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  1. enachops

    Our support....

    I have to say I thought the gate was quite poor today. 27,000 against Leeds after all this optimism was a bit disappointing.
  2. enachops

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Got a few Peterborough mates. Marriott is a quality player who could make the step up, not tall, but strong and scores a variety of goals. Maddison less so. Not sure he is a championship player despite his stats. Also bit of an oddball by all accounts.
  3. enachops

    Derby Managers with England Caps

    Jack Barker. (I didn’t google, honest!)
  4. enachops

    Next Manager Poll

    I think this is a bit of a biased view of Warburton. Forest were awful, a very comfortable win - they certainly didn’t impose themselves. I dont think he is the man for us. Apparently Bradford are close to getting him, about his level.
  5. enachops

    Would you sack Rowett if we lose on Sunday?

    Fair enough Pearl Ram, I’m not arguing with some of those points. I just think we have improved from last season comfortably, despite those setbacks you point out, and the club is in need of stability to gain longer term results.
  6. enachops

    Would you sack Rowett if we lose on Sunday?

    No, I think this backs up my point that the majority on this thread wanting Rowett out talk absolute nonsense. Thankfully those who voted have some sense of reality.
  7. enachops

    Would you sack Rowett if we lose on Sunday?

    Yet another embarrassing thread on dcfcfans. Pathetic to even question it.

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