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  1. Aries Sun

    Andreas Weimann

    I think he was a victim of the system and the style of football which was used by the previous Managers. He was sacrificed for the cause.
  2. Aries Sun

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    Derby County - Preston NE 2:0 Goal scorers: M. Mount and R. Keogh
  3. Aries Sun

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    The people around here are reacting strangely, when you say something which they don't like or appreciate, as they like to twist your words. So I'd better not talk much about myself. But I'll tell you one or two more things, which I can share freely. For instance, some twenty years ago one of my footballing acquaintances, who played for the Newcastle United at the time has arranged me several free tickets for the Champions League match, which was played at the St James' Park. So I was able come over and watch that match. It was a quite enjoyable experience. That's why I find it nice to know these people, it's always useful as they can arrange things which normal people can't do.
  4. Aries Sun

    Andreas Weimann

    If he continues this way, he'll score +30 goals by the end of the season. I am glad for him.
  5. Aries Sun

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    Do you really think I will tell you here openly who are my personal acquaintances? One of my acquaintances is one of 'Arry old favourite players and it's not Niko Kranjcar.
  6. Aries Sun

    U23s v Chelsea

    He looked fit and was a quite mobile I can't remember him doing anything exceptional tonight, although he was involved in the action which resulted with the goal.
  7. Aries Sun

    Tammy Abraham - Joined Aston Villa

    Wasn't impressed with his tonight's performance.
  8. Aries Sun

    U23s v Chelsea

    Chelsea 0-1 Derby FT Goal scorer: C. Martin
  9. Aries Sun

    U23s v Chelsea

    George Thorne looks lively, mobile and fit. Chris Martin heard my critics from this afternoon, he even pulled one tackle. ☺️
  10. Aries Sun

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    "Nobody cares", Hm, really. You care, you have reacted. Soon enough there will be another song on your repertoire and it's called: CRY, CRY BABY And then there is also another one and it's my favorite: Especially for you.
  11. Aries Sun

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    Nobody is perfect, neither am I.
  12. Aries Sun

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    My planets are suggesting me a lot of things, but in the first place is to evade this Forum as it is filled with so called football experts spreading their great (bs) football knowledge. Chris Martin is slow, doesn't have a pace, doesn't do any defensive work, doesn't track his opponents, doesn't run channels, therefore I don't see him playing any part in Frank Lampard's team in the foreseeable future. The future will show us, whether he'll be with the Rams or he'll be somewhere else where the football is more suitable for his pace (Turkey, Greece, Cyprus).
  13. Aries Sun

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    Knowing the odd ex-international footballer adds the experience of knowing him in the first place. In the second place, it opens the network of his football world, his ex-colleagues, his ex-managers, his clubs etc. It's quite handy, when you are need of a spare ticket for a match or some fans memorabilia (signed t-shirt) etc.
  14. Aries Sun

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    "Stright from the Pearson “I’m a hyper intelligent football man who knows more than you” armoury" Nigel Pearson certainly knows more about the football than you (and me). You probably know everything about the fishing, fishing nets, fishing boats etc. The football is really not your thing, leave it to the experts.

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