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  1. Yes. He got stick from Derby fans whilst at the club on Twitter. (Fans gave it) He replied by scoring and celebrating He was then racially abused online (Fans couldn’t take it), along with non racial abuse. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56974460 Swansea lose a game yesterday, a game he played no part in and came in for more stick from Derby fans to the point where he’s closed his account. His goal and celebration should have been the end of it. But now this will rumble on and it’s very weird in all honesty.
  2. For all those unhappy Shinnie won it. Hands up, I’m partly responsible and in the words of the great Conor McGregor… I'd just like to say from the bottom of my heart, I'd like to take this chance to apologise — to absolutely nobody! Bielik ultimately didn’t play enough minutes to win player of the season, yes he had the biggest impact and it’s hard not to say he would have won it had he not been injured. He’s just been incredibly unlucky. Comes back next season, plays how he did over the full season, he will get his award, don’t worry about that.
  3. Really? I can’t see it. We’re sat in the Premier League, over £100m to spend on players and we would be sat here saying, I wish we was like Brentford in the Championship. Were the QPR, Villa, Bournemouth fans having broke FFP to get promoted saying the same, tell you what, we’re here but this doesn’t feel good. We should be more like Brentford. As I say, fine margins, just 90 minutes from celebrating hitting the jackpot or ripping the clubs to pieces.
  4. Do you think this topic exists if we won the game of football against Villa?
  5. Keogh for his role in the Joiners incident. As captain, you’re the leader on and off the pitch. To then refuse a pay cut whilst injured due to his own stupidity, takes the club to tribunal. Sorry but for me that’s unforgivable. He was the club captain. As for Morgan Whittaker, think it’s a classic case of fans can give it, but not take it. He wasn’t shown the love the likes of Sibley and Knight have, maybe he won’t ever be good enough but as a local lad, that must have hurt him. To then score against us, a game which looked to be a further nail in our coffin as he wa
  6. David


    Quick mention for Lampard, must be some mixed emotions going through him. Sacked 4 months ago, probably thinking that woulda, coulda, shoulda been him. Still deserves a lot of credit for sticking by Mount, bringing James through. Not sure he had the experience to take them all the way and to win the title, sure he would disagree.
  7. David

    Mason Mount

    Championship to Champions League in a couple of seasons. He also comes across as a decent lad, went from Lampard’s pet receiving all kinds of abuse, never gave anything back, just got his head down and played. Chelsea player of the season and Champions League winner. So happy for him.
  8. Mrs Browns Boys is that bad it could be American.
  9. Beat Villa, this