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    NULram reacted to jono in El DerbyCo   
    Quite common in most clubs. The candidates all had suitable CV’s ... None of us were fundamentally opposed to any of the appointments at the time. We might have had a dislike of either Pearson’s 1970’s PE teacher mode or the razzmatazz of Lampard but they were all typical of football. We have had every variety with the exception of trying to recruit the sort of tough guy agricultural manager with a “proven record” (although Pearson might fit that bill) . where everyone would have moaned about the lack of ambition.
    The transfer policy “errors” started with Bryson and Hughes being injured in the same match which lead to panic buying at inflated prices. At the time, these were seen as bold, supportive and positive moves. Your are eating hindsight by the KFC family bucket load.
    The financial state of the club ? .. Mel filled it with money .. some spent well, some badly .. We haven’t had a fiscal mismanagement situation or anything “taken” from the club by Mel. We got in a mess on FFP and Mel coughed up by buying the stadium and paying the club money for it.
    Sam Rush ? Is Mel really responsible for another man’s ethics ? ( or lack of them ? ) 
    The fiasco ? .. Someone broke their pledges or didn’t meet their obligations .. it wasn’t Mel. Maybe Mel shouldn’t  have trusted them but good business and life is defined by trust. You have to start somewhere. Has anyone thought about Mel here ? He has obviously had some serious health issues yet he hasn’t flinched from being a DCFC man 
    yes, for sure, be sceptical or wary of new owners, we all are, we care about our club, but Mel has been a straight shooter from day one. Some of the things he’s done or wanted to do didn’t work out but he is trustworthy beyond doubt . Now maybe those he has trusted are sharks .. but that’s a different story. 
    I cannot believe how you have such a judgmental attitude to a guy who has given his best efforts and a shed load of money to this club. Your judgement is littered with an astounding lack of logical analysis. 
  2. Haha
    NULram reacted to Steve How Hard? in Derby Fail to Pay Players On Time (Again)   
    How did you cope? I suppose you just had to plod on. 😉
  3. Clap
    NULram reacted to 86 Hair Islands in 16 points and unbeaten Rooney   
    For me the jury is still out where Rooney is concerned. I do think however, without wanting to sound like an apologist again, that there are some mitigating factors. Firstly, I think the new owners and / or Mel were hasty in letting Cocu go. In doing so, a tough job has been thrust upon Wayne before he was ready. I think even he would have rather had some more time to complete his coaching badges and get some more experience under his belt. I also think that the team was looking pretty disenchanted with life in general when he took over and that's tough. Rooney will understand the game well and probably has enough raw cunning and experience garnered from his playing days, to handle the coaching side of the role adequately given time. Man-management however, is a totally different skill-set and would be a steep learning curve for anyone of his inexperience. 
    My ongoing concern is that we still look a bit porous at the back and this is the prime reason I'd advocate Terry in tandem with Mac. That to me is a really strong combo. Terry's well documented past discretions however, are an issue for some and that's entirely understandable. From my standpoint however, the Ferdinand incident, whilst reprehensible, was a long time ago. He was banned for 8 games, fined £220,000 and stripped of the England captaincy, so whatever we think of his behaviour, it can't be argued that he did not pay a heavy price. He was also absolutely dismembered by the media at the time and with the release of the Ferdinand documentary, he's again received some unsavoury headlines. Also, in modest mitigation, he is taking the knee in acknowledgement of the BLM's anti-racism drive and has already expressed a desire to bring Ashley Cole in as one of his coaches. After the court case, he took counselling and also undertook an applicable awareness course. I don't believe he is, or ever really was, a racist in the purest sense of the word. I believe his response to an also reprehensible comment from Ferdinand, whom, lest we forget, initiated the spat, was borne out of ignorance and immaturity, more than any deep-rooted bigotry. To a man, all the BAME players at Chelsea came out in support of Terry at the time and were adamant that while his comments were vile and that they fully condemned them, that in their experience, Terry was anything but racist. Indeed they argued that he'd been incredibly giving of his time with some of the younger players, BAME and otherwise, who had often come from difficult backgrounds and who's adherence to the straight and narrow could sometimes waver. I'm not much for religion, which will doubtless shock you all, but some of it resonates, nonetheless; “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone ...” I can't speak for you lot, but I know I've done stuff as a younger man that I bitterly regret, but we don't get the chance to revisit our follies. The best we can hope for is to not repeat them. People have forgiven me for past indiscretions and that itself imbued a degree forgiveness in me. I know this sounds a bit wishy-washy but trust me, it's a powerful and life-improving notion concept and it lowers blood pressure too!
