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  1. I’d say this has been one of our better years for set pieces. At one point of the season we were scoring regularly from set pieces. In fact, if it wasn’t for our set pieces we’d have scored about 5 goals all season!
  2. One of the best posts I’ve ever read on here. I fear you may be correct. Absolutely nailed every word - great post!
  3. Apart from being a donut and snaking it to Stoke, oh and Will Hughes, I liked Rowett. Would have him back in a heartbeat. Would be ideal in our current situation. Never going to happen - desperate times.
  4. Does he though? I think Buchanan's forward play is a little over rated. He’s not great on the ball. He has put some bangers in on occasions, but Forsyth is capable of that too every now and again. As you say fitness may dictate this choice.
  5. I honestly think this incident has been a huge reason for our recent troubles. Yes, there are other factors - FFP, poor recruitment, poor managerial appointments etc. But that night wrecked last season and something hasn’t been right since. Keogh was big for the team and the changing room. He was a very good player at this level (pre injury, not now) was a leader and played forward a lot. He was key to how we played. Morale has been hit since. Yes, there are other factors, but that night was a disaster.
  6. Decent interview in The Athletic about Lowe. Quite honest, positive about Cocu. Still a Derby lad and holds club dear to him. Gonna be a dad in August, newborn will have a Derby shirt!
  7. Aye Ups a lovely pint. Always on at the Silkmill and Exeter. Goes down a treat!
  8. I think the whole coaching set up needs looking at in the summer. It is seriously lacking in experience. Rooney - rookie Rosenior - rookie, this is his first year as main first team coach. Walker - first year in a first team set up. When Rooney was appointed, I was OK with it as long as he had an experienced no.2 e.g McClaren, Phelan etc. For me, McClaren would be ideal in that role, his main strength is as a coach. Get him back on the grass with Rooney. His current role, whatever that is, doesn’t play to his main strengths for me. Either way we need some experience in the
  9. Very good point. I’d add to that; 30,000+ packed into Pride Park all buzzing for promotion, load of beers pre match with your mates, lovely warm sunny day - ah the best of times!
  10. Fair enough. I agree. I just don’t care where the money is coming from. Or his political beliefs. Or who the main backer is. As long as he can provide the tools on the pitch. Towards the end of Morris’ tenure this wasn’t the case.
  11. No. My point being I don’t care where the money comes from or who is the main backer, unlike some. As long as the money is there, then it won’t affect on the field matters. Pretty simple to understand I’d say.
  12. Since when did football fans become so precious? What right do we have as fans to know how this guy is being financed? Who cares. As long as he has the money and can fund wages/ incomings I couldn’t give a monkeys where he gets the money from. All I care about is what happens on the pitch. I’m finding all these question marks pathetic quite frankly.
  13. Is it from the Hull home play off game? Ah good times!
  14. May I ask why you are not a fan of Conway? He seems to have great sources around the club, and some of his articles about Derby have been to a very high standard and provided great insight on a variety of topics. The only thing I don’t like at times are his ‘tactical’ pieces. It’s a shame local journalists don’t go into the same depth that he does. Just to bring it back on topic, the article also mentions looking at the way the club look at recruitment!
  15. Summary of Athletic article: Pride Park included in sale. Alonso family form part of consortium along with several others. Dad was on Real Madrid board. Family have experience of football business/ marketing Morris likely not to be involved moving forward. Formality it seems of passing EFL test. Not part of VOX. Role at Sheffield Wed involved engagement/transparency with fans. Another good article by Ryan Conway, sounds promising. https://theathletic.com/2463267/2021/04/08/erik-alonso-Derby-countys-proposed-new-owner-and-what-it-means-for-mel-m
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