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  1. We’re now unfortunately seeing the culmination of a number of failures/changes at the club: Rooney’s more negative style of football (rightly or wrongly) leading to our most promising young players being played out of position (Knight) or completely dropped (i.e. Sibley), the poor season last year and the result of financial mismanagement for years. It all points to us probably cashing in cheaply on assets that would’ve otherwise served us well or commanded much higher fees. Hope I’m wrong but I can see us getting picked apart like Wigan were and the likes of Knight, Sibley, Buchanan, Bird etc
  2. Noticed that there are some very knowledgeable posters on this thread regarding the academy/reserve teams and was wondering, given the financial position we find ourselves in, who people can see making the step up to the first team squad next year? I have seen Ebosele, Watson, Stretton and Cresswell a few times but don’t enough to say if they’re ready to kick on yet (think i heard cresswell was off anyway). Any others we should keep an eye out for?
  3. Unfortunately I think it might only be a matter of time before they do start sniffing and when the window opens I expect we’ll get picked apart for pennies like Wigan was
  4. Very true, I was guilty at scoffing at the ‘measly’ 5-10m rumoured fees for the likes of them and really didn’t see this turning on its head so quickly. Bird looked a different player towards the end completely bereft of confidence, Sibley was weirdly frozen out when we needed goals and Knight has been forced to transform from a promising box-to-box mid into an any-position-will-do utility player. Really disappointing but I hope they can get back to their best this year, key is playing them in their best positions and stopping all of the chopping and changing.
  5. Went Clarke, feels he gets overlooked because he’s been so consistent for us. Byrne next for me and has been excellent, Shinnie/bielik also come out with lots of credit. Just wish bielik could’ve stayed fit and I think ge’d have been miles ahead in this poll and we’d have been miles further up the table.
  6. How sad are the state of the affairs when I've just caught myself semi-celebrating injury news for a rotherham keeper I don't even know the name of... not so long ago we were knocking on the premiership door
  7. All isnt lost, play some attackers and get 4 out of 9 points and we’ll scrape it (please)
  8. Get Tom Ince’s mum on board for the scouting boost we need
  9. I don't even think the midfield 3 have been individually bad in and of themselves. We seem to have 3 players being told to protect the back 4 and give it to players in more 'creative' roles when the trouble is we haven't got any players who are being allowed to be more attacking. Take one of Shinnie or Bird out, tell Knight to be more box-to-box like he was when he was playing better, even give hime some freedom to pull wide and link up with Byrne if needed. Then fill the last spot of the 3 with either Sibley told to play forward and press high or Lawrence behind the strikers. Might as well ha
  10. Unfortunately football’s not about who deserves what. We’d have gone up the year we lost to QPR otherwise. Think it’ll come down to a straight shootout between us and wednesday when we play them and I think we’ll just do it. COYR
  11. Think we’ve only looked like scoring remotely consistently with 2 up top, Wisdom is up and mainly down for me, buchanan needs a bit of a rest. 41212: marshall byrne. Edmundson. Clarke. Fozzy Shinnie/knight/baningime Joz/roberts. Lawrence/sibley Sibley/lawrence/watson CKR. Gregory/waghorn
  12. I agree, I'm not saying they're a poor team we should be beating because right now it seems Anyone is capable of turning us over. I just think we need to pick up points against Luton or risk letting our form continue and ending up in a winner-stays up game between Bham or Sheff Wed which would be a big ask to come out on top of if we've not gotten a point in months. Squeaky bum time
  13. Completely get your point about the most important games being against Bham and Wednesday but I think the Luton game is deemed so important because I just can't see our team having the metal to step up and perform if it comes to a straight shoot-out with either of them. We need to pick up points against Luton to ease some pressure and stop the nose-dive in performances otherwise I can't see us picking up any points at all in the coming games with our recent form, including the Bham and Wednesday matches.
  14. Always thought we'd stay up but now I'm not so sure, we've fallen further than I thought possible recently with performances and- hate to say it- team selection and tactics. Calling out individual players in the interviews I don't think helps either in these sort of situations when confidence is already on the floor. Hope I'm wrong but if we don't pick a point up against Luton we're down in that 3rd relegation spot.
  15. Really good post, agree completely with playing to our strengths rather than nullifying other teams. For us to really progress sustainably I also agree that trying to develop our academy players in systems/positions more suited to them is the way to go rather than throwing them in at the deep end and asking them to be square pegs in round holes a lot of the time. One thing I've seen a bit on here and I quoted above is how good Bird is positionally and from what I've seen I'd have to disagree and say that it's one of the weaker areas of his game from what I've seen, I think he actually looks be
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