    Furthermore and perhaps more importantly, I think Tery has shown himself to be a major coaching talent already in his time at Villa. Their defence has improved leaps and bounds since his arrival and Dean Smith has himself been at pains to give Terry the credit for that. Had Villa not beaten us at Wembley, they'd be in a world of FFP pain with the money they'd spent, their squad size and wage bill, so the critical nature of his role in their surge into the top half of the Premiership should not be underestimated. Their back 4 were barely out of first gear for the entire game, after all. Equally, Terry is not the novice some on here would have us believe. He's been coaching for three years now and has, in my opinion, earned his chance to step up. Compared to the Lampard who first rocked up at Derby, he's a gnarly, wizened old pro. Conversely, Wazza, as yet, has not earned his stripes, which is not to say he won't, but rather that he has not to date.
    So where does this leave us? I sense that for numerous reasons, Wayne will most likely be invited to stay on. I think the demise of Sheffield United might play into this as it's not certain, despite his amazing work with the club to date, how long Chris Wilder's services will be retained. Of the realistic AND available candidates, Terry is my pick. Were Wilder's services available however, he'd certainly give Mac et al pause for thought. This fact alone may encourage us to play the waiting game and extend Rooney's time in charge a little further. This is not ITK btw, just a theory of mine that might explain some inconsistencies in messages emanating from PP. If I were Mel, I'd be on the phone every day, that much I do know.
    A final thought would be that despite me not being Wayne's biggest fan right now, I think we really do have to give him some credit. Three games unbeaten (yes, alright, two were against weak sides) and grafting an away win at Millwall is not to be sniffed at. Green shoots at least. Clearly if we get handed our arses by Brentford, then we're back to square one, but if we show we can compete with a team who are easily one of the better sides in the division, then even if we lose, the pro-Rooney argument strengthens further. Despite some silly posts on here, I don't think folk are willing the team to lose, I think they are concerned that we're jumping out of the frying pan, so to speak. Perhaps Wayne is on the way to proving me and them wrong!
    Anyway, if you've made it this far, thanks for bearing with my rambling nonsense. A hard-earned win today gives us a little welcome respite. That's progress of sorts, right? 
  4. Clap
    NULram reacted to Chris_Martin in Rooney: "A change was needed"   
    Cocu didn't give him a 'managerial gig', he was signed as a player/coach. Meaning he learns about coaching while he's playing, he was never responsible for making decisions or anything like that, he was just learning. Don't really think there is much for him to be held responsible for. All decisions made and tactics etc, were down to Cocu at the end of the day.
  5. Clap
    NULram reacted to BIllyD in Rooney: "A change was needed"   
    This forum has a 90 page thread advocating the sacking of the previous manager....Derby part ways with said manager by mutual consent both agreeing based upon results a change is needed....Wayne Rooney says team needed a change based upon league position in a press conference when asked question....and gets crucified.
    The thinking of a modern day football fan 🤣
  6. Clap
    NULram reacted to LazloW in Abu Derby County   
    I know this opinion won’t go down well, but I’m just so very frustrated at the moment....
    I’m sorry. I know it is very petty but with Derby being poo at the moment, I’m at the end of my tether. I really am. 
  7. Clap
    NULram reacted to nottingram in Sack cocu   
    Yes, really quite sad how many people are saying “told you so” or antagonising those who have previously had the temerity to support the manager. 
    He’s done plenty of good here but it no longer feels like the short term is justifying what we all hope the long term would be. I doubt many people could truly feel confidence in our direction after that.
    Ultimately, a man who has dealt with so much poo in such a classy and dignified manager will probably lose his job. Nobody wants to be sacked and so people taking delight in this is just truly weird.
  8. Clap
    NULram reacted to EnigmaRam in Abu Derby County   
    Personally, I don’t have an issue with this. At the end of the day I support Derby County Football Club. Whoever owns it, Manages it or plays for it gets my support whilst they are here. But DCFC is DCFC regardless of the above. 
