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  1. It’s good to hear some positive news. CK’s honesty is refreshing and the info he has put out has been interesting so far. Comparisons to Alonso are easy when you consider his age and potential wealth, but I don’t think he’s a chancer. It will be interesting how the new owners are decided if there is more than one buyer interested. Is it simply a case of the richest gets the club??
  2. Nah! I’ve lost count over the years of suggestions for defensive midfield. He’s an attacking right back/wing back. Leave him there. CDM is a specialist position. He’s nowhere near cut out for it. Bird doing a grand job there.
  3. Lawrence scores 1 and creates the other and yet you still pick faults. Unbelievable. He played very well today. 2 points dropped though. Very frustrating. We can’t afford missed opportunities like tonight.
  4. A really good interview. Incredible what he went through at such a young age. Speaks really well, definitely one of the better interviews in the series. He was a good centre half.
  5. Is there anyway you can order multiple tickets from one account? I have numerous Fan IDs in my relationships section but have no idea how to order multiple tickets or if it’s even possible? Would like seats altogether for different people so would be easier to order on one account if poss? Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Something going wrong is an understatement. That man has destroyed this football club. Stuart Webb summed it up - he is clueless about how to run a football club. Administration is enough to judge Morris on. He has left us right in it and put the future of this great club in doubt. Can’t stand the bloke. His rubbish spouted on the wireless made by blood boil. Also, on the academy. Your points are spot on. The academy is currently saving our skin. Sibley, Bird, Buchanan, Knight are really good prospects. But - is it as great as people make out? We never benefit financially from our starlets like other clubs do. Look at an Oli Burke for example. Forest sold him for more money than we have ever got for our products. A successful academy nowadays is about selling your best stars for 20-30 million. We haven’t done that, and so unfortunately our academy isn’t as successful as it could/should have been. Two of our starts left for compo. What’s the point of being Cat A if that happens? So, although folk praise Morris for the academy, even that hasn’t been that successful.
  7. Great campaign - well done all! Would it not be best to choose a weekend game though? I think you’ve made it much harder to sell out by choosing a mid week game (I know it’s the next home game).
  8. I’m afraid this is one of the darkest days in our history. Certain relegation to the third tier of English football and a very bleak future. Especially if it’s an extended transfer embargo. No matter how old you are, this is up there as one of the worst periods of time in our whole existence.
  9. Let’s just hope Roy McFarland stuck the nut on Mel in the boardroom when/if he told the board the news!
  10. You mean to say Morris didn’t tell the truth. What a chuffin surprise that is!
  11. I said it in another thread. Worst chairman in our history. Worse than Maxwell. Worse than the 3 Amigos. This proves it. Hope we smash Stoke and give Morris what for too.
  12. @David May as well spill the beans about what happened at the meeting now. The club hasn’t a pot to pee in so cana sue!
  13. Roos 9 Byrne 7.5 Buchanan 8.5 Jagielka 9 Davies 9 Shinnie 7 Knight 6.5 Sibley 6.5 Jozwiak 6 Williams 8 Baldock 4.5
  14. Brilliant point. Absolutely no idea how we survived in the second half, barely got out of our half. WBA camped out, but the back 5 + Roos were immense. Outstanding back line performance, backs to the wall, caged tigers. Brilliant. These lads deserve the brilliant backing today, great spirit from fans and team alike. Well done Wayne and the lads. I’d like to go back to playing some football from Saturday onwards though!
  15. So far so good. It’s very scrappy, and lacking in quality but so far the game plan is working. We’re defending their crosses and aerial threat brilliantly. Back 3 superb so far, Williams looks very assured. Sibley has had a couple of moments, Jozwiak busy. A shame Bakdock looks lost. It’s the sort of game that if you concede it’s pretty much game over and game plan is doomed. But as it is, I’ll take it. Not the sort of football I’d like to see in the long term though.
  16. I started to watch this too, couldn’t see it through though. The National Geographic documentary 9/11: One Day in America is the most harrowing doc I’ve seen regarding 9/11. There are so many different 9/11 documentaries but this is brilliantly done. It goes through events in real time with people who were there. Some of the stories and images are extremely tough to watch, many of which I’ve not seen before. It’s an excellent documentary of a day many will never forget.
  17. Yep. I agree. But that exuberance has gone. I don’t think Rooney handled him well at all last season. He should have been our key to safety. Rooney messed his confidence up and I don’t think he’s regained that. Play to his strengths. We haven’t since Cocu. He could be worth millions or an average champ player. I think he has amazing potential. It’s a shame we’re not unlocking that.
  18. Some have worked out ok, without being great. Ince - did well for us, scored a fair few. Sold for decent price. Vydra - terrible first season. Great final season. Was class. Baird - As above. Cheap. Came good in the end. A depressing top 3!
  19. Unfortunately not. Although I think Bird is getting back to his better performances. Confidence is a big thing in football. Hopefully it isn’t knocked out of Bird if we suffer some negative results. I wish we had the Sibley of Cocu’s first season. He was so exciting. I’m not sure he’s been handled very well. Almost as if they’re coaching him out of his natural game to be something else.
  20. Toothless performance. I don’t mind the playing out from the back. The first 20-25mins we looked ok, without creating anything. I’d persevere, but as Wayne says mix it every now and again. I’d rather be brave than revert to the safety first tripe we saw from Feb onwards last season. But it has to have an end product. Tonight there was nothing. Lawrence is such a difficult player to like. I want to like him, but he makes it so hard. He’s never captain material. Petulant. Pathetic. Childish. I can’t stand those types. Awful pass for their 2nd goal. Has to do more. Bird tried to play, showed some nice touches. Sibley has to be stronger. Isn’t a wide man, but didn’t receive the ball when central much either. Has gone backwards massively since Cocu left. Worrying. We’re in big trouble with this squad. No way can we keep any level of performance up with the run of games coming up. It’s an impossible situation. I feel for Rooney as he’s trying to do the right things with nothing at his disposal.
  21. Agree with the majority of your post. Sibley was poor tonight, but I completely disagree about it being 40% Sibley’s fault. He was trying to get back, stuck a leg out. Unfortunately it went straight to their man. Never his fault though. Crazy statement. Everything else, I agree.
  22. Thanks for the heads up. I cancelled my subscription just in time, but as I did it had an offer for 17.99. Saved me over £40. Cheers!
  23. The letter reads well to me. I’m not sure why fans are getting their knickers in a twist about them ‘not representing me’. The letter asks a number of questions that have been raised in this forum. I doubt they’ll hear anything in response though, such is the clubs complete disregard to its fans.
  24. Completely agree. Over half the people I go with haven’t been to a game yet. One of the main reasons is down to how hard it is to get a ticket. At a time when Derby needs its fans the most, we seem to be disengaging completely with them. You’d have thought after 18 months without fans in grounds, we’d be desperate to get them back in. Clearly not. But when you are a completely rudderless organisation, I’m not surprised.
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