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  1. Well when our failed coach Kevin Phillips is bad mouthing him in the press and questioning his fitness, it's enough to put other clubs off. and there's still over two months of the transfer window left. Nobody matched burnleys offer for Hendrick, but we were in no hurry to sell and the price went up from £3 million to £10.5 million. Should have adopted the same tactic for hughes, not just accept any lowball offer from a tinpot club like Watford.
  2. Still subject to a medical. Any comment from the club yet?
  3. Brighton play good football. but fulham and the wendies were the best teams at pride park and both failed in the play offs.
  4. Well he is a Ram. but he is full of ****.
  5. Well yes... Except I'm not sure that £15 million would be too good an offer to refuse, considering McGuire going for £17 million , and so on. £ 8 million as quoted is just criminal.
  6. Well there's crazy and there's certifiably insane. or else you are joking. one of the two.
  7. Thorne will not be fit anytime soon if at all. But do we really wAnt to increase the average age of this squad even more? We will be made up of over 30s plus wisdom.
  8. Well yes and that's embarrassing too. We haven't had will hughes in the first team for 10 years but in the last 5 years we have at least challenged and with better players around him we would have gone up.
  9. There's absolutely nothing to suggest will has been pushing for a move ... He signed a new contract last year. rowett wasn't playing him last season.. It just seems he's not Rowett's sort of player. Not Neanderthal enough.
  10. Say this isn't true.
  11. Igor stimac was not a relative unknown. I think the best we can hope for is that we buy someone from abroad like stimac or asanovic. But I think the days when you could snap up bargains have gone, unless it's Derby who are doing the selling.
  12. If the club provides a credible reason why an ambitious club should sell our best players then I would be happy to confirm my season ticket renewal. atm, all I have heard from Rowett, Phillips and co is pure BS. who is the one looking daft? those who talk about playing the Derby way, then selling our most cultured player. those who talk about wanting younger, hungrier players, then selling our youngest hungriest player.
  13. Even the timing of this deal is scummy. At 5pm just before the ticket office shuts. So I didn't have time to claim my season ticket refund today.
  14. Yes it's true. Right now I'm so angry I could spit at Rowett and co, I will never forgive them for this. but have to say will hughes has served the club so well, a true pro.
  15. So we get 15 per cent of what he's worth? How is that decent?