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  1. I am beginning to get a bit worried that I may be being stalked by lunatics ! I also met Uri Geller at Bristol Rovers when they played Exeter City in the Michael Jackson era. I took both my daughters who were bored brainless until they spotted that Uri and his gang of minders were sat behind us. I think he had just been on some reality TV nonsense. They got his autograph and were made up. From what I remember he left at half time. Did not bend anything like Beckham from what I remember, but was quite nice to the girls.
  2. My friend Nigel and I went through the inevitable agony of the playoff final. Less painful than QPR in my opinion, but still painful. Anyway before the game I was asked by a chap sat near to us to put my tacky black flag down so “ my Dad can see where we are sat “ and I happily obliged. Up the concourse walked a bloke that I and many Rams of a certain age would have recognised instantly in his turquoise tracksuit top, none other than the son of God, David Icke. Those who do not remember him check him out on Wiki. Used to play in goal for Hereford and ended up on Midlands Today before completely losing his marbles. I did swap a few pleasantries with him but a selfie seemed a bit inappropriate and besides I was mostly absorbed by the game. He is not a Ram, I am almost certain since he did not celebrate the goal. Besides if he was, his divine intervention was almost as ineffective as his yogic levitation of the 80’s.
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