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  1. PistoldPete2

    Tom Lawrence

    Aren't flo and Wilson replacements for Lawrence? Getting rid of players like Blackman won't balance the books as they aren't worth anything.
  2. PistoldPete2

    Tom Lawrence

    Traore is a very very good player who will be playing in the prem this season I think.
  3. PistoldPete2

    Tom Lawrence

    I think it would depend on price. Lawrence had a disappointing season last year so wouldn't expect to get as much for him as vydra, who was the leagues top scorer. But I think Lawrence is more versatile, and may be better suited to our new manager and team.
  4. PistoldPete2


    Yes I think suicide would be the most likely contributor to premature death , and the complex interaction between autism and anxiety and depression.
  5. PistoldPete2


    Whatever very fair concerns there are for the health and even lives of autistic people I actually think that is a very poor article. You don’t have to be a mathematician autistic or otherwise to realise those stats are complete rubbish. No real reasons were offered for why such a low age at death could arise . Murder by the carers ? I mean it happens I’m sure especially in America but not in enough numbers to affect the mortality rates. She mentions 500 murders ilof disabled people. That’s a small percentage and most autistic people wouldn’t count as disabled. and she objects to carers getting lower sentences . Really? Surely say a carer for someone with Alzheimer’s would be under intolerable stress and and that has to be a mitigating factor. All round a really bad article . I would like to see a proper article on the health impact of autistic conditions but this isn’t it.
  6. PistoldPete2

    Jack Marriott

    NUGent always works his socks off just not that effective all the time.
  7. PistoldPete2

    least funny 'comedian'

    He looks,like a troll and acts like one too. If it's the same guy I am thinking of. Fat and ginger.
  8. PistoldPete2

    Jack Marriott

    If your embarrassed by the Peterborough chairman's use of Twitter, how do you feel about Trump's use of Twitter.
  9. PistoldPete2


    Lightweight. TBH, my score would have been higher if they'd asked the questions a bit differently. I like social occasions, but find them very tiring and hard work, not a natural. And I am not obsessed by numbers but I do like a bit of algebra.
  10. PistoldPete2

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Well I think even Bris has recognised that flo is a good signing ... maybe cos he is Dutch . Mind you I think our young English and Welsh signings are better. Let’s see who we sell and maybe bring in one or two more
  11. PistoldPete2


    I scored 27 which makes me borderline Aspergers which I would have guessed too. I think we all have done autism in us especially blokes ... and especially blokes who spend ages on internet forumsInternet forums
  12. PistoldPete2

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Well whether we get our money back for Lawrence or not, if he isn’t in the team then we might look to sell him. Having signed two wingers, I think it will be moving him to playing him in the hole, or from the bench. Or selling him. We will see.
  13. PistoldPete2


    Doesn’t season start early August? So why send them out so late?
  14. PistoldPete2

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    So you are guessing vydra is off? Or could we sell Lawrence instead ?
  15. PistoldPete2

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Looks like Frankie is doing some really good business this transfer window. A left back is needed IMO. Plus quite a few exits.

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