    If they do take over, I’m intrigued to see what they do with the club. Will the retail facility be made true as Mel was trying to add to the stadium? Will they add the bolt on seating to add an extra 10k in readiness for our future promotion to the Premier league? Both perfect timing with no fans to disrupt the building. Would they develop Chad sidings and add facilities there where there’s this opportunity? 
    That’s without adding playing staff of real quality to go watch. I don’t really care whether there’s a plastic fan sat one side of me as I know my son will be on the other side and we will both be supporting and singing the team on. If we are doing that together, I’d rather it be whilst watching Liverpool and Man City rather than Luton and Wycombe.
    Apologies on long post 🤷‍♂️
  9. Haha
    NULram reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in Abu Derby County   
    You have never met my ex
  10. Clap
    NULram reacted to IslandExile in We are part way through a major squad rebuild with no money   
    I came on here at half time to see mostly positive posts about the best half of football we've played this season. Good flowing, attacking football. I posted that I feared it would all be forgotten if Huddersfield clagged a goal. In fairness, it was a good breakaway from their viewpoint. But anyway, the predictable meltdown then ensues.
    We get new "Cocu out" threads - why not use the existing ones? Is the thinking the more threads, the more pressure on Mel?
    Then, we get the suggestion of McCarthy or Pullis as a new manager. I hope to god that was a joke but then some of the other suggestions make me wonder.
    I think what has upset me the most tonight is that a fair minded poster, that I respect enormously, even queried leaving Waghorn and Kazim-Richards on the bench. They are not yet match fit. Lawrence is only just coming back and it was probable that he wouldn't make it through the whole game. It would've been daft to start with two less-than-fully-fit players.
    But, in the rush to dig at Cocu, someone even asked why he isn't playing Sibley. Because he's injured. Do you guys want unfit/injured players in the team?
    But that made me wonder, how many posters are either not following details like injuries, transfer embargoes etc. I know most people are but when you see comments like that....
    So, to sack Cocu now, part way through this rebuild project - in my opinion - would be harsh on him and bad in the long run for our great club.
    After years of expensive but failed attempts to get back in the top flight, Cocu is embarking on a long term project. Mel hired him to do that because Cocu promotes youth.
    Of course, the academy players need time to develop. It also helps to supplement those academy players with experienced and quality players.
    It's difficult to do that when the budget is effectively zero. So Cocu has had to shift out the high earners, some of which I'm sure he'd like to have kept (well Martin) and bring in bargains such as Byrne, Marshall, Ibe, Duncan and Kazim-Richards.
    Ibe and Duncan were cheap because they're not yet fit.
    That's to go with Lawrence, Waghorn and Holmes. Now we have Rooney out.
    So please, appreciate the football that he's trying to play (see first half) against the context of a major overhaul of the squad and a long list of unavailable forwards.
    Sure, if we sacked Cocu and brought a new manager in, no doubt results would pick up. But I would argue that's not because Cocu is doing anything wrong but because the injured attackers are fit again.
    Please, if you don't already, realise where the club is at.... We have no money. The squad needed a total rebuild. Too many of our forwards have been injured.
    Think of the bigger picture. We will reap the rewards if Cocu be allowed to finish the rebuild.
    Long post. Thank you for reading it if you stuck through it. I feel the atmosphere on here is becoming a little toxic so I'll try and take a break while you "outers" argue over which hoof ball manager you want.
    COYR 🐏
  11. Clap
    NULram reacted to Red Ram in If the Cocu outers get their way !   
    Given the financial constraints we're clearly under (bargain basement, scraping the barrel signings with the expectation of Jóźwiak), Marriott and Martin both being 'replaced' by Kazim-Richards, not able to bring in any of our main striker targets) it seems pretty likely that if Cocu leaves we'll end up with Rooney and/or Wassall, simply because they're both already on the payroll and we'll have to pay up Cocu's contract.
    Do we really want that?  Personally I'd rather stick with Cocu than end up with that scenario.
