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  1. What a quality young player we have, models his game on Michael Carrick and you can tell. There was an occasion Max got Rooney out of trouble and got an applause from Wayne, also mentioned him in the MOM presentation. Plays like a seasoned pro. Well in Max
  2. Happy with this as live in Northampton... watched them a few times this season and i actually think it will be a very difficult game. Its the sort of game where if you play the kids you could be in trouble, they are a big side and really direct ... massive threat from set pieces and at home on a smaller pitch wont be much space for the better players. Will be really interesting
  3. Actually kind of agree with the whittaker comment although its way too early to write him off ... maybe he was nervous but he looked like he was avoiding the ball, when you come on for the last 5 mins you have got to chase down everything and he barely moved. Apart from that the youth situation is so encouraging!
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