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  1. U23s v Arsenal

    Or vernam or Zanzala
  2. England cricket 2017

    I prefer to remember Malan's big hundred.. all in vain though it might be. Malan can do the biz in both Tests and one dayers and maybe one day cricket might be our best bet nowadays.
  3. England cricket 2017

    Is it ok to get on his back now? Out for nought. Another late order collapse at least we had 370 runs in the bag before this one.
  4. Donald Trump - Re-Tweeting anti muslim videos

    Obama didn't achieve as much as he could have because he was constantly battling the republicans ... One man does not a revolution make. Sadly gun control and lasting health reforms were beyond his powers.
  5. Lawrence injury - need another winger?

    Good. Hopefully he is now starting to set his sights and score more goals.
  6. England cricket 2017

    Yeah but he's been dropped back down the order , he's been disappointing with bat and ball so far this series... Anyway as you say let's not complain, England are doing well at last.
  7. England cricket 2017

    Yeah I said he's done ok... Now he's done a lot better than ok, and well done Jonny Bairstow too. Let's hope England can keep this up.
  8. England cricket 2017

    Well our senior batsmen have failed yet again... Stoneman and Malan have done ok but cook root and Ali needed to step up and haven't.
  9. Donald Trump - Re-Tweeting anti muslim videos

    Obama was inspirational , trump odious. He's not a particularly good businessman either. As for fake news, are these ladies alleging sex abuse fake stories from CNN? I don't think so, the ladies really are making these allegations.
  10. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    I would be amazed if we sold anything like that allocation.
  11. Lawrence injury - need another winger?

    He's played quite a few dodgy balls but we still need him back quick... Any updates ?
  12. Brexit or Eurin?

    So what food is grown or made in EU that we can't get elsewhere? Brie and Camembert? No wonder the liberal elite are against brexit.
  13. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    We are very lucky to be able to choose from martin and nugent... Plus winnall and bent. To play alongside vydra who is the division top scorer.
  14. Cheese

    This is disturbing. I don't eat pizza .. Because it has a flour base , which is a waste , it should have more cheese.
  15. One Gary Rowett!

    Yes a lot of our players would be the sort other managers in this League would give their right arms for.. including Vydra on his current form. Rowetts strength so far has been in getting the best out of Vydra and hopefully is starting to do the same with Weimann too. That and toughening up pur defence.

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