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  1. RRC, was she on COYR’s with the Snoopy avatar? Quite a few that were regulars and moved on over the years, Dan, CumbrianRam and Lyndsey, I have them all on Facebook so they are still all well. Can’t really think of any that have just disappeared without announcing their departure or closing their accounts.
  2. Seen the word on the street is the Rams are looking to replace Goff with Stafford
  3. We beat them 1-0 the season they dropped down on the way to where they belong
  4. Bring back Bill, Steelers could get him for a 8th round pick and a Big Mac
  5. Post great content that my fans enjoy
  6. Initial thoughts. On opening they really do smell like a KFC meal, I’m impressed. Taste test, great, not sure I would say they taste just like a Zinger, but they are chicken with a kick. Leaves a nice gentle burn on your tongue after. Keep your empty bags!
  7. Found em, grabbed what I could and got out of there fighting off the crowds. Review coming later.
  8. The forum. 12 years online despite @Boycie best efforts.
  9. Down 32%. Someone on Reddit had put $200,000 in at close, just hope they could afford it. Some great stories of student and medical bills being paid off, families bailed out of debt, fear there will be a darker side to this where some will have lost a hell of a lot of money.
  10. It is but a lot of brokers have now suspended buying, can sell only so it’s taking a huge hit today. Down 20% at time of writing.
  11. Just had a little punt on Blackberry, hoping it’s the next to bang 🤞
  12. Been watching this myself with interest, some of those members have made some serious money off it
  13. Applications are now open, membership is free, you just have to love having a striker that doesn’t end up on his arse every 5 minutes and can piggyback defenders with ease. Who’s in?
  14. There is a pesky bug which will be fixed on the next update which is the big one. You can be browsing along when you're suddenly signed out, annoying right? I know. When this happens do not try and log back in, just refresh your browser and abracadabra you're logged back in. (Might take a couple attempts) This pesky bug mainly targets people that use multiple devices, although it has been known to tinker with one device users as well. I do apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst browsing this glorious forum, the update which will fix this should hopefully be out in the next few weeks, whilst you wait I encourage all users to be vocal in their complaints to Boycie, it's all his fault.
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