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  1. Ahh. Clough may have got us in the play offs had we gave him another 40 years to get there. I’m just glad he was sacked as we’ve been there several times since, great having excitement as a football fan
  2. Not sure what you’re actually disagreeing with, I mean I said most of this in my own words
  3. This is about being the manager of the club, your list looks like a Butlins line up for Skegness. Kids entertainer? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. One of them tried and took to Twitter when they were banned.
  5. Would imagine it will be an announcement which includes all 4 or 5 players. Unless it’s 3 by tomorrow.
  6. Walks into the dressing room once every 6 months, gives his team talk which leaves the players scratching their heads before announcing his departure 😂
  7. We would have been 3-0 up first
  8. Might change my suggestion to you, just for being the first to have the balls to pick yourself
  9. It was still largely a grind, a team that only became worth the ticket admission when McClaren arrived. Take nothing away from Clough, he was shrewd in the transfer market as he had to be, we had owners that only went above a million for a player was it twice? Barker and Sammon? There was no excitement apart from a cup run that saw us play Man United. Just felt a bit like Groundhog Day
  10. Lampard is being suggested in the replies, think I’d cry if we had to face a Lampard team. I’m not fully over his departure yet, that would hurt.
  11. Yeah I’m already starting to regret my decision, this could be the quickest sacking in the clubs history
  12. Would have to extend the dugout I reckon 😂
  13. Even more weird, wasn’t they rubbish in the 90s? Putting this right up there with Birmingham retiring Jude Bellingham’s number
  14. I’m going with @Ghost of Clough, get the impression he has his head screwed on, great knowledge of the youngsters which would be handy given the current situation. Assistant, the obvious choice would be @angierambut she knows I think she’s great and I couldn’t put her through the torture, so it would have to be @i-Ram, not because I think he knows owt, just figured it would add some banter into the dressing room whilst also dragging him away from the South coast and getting to some games.
  15. Is now a good time to ask what is going on with that Swansea badge? Did they run a cornflakes competition or something
  16. Lockdown alcohol obviously 😂
  17. Just for fun, remember that fun, lighthearted fun, bit of a laugh, not serious? Replacing Rooney with a forum member is NOT a serious suggestion! If you had to replace Rooney with a forum member as manager, who would you choose and why? Can also pick an assistant manager if you like.
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