    Yes it's a results business but I've never known a manager have so much to deal with on and off the field:-
    Not getting a proper transfer window or pre-season last year due to the Lampard-Chelsea move taking so long to finalize Flagship signing Bielik picks up an injury early in the season that keeps him out for a year The Joiner's Arms accident resulting in the loss of Keogh Late payment of the players wages in December due to cashflow issues The EFL Charge that never was resulting in a Soft Embargo The COVID Pandemic and resulting loss of income and having to play without fans in the stadium Wisdom getting stabbed in an unprovoked attack and missing the last 7 games of the season Rooney being forced into self-isolation due to the reckless actions of his 'friend' (even last night, awful as it was, could have been very different if Rooney had been available). Of course adverse events have impacted other managers (e.g. Thorne getting injured straight away etc) and COVID is affecting all clubs but the quantity and scale of the above events in the space of just over year is, well, just unprecedented. Yet he's dealt with all the above with his characteristic quiet dignity.
    At the very least he surely deserves the opportunity to get all his summer signings fully match fit, get Bielik back, get Rooney back and get Waghorn and Lawrence fully match fit too.
    If we're still losing match after match once all that's happened then maybe we have to take another look at it but for now he deserves our support until at least the next international break and preferably Xmas.
  12. Clap
    NULram reacted to 66DegreesNorth in If the Cocu outers get their way !   
    Prime example of 'Jekyll and Hyde' last night.
    Amoungst the doom and gloom there were positive signs. The interaction between Lawrence, Joswiak and Knight in particular. Udders found it very difficult to pick up said three for their movement and willingness to receive the ball. Derby moved the ball around at an increased tempo with lovely one touch football at times.
    For me, 5 at the back will be the go to formation until the return of a real holding midfeilder and whilst we play that, the role of the full backs/wing backs are crucial. They are the outlet and support of the wide men, with the end product being a ball into the box finding one of either of a target man and late midfield runs. 
    The success going forward last night (however limited) stemed on the Bucanan, Byrne supporting the wide men and that just didn't happen enough forcing players to come inside playing horrible sideways passes or attempting to switch the ball by going backwards first. So much so, we saw Wisdom and Clarke making runs through the middle (ironically to good effect) making the system weaker as a full back had to hang back.
    I for one envisage an upsurge in results as players return, find their feet and become more comfortable in the role they are being asked of. Those who have voiced their opinion of a change in manager (and they are perfectly within rights to voice it) should be reminded that this isn't your average season, Years 2/3/4 during the Clough Jnr tenure were not exactly cosy nor have we ever had to blood so many youngsters in a short space of time.
    Cocu should be given until the end of the season, because when these boys click (and they will), mid table status will be assured, and the club can move on from FFP, Covid, EFL charges, Player related stupidity, Expensive contracts and hopefully, unrealistic demands of our football family.
    Relegation talk at this stage is just nonsense given the challenges that the club, manager and the supporters have had to overcome in the last 9 months. Mistakes have been made no doubt, but we shouldn't be clambering to pick out the next managerial team just yet.
    Tolerance and patience should not be read as signs of weakness.
    They are signs of strength.
  13. Clap
    NULram reacted to BathRam72 in If the Cocu outers get their way !   
    Coming into a season like he had last year with no pre-season as such and what bit of a pre-season we did get was dire.
    Then having to  put up with crash gate and losing his captain.
    Told to bring through the youth and reduce the wages.
    Working with players from about 7 other managers with differing philosophy's.
    Finally getting a few of his own type of players WHO STILL HAVE TO BED IN by the way.
    Struggling with the heart of what was last seasons team all being injured. 
    Only a handful of games in and some want him out????????? Isn't it this managerial merry-go-round that has put us where we are now?
    OK let's say we do end up with a new manager, what then?? He will struggle with a mish mash team until he gets HIS type of players in, when will that be?
    Will we give him the time or until January????
  14. Clap
    NULram reacted to LazloW in Charlie Austin - joined QPR on loan   
    Honestly, who cares?
    We aren't the club's accountants. Let Mel and the Board worry about the money side of things. If Cocu wants him and we can get him then that's all that matters. I know we've been through the ringer with FFP but there is so much hand-wringing going on about finances (and while I'm quoting you, this isn't the only example).
  15. Clap
    NULram reacted to cheron85 in Serdar Dursun   
    Yeh - But we keep having to start from Year One all over again every time we get a new manager - This is my biggest frustration
    For me this is the most successful Year One we've ever had - A full and proper clear out and drafted some genuine talent in from the youth setup - Now Year Two needs to be about getting the style right and establishing a spine for the team - I'm totally fine with a mid-table finish if we can see that moving in the right direction 
  16. Haha
    NULram reacted to Ram-a-lama fa fa fa in Tribunal Update   
    to mr messenger.
    good luck in your new job. and yes, i will have fries with it
  17. Clap
    NULram reacted to David in Tribunal Update   
    Not rubbing anyone’s nose in it, like him or not this is the verdict we all wanted surely.
