullis be given the job until the end of the season is beyond belief.
    At the start of the season, everyone was thrilled at his appointment. Everyone understood that he had no preseason, no chance to replace the best three players from last season. We've since lost the one defender who can bring the ball out from the back.
    But now, lose a few games and so many are calling for him to be replaced. It's crazy. Give the guy a chance fer heaven's sake.
    This is a long term project. The academy is key. Wassall praises the interest and support from Cocu. The kids will come through. But you cannot just throw them all in, especially when results are not going so well and, moreover, especially when large sections of the supporters have so little patience.
    So the kids have to be introduced incrementally, the occasional substitute appearance for example. But look at the criticism for bringing Whittaker, a player in great form, yesterday.
    Many supporters haven't forgiven Cocu for playing youngsters in the Mickey Mouse cup, probably because it was against Forest.
    But look at the bigger picture.
    We want promotion - of course - but we want to build an infrastructure within the club, academy etc, that makes success sustainable.
    We do not want a Billy Davies, Warnock promotion, instantly followed by relegation. And we, sure as hell, don't want to watch football styled in the image of Pullis, sorry Tony.
    Support Cocu. Support the players, especially the kids. Be patient. Let Cocu experiment. Let the kids gain experience. Results don't matter this season. We're not going to get promoted, be realistic, but - despite the frenzied panic - we won't get relegated.
    Think long term. Cocu is absolutely the best manager we could have.
    Get a grip.
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    Inverurie Ram reacted to Premier ram in Hull City (A) Match Thread   
    Thank God for you angieram, i thought i had imagined that 90 mins at Hull yesterday after reading some of the posts on here , your points are absolutely spot on , those Derby fans walkiing out yesterday and on Wednesday need a reality check , we are a very slow work in progress and i feel maybe a couple of signings in Jan , a formation change or a monstrous bit of luck could change our whole season , stick with Cocu , support the players and lets get through this stop /go start to the season
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    Inverurie Ram got a reaction from JoetheRam in Derby County Flags   
    @therams69 Flag was looking good against Wigan.

  19. Cheers
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Cocu’s taking us up...   
    Not a surprise - is there a similar analysis of headed goals conceded? Bet we're near the top of that one.......
  20. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to WHAT DO I GET in Boro (H) Match Thread   
    It would be a great the day before for Mel to announce new investment.
    The priority would be vast improvement works on the ground:
    Extra tier around the ground perimeter, the long mooted roof, a deal with the NFL, a hotel, shopping mall and tram system to and from the new HS2 hub.
    All extra profits going the football club because of the major draw it is.
    Oh and a peppercorn rent of £1 per annum.
    I'll get the ambulance ready for Gibson now.
    Oh McLaren and Southgate to perform ground breaking and the opening ceremonies.
    That should finish him off.
  21. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Boro (H) Match Thread   
    I fear another defeat just because we always struggle against Boro. We'll, on the pitch we do.
    In other news, to wind up boro's owner, I think we should have a feature in the match day programme about how pride Park compares to Riverside stadium.... "despite its similar engineering concept, Riverside is architecturally inferior, sited in less desirable location, and, is home to a team with significantly lower attendances and no scope to develop in and out of season non-football related spectator events. "
  22. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to Theres’s Only Wan Chope in Is our support really that bad?   
    As good or bad as other clubs. But sarcastically applauding our keeper when he makes a catch is embarrassing. No noise midweek matches too. Atmosphere is pretty flat at moment. FootBall is poor though 
  23. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to WestKentRam in Is our support really that bad?   
    Just back from my annual trip to Arsenal, in the home crowd against Palace, and I can safely say Derby fans are amateurs at negativity.
    The boo-ing of Xhaka when he was substituted and his reaction to this, the singing for Ozil who wasn't even on the bench, and the continual moaning about all aspects of play made it a special afternoon.
    Every time I go to the Emirates it makes me appreciate what we have at Derby. We ain't that bad!
  24. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to jono in Is our support really that bad?   
    Well I love our fans .. and being a narcissist half fan this suits me 
    wish our songs were a bit better but you can’t have everything. We turn up every week, (or once a fortnight if you are an east stand hard liner half fan like me ) 
    we sulk, we bitch, we cheer, we hug, we dream and we moan. We clap ( excellent clapping in the east stand) OMG ! And sometimes ...... some people actually boo. 
    But when a thousand of our own find their way to some god forsaken southern outpost on a wet Tuesday night after work suffering stodgy pies, grim commercial beer, surely officers of the law,  and yet still find the will to breath Derby County loud and pure for 90 minutes with all their hearts - as they really do - then good on us
    WE ARE Derby 
  25. COYR
    Inverurie Ram reacted to angieram in Is our support really that bad?   
    I was at Peterborough this afternoon in with the home fans. EFL's top scorers and the fans were really on their backs at times.
    I now conclude we aren't so bad after all! 
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