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  1. By the way I don't think it will happen but if Sheffield utd sack Wilder.... we should go all out to get him.
  2. They may be but they may also be a Leicester owner ex ... I was more referring to the excellent facilities, stadium, youth academy, bigger fanbase ex...
  3. He lives in Northampton so not that close although Derby is definitely closer than Burnley. Can't see it happening but would be delighted, solid and effective football, promotes youth and motivates his teams. With proper backing he could establish a solid prem club. Make no mistake Derby is an attractive proposition for managers.
  4. If this is completed by the end if the week .... thats it. Sick and tired of this **** Clubs a joke
  5. Just a disgrace this club has become, I'm so gutted. Rooney is the root of these problems he's been horrendous all season. At the start of the season there was so much to look forward too, the thing that hurts the most is the obvious lack of effort from the players. We need big change and quickly ... whole coaching team needs to go
  6. Just feel like the players not interested anymore. Cant defend, can't score or even create attacks. Feel this is it now.
  7. I don't blame Mel, I don't recall anyone complaining when we landed Cocu on a 4 year long term project, a manager who played for his country over 100 times and had experience in management winning titles. As painful as it is at the moment I think we all need to get a reality check. The club has no income and Mel will be putting his hand in his pocket every month to keep this club going. People forget how difficult the championship is and the teams with parachute money have a big advantage, last season we wasn't complaining about the style of football i think the last few matches
  8. Would be happy with this signing, would rather have a permanent deal than a loan if its affordable. Don't think he will ever be a 20 goal a season striker but its something Derby haven't had for a really long time ... genuine pace and power and someone that can hold the ball up. Chris Martins hold up play was excellent but he couldn't run the channels and create for someone else. Nice to see us linked with young talents that will fit a system rather than someone that has half a good season in the championship. Could form a really good partnership up front with Marriott if we wa
  9. Agree, really hope he can get back to the player we saw but there's a reason he hasn't played in years. Will need time
  10. Whilst at happy at getting somebody with pace and skill in for the wings... Don't expect the same player yet, he hasn't played for a long time and is going to need time to get fit. Low cost signing but in my opinion could easily flop. Hope I'm wrong.
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