    I don’t like seeing him thrown under the bus before anything has been proven either, but you know this isn’t the first time nor will it be the last.
    Positive there will be no apologies and the next time Matt Hughes or any other journalist takes a swing at us the  same pitchforks will be back out wanting their pound of flesh. 
    You can play devil’s advocate if you want, but the way I see it, the stadium sale is another example of just how hard he’s trying within the rules to inject money into the club to make us competitive against the absolute shambles that are parachute payments. 
    Sure, it would have been nice to have kept that ace up our sleeve, I’m also sure Mel would have preferred his millions to have been spent better and be sat in the Premier League, but this is sport, 23 other clubs have a say. 
    The man has been class and committed since the day he walked through the door, the day he leaves will be a sad one and I suspect his legacy will only be universally approved many years later and I find that incredibly sad.
  18. Clap
    NULram reacted to StaffsRam in View from the outside 19/20   
    To save everyone the trouble, I've been out and about to other both our's and other clubs' forums/social media etc and can confirm that the summarised views below prevail:
    Current view from inside:

    Current view from outside:


    Bristol Tin Pot FC:

    Sheff Wed


    The Dirties:


    And just to round things off - a view from inside watching the views from outside:

    You're welcome.

  19. Clap
    NULram reacted to duncanjwitham in Tribunal Update   
    It's this stuff that really winds me up about that whole season.  It's not that we paid a lot of money, it's not that we overpaid, it's that we signed them without really knowing what we wanted them for, or how they were going to fit into the team.  If you want to play out from the back, you don't sign Shackell and Johnson.  If you want someone to cover Hughes injury, you don't sign Butterfield.  Blackman had only ever had one good spell in his career, and that was doing exactly what we had (£5m+ worth of) Tom Ince already doing in the team (cutting in from wide right), so why sign him? You can say that about almost every signing we made that season - no thought or planning about what they were being signed for, and almost all varied from poor to disastrous.
    Paul Clement supposedly had connections at Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG and so on.  When Hughes and Bryson went down, we should have gone straight to those clubs and said "Our 2 best creative/attacking midfielders are injured for months - which youth players have you got that can do a job for us? We play good football, and they'll get almost guaranteed first team football for a season".  It's win-win for everyone involved, and it's got to be a better plan than spending £11m+ on 2 guys that couldn't even do what they were signed for.
  20. Clap
    NULram reacted to Remy the hare in Tribunal Update   
    Failure payments to @EFL Championship clubs in the 20-21 season; Huddersfield £35M Cardiff £35M Stoke £15.5M Swansea £15.5M and Bournemouth, Norwich, Watford £43M each THIS is why clubs like #swfc #DCFC do crazy stuff like sell their stadiums to themselves. This is the root cause and needs stopping. 
  21. Clap
    NULram reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Cocu the Future ?   
    Get Cocu out, bring in Danny Cowley who is  the next superstar English manager, bring back Jason Shackell to partner Curtis Davies, sign Rudy Gestede up top, James McClean on the wing, play shinnie and Bielik as midfield munchers, Don’t need finesse as the midfield will be bypassed 50 yard hoofs from the back in our 4-4 ducking 2 system and we’ll take the league by storm next season!! Rowett Ball on Steroids, that’s what we need.
    Weve needed this transition season, we thought it was going to last season under lamps but he went short term and we nearly got up, but we’re paying for the Rowett and Lampard gambles now. Where would last season’s team be with Tomori Mount and Wilson - all huge players for us, two have gone on to play for England this season FFS. And we haven’t really signed anyone to replace them.
    We have no cash so turning to youth is the only way with some shrewd recruitment if possible. Cocu has a proven record of bringing through youth, working with inferior budgets to his rivals - and still winning!! 
    It’s great to hear him talk about the game, extremely insightful (we’ve had Paul Jewell John Gregory Phil Brown in the past)  he knows exactly where our shortcomings are, the areas we all say on here need improving are all the same things he is saying, and he is a winner, as a player and a manager, he has an elite mentality and hates losing. He’s been pretty brutal in his assessment of the team in recent games. He has the desire to get us to where we want to be and I think he has the ability too. 
