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  1. Favourite funny/witty player nicknames

    His blond wavy hair may have had something to do with the Gladys nickname and as you say he didn't really get stuck in. The 70 s weren't exactly politically correct.
  2. Kellan Gordon

    Ta David tricky wideman eh
  3. Kellan Gordon

    Who is he?
  4. Jota

    We need a midfielder and jota is more of a right wing player, so not a priority for me.
  5. Will Hughes Watch

    Plus the transfer window is still open and still time for a cheeky bid to get him back.
  6. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    No I think 13 killed in las ramblas plus two more in the other two incidents, 15 in all. there were more terrorists killed too I think five shot dead in second car attack, plus others killed at las ramblas? Spanish police seem to be better than British police at catching the terrorist cells.
  7. Jerry Lewis has died

    Not to be confused with Jerry lee Lewis the Rock and roll star, also very old but still alive just about.
  8. (Confirmed) terrorist attack in Barcelona

    Me too. Do the reported number of dead include the terrorists? I understand the latest and hopefully last terrorist was shot dead but only after he had stabbed the owner of the car to death. Also also there were people killed in the explosions before the attack on las ramblas. Were these terrorists that were killed or more innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time?
  9. Jon Toral

    I would guess that Lawrence was our top target. Fair play we got him. We need more in midfield imo.
  10. Will Hughes Watch

    He's playing for Watford but sterling isn't playing for citeh so maybe that's why he's called up.
  11. Chance encounters with famous people

    Yes although he might have been being polite. I guess he doesn't think Bob the builder to be the height of his career.
  12. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    Yeah but even the 2007 team beat Newcastle. Why didn't they strngthen their team on promotion like Huddersfield have? They were linked to ince too weren't they?
  13. Will Hughes Watch

    Ok as opposed to will Hughes who's a professional footballer not playing for Watford. bring him home
  14. Will Hughes Watch

    Who is Ben Watson ?
  15. Will Hughes Watch

    Did he get to play for Watford yesterday? Has he been injured ?

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