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  1. Beatles or Stones?

    Actually why hasnt Keef got a bong? If only for still being with us.
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Colin is certainly living up to his acronymic surname.
  3. A new Cold War

    I haven't said I don't like Corbyn. He did very well in the general election. I just thought his performance in the Russia debate was poor. What I really don't like is all this bleating about the bbc and Corbyns hat or whatever.
  4. A new Cold War

    Sorry andy I don't agree with any of this. First of all I don't think Corbyn is in a position to scrutinise the government action as he doesn't have the evidence they have. our secret service is called secret for a reason. Also I think it's a big difference between scrutinising government action and making cheap political points about funding cutbacks etc. Finally i I think this is much more important with two people critically ill following nerve agent attack on UK territory for us to be arguing about the size of Mr Corbyns hat in a photo montage. who is political editor for the BBC? That lady with the funny mouth? I havent heard or read anything to suggest she is anti- Corbyn.
  5. Beatles or Stones?

    I'm going. Hope none of them drop dead beforehand.
  6. A new Cold War

    I think the whole point is really that an international crisis like this should be the one time when party politics should be put aside. If you are going to compare this government with an American one , it has more in common with Obama than Trump. Quite a lot of the press isnt right wing, there's the mirror the grauniad and the Indy. The times is fairly neutral. Plus the TV media which is more pro labour than anything. If the BBc doesn't like Corbyns, of which I haven't seen any evidence then I think it's because they are worried he will Wreck their Labour Party, not because they are pro Tory.
  7. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Yeah it was the beast from the East part 2. Cardiff were coming from the west so didn't know what was going to hit them.
  8. A new Cold War

    That allegation has been discredited... How has the uk's biggest international crisis since the old Cold War been deflected into wild eyed paranoia from the corbynistas?
  9. A new Cold War

    I do believe him altho not because he is a QC... That just means he's a senior lawyer. but really so he has a chat with someone from bbc so what, corbynidtas are getting desperate now. What's this got to do with the new Cold War anyway?
  10. A new Cold War

    Ive seen the BBC's response now and its confirmed there was no photoshopping. So all a total load of hooey from Corbynistas foaming at the mouth. They do come across as bad as Trump complaining about so called "fake news" whenever there's the slightest bit of criticism from the media.
  11. Beatles or Stones?

    The Stones have stayed together so can still perform on tour. But they havent created anything of note for over 40 years. I think the All things Must pass album by Harrison was a magnum opus and some of Lennons most famous work was as a solo artist. Creative juices can run dry and the Beatles were certainly better together than on their own.
  12. A new Cold War

    I would wait for bbc to respond to any complaints ... It may be something like there was scaffolding in their photo of the Kremlin so they superimposed a wooly hat to hide it. If it was an attempt to make him look more Russian then that was a misjudgement by the guy composing the photo but it really isn't a big deal.
  13. A new Cold War

    I think the hat thing is big hoo ha over nothing at all... The corbynistas crying fake news at every turn. Has the bbc said anything about it? Some guy made a photo composition for the studio. It was a story about Corbyn and Russia so he superimposed a picture of Corbyn and the Kremlin. Why the change of hat I don't know perhaps it was a misjudgement by the guy in the photo design or perhaps not. But as Whitehorse ram says newspapers do this sort of thing all the time whether it's cartoons or photo montages etc.
  14. A new Cold War

    No. The bbc controls most of the media in the UK and that isn't owned by any billionaires. Sure the sun is wrong for saying Corbyn is putins puppet. I don't know the full story behind the bbc Newsnight image but to me it seems like corbynistas calling foul because Corbyn performed badly in the commons debate. Like trump says it's fake news whenever he gets criticised in the media.
  15. Beatles or Stones?

    I think you can say that about the stones... Jagger certainly isn't a greAt vocalist. But the Beatles and the stones were both much bigger than the sum of the parts. They were the best two pop/ rock and roll bands ever. as for the Beatles being a boy band well yes they were all boys, and the girls screamed at them. But they weren't manufactured and they were proper musicians and songwriters so they have nothing in common with the boy bands of today. i like the stones and Dylan too, but their strengths are more limited. Dylan is a much better lyricist than anything done by the Beatles its true. But music isn't just about the lyrics .

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