    Cocu is definitely the future for me. But now is the time to judge, if next season isn’t an improvement on this there may be some questions.
  22. Clap
    NULram reacted to S8TY in v Millwall (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Totally agree with this and although there will still be ups and downs such is football I can remember posting on here when many were calling for him to go calling him Co co instead of Cocu  and crap like that and to give the man time 
    He came into a new country gave everyone a chance and with little time to change much before the season started ...he did not waste money just to try and please people and had a big job on changing the culture of how we play and with big loan players missing from last season 
    I,ve heard him being given some right old flak from fans and at some games especially away seen them walk out in droves 
    He has had the whole Keogh debacle to deal with and there must’ve been times when he must’ve thought ...do I really need this ?
    Pep , (one of the greatest) took a season to start to get City playing consistently how he likes his teams to play and I’m a big fan of how City play the game 
    Make no mistake to get any team  (no matter how much you spend )to play so well takes time and patience and hard hours on the training ground and sometimes in the classroom 
    Cocu still has a lot to do and is trying to change our culture from top to bottom that takes insight and a lot of hard work and hours , I know 
    so perhaps now he will be given a bit more slack when we have bad days which all sides have but progress is there to be seen with some players who maybe thought there days at the rams were over but now are buying into the Cocu way
    There is a long journey still ahead and no one knows how we are financially and who or what type of player Cocu can bring in in the summer but our kids in the academy and being nurtured into the first team could not be in better hands ....
    Would there possibly be any chance that when we are finally allowed to get back to what we love doing , watching football and spending our hard earnt money on something we took for granted like many things missed during a troublesome time in our lives that .....we...Derby County fans one and all can sing Philip Cocu,s name   Loud and very loud from the rafters of Pride Park to let him know he is appreciated and welcomed here and to know we are very lucky to have a fantastic coach and proper gentleman at the helm of our beloved club who no matter what conducts himself impeccably 
    I think he deserves it !!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 COYR
    ps That includes you Jourdan and Roy mac lol 
  23. Clap
    NULram reacted to Carl Sagan in Cocu and the youth: a great success story   
    When Philip Cocu was brought in the key reason we were given for his appointment was that he would focus on youth and bring the academy youngsters into the first team picture. In order of this season's appearances, this is what we've seen:
    Max Lowe, age 22, season's apps 23, total Derby apps 38. Max has been a star of the academy for a long time, but this has been his breakthrough season and he is establishing himself. He did so well at right back during Bogle's injury and is now first choice on the left.
    Jayden Bogle, age 19, season's apps 22, total Derby apps 72. Already established in the first team after a breakthrough season under Lampard it's easy to forget he's still so young. Has struggled sometimes and been injured but his talent is clear and he will continue to improve.
    Jason Knight, age 18, season's apps 19, total Derby apps 19. Included in the squad for the key games at the end of last season, it's clear to  everyone why. Won't  be long before young Jason is a full Ireland international and one of the first names on the team sheet.
    Morgan Whittaker, age 19, season's apps 14, total Derby apps 14. Top scorer in the EUFA Champions Youth League and just beginning to show what he offers to the first team, with a new contract to take the pressure off. Just needs a couple of goals and there'll be no stopping him. Very, very classy in the U23s.
    Max Bird, age 19, season's apps 8, total Derby apps 17. I had my doubts but over the last few weeks Max has come on strong again and shown he can be a very influential future member of the team.
    Louie Sibley, age 18, season's apps 5, total Derby apps 5. For me the most talented academy player right now. Can score, dribble, tackle and pass, with a great engine. Has everything and my disappointment is he's not had a little more game time to show what he can do. But it's great he's becoming a regular around the first team squad.
    Lee Buchanan, age 18, season's apps 4, total Derby apps 4. Came through at the start of the season and stood up when the club needed someone to play left back. Been injured, but seems one for the future.
    Jayden Mitchell-Lawson, age 20, season's apps 1, total Derby apps 2. Not quite broken through but now out on loan in League Two at Bristol Rovers.
    Other academy players not considered here are: Kelle Roos who's now 27. This season has seen 20 of his 49 Rams appearances; Mason Bennett who's only 23 but has been around the first team since age 15 and has only played 9 times this season out of his 89 Derby matches. Tom Huddlestone is a past jewel.
