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  1. Derby City Centre

    I remember now, Black mamba. That's what causes the zombies. So I've read, not tried it myself.
  2. Derby City Centre

    That area is truly shocking ... Zombie apocalypse . Combination of things that new drug what's it called, and the selling off the hippodrome to some cowboy. Plus the becketwell area being left to rot. The whole area needs sorting.
  3. Leicester sack Shakespeare

    Now is the autumn of our discontent
  4. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    I think the trouble with having players with pace like vydra in the middle is that if things go wrong the ball can come straight back at us very quickly. With martin he holds the ball up.. Also a mixed blessing. Like I say it's horses for courses.
  5. Vydra Appreciation Thread

    He hasn't always started under Rowett either. I guess it's horses for courses.
  6. FA, go get Pochettino now!

    Ummm we went to war against them? I know we went to war against Italy too, but that ended 72 years ago and there's no disputed territories now.
  7. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Haha! We were bad first half but what a goal from vydra. We have better strikers than you. Vydra, nugent, martin , winnall, bent when he's fit, plus russell, weimann and Lawrence. All of them better than Cummings. Actually I think Bennett and zanzala are better than Cummings too.
  8. View from the outside

    I agree with all of this except Huds lack of pace is no problem provided we get someone to play with him. The main difference was the quality of our goals .. forest didnt have that up front. We are spolt for choice with strikers .
  9. Brexit or Eurin?

    Well Brexit is certainly the Tories fault IMO. Not sure about the rest tho.. is poverty really increasing? Tax allowances are now over £11k so most poor people are paying no tax at all so should be better off than they were before. The increase in food banks is just people being more generous with their charity I think.. doesnt mean theres more poverty.
  10. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Yes , the only thing to get right was the striker selection.. in came vydra and that took just 24 seconds to pay off. Martin and Thorne were great at ball retention , and Forest never got a sniff after they came on. Our midfield isnt good enough, but hopefully getting Thorne back will help a lot.
  11. US or UK Comedy

    Porridge was written by Clement and lefrenais.. who also wrote the Likely Lads another really good UK comedy in its day. But this was 40 years ago. Where have they been since then? In America! I rest my case m'lud.
  12. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Um.. he made one save that I can recall. I liked the way he followed one of Forests shots ..it was so weak he had time to decide whether to bend over and catch it but decided it was going wide anyway so wasnt worth his while bending over to pick it up. Tipped one for a corner which was going over anyway. The one on one was his only real save i think.. bit like the forest keeper against lawrence.
  13. US or UK Comedy

    Friends is horrendously bad and open all hours is funny? Well it takes all tastes I spose.
  14. 30,000 Flags a'flappin'

    Wasn’t sure about waving white flags at forest ,I’m glad the players didn’t do the same
  15. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Well Lawrence was disappointing .. he needs a goal I think and to toughen up when he’s tackled. Should really have scored.

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