    Looking at these numbers I think we must consider Cocu a stunning success. Five brand new youngsters have been given their debuts, two others have become more established and while Bogle hasn't wowed as much last season he's not doing badly for a teenager.
    This flowering of the academy must be a record for Derby. I don't believe we'll go on a playoff push this season (but there is a chance) but I do believe the pieces are being assembled for a strong challenge next season as these young boys learn what will be required of them in the Championship. And when we look at the U23s and U18s there's plenty more talent that may yet join them. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to go three forwards and it seems the future's looking bright.
  24. Clap
    NULram reacted to Coconut in Cocu in or out?   
    The attempted style of play is a patient, measured passing game which doesn't commit too many men forward (there's a valid argument to say not enough men forward given the preferred(?) formation has 2 holding midfielders) but when it sees/creates an opportunity to spring into life isn't afraid to take it through some more direct play.
    I never want to see 2 DMs but when Bielik isn't fit we don't actually have any players who can play there on their own, so it becomes a necessity.
    Take Rowettball, but instead of the primary function of the team being to sit back, keep 10 men behind the ball and wait for a counter attacking option it wants more control of the ball. We don't just want to let the opposition play their game and rely on a player like Weimann chasing long balls to the channel (when it works it works!) but if we can look at how the opposition play and exploit their weaknesses then hey, why not?
    It doesn't exclude us playing attractive football. I've seen people call for Chris Hughton and cite how many goals his Brighton team scored in this league as proof that they were an entertaining team to watch, but he's in the same mould. Chris Hughton teams are the perfect example of horses for courses and Liam Rosenior is a protege of Hughton. If Derby currently had (in their prime)  Lewis Dunk (Clarke would do just as well), Anthony Knockaert (compare him to Lawrence, I dare you!) and Glenn Murray up front (compared to Martin 3 years, 2 unsuccessful loans and one serious health issue later) and I'm sure we'd be looking a healthier prospect.
    I can hear you say it now, "Well why didn't we go for Hughton then?". Mainly, I assume (could be wrong), because a he's not interested in developing youth players? We may as well just ignore the academy altogether with him in charge. That's not what we want. Cocu has been given different targets and ambitions.
    It's OK to say "let them worry about us!" but that doesn't always work. The best football we've played all decade was the 2013/14 Mac1 season, but when it came to the crunch (Mighty Boosh reference) we found ourselves lacking in just a few too many matches, some teams found it easy to play against us. The 2014/15 season had us playing a more measured, less gung-ho game and (until January/February and the en-masse injuries) and I firmly believe that we'd have won the league at a canter had we been able to pick the same line-up which got us top of the table* at Christmas (*citation needed).
    Back to the present (hey, it is Christmas, I hope you have a fantastic one, none of this is personal!)
    What Cocu wants to do and what players he has to do it with are worlds apart.
    We could have spent the past 6 months developing a style which suits the players available (I'm still waiting for someone to tell me what that would be, exactly, and how the players available fit into it!) and be in a better position now, but if we have ambitions to be better than that then we've just wasted 6 months perfecting a style we don't want to take forward and one which is totaly the opposite of the one we want to lay out as a club, from the U15s to the U23s.
    Take the Boro & Preston home games (results + performance) and the last match against Reading (performance, not result), take the good things from them and use them as a basis for your opinion on where he wants to take us. Put Clarke, Shinnie, Huddlestone, a fully fit Bielik, a fully fit Marriott back in the team, add Rooney, add another competent CB, add a more consistent winger than Lawrence into the team and we may well start to carry out 'the plan'.
    If it comes to March 2019 and we still exhibit all of the problems we've seen in the past 3 months then, yes, I will start to worry. Until then, just relax! Ranting on the internet won't change anything!
    There is a plan in place, regardless of current form, whether you can see it or not.
  25. Clap
    NULram reacted to Abu Derby in Trouble ahead?   
    It’s the parachute payments that should be looked at, never mind FFP. They ought to be reduced in order to permit a more level playing field. These payments are to help relegated clubs transition into the Championship. Instead they are being used recklessly to try and buy their way back up. Stoke City is a prime example. It’s nobody’s fault but their own if this strategy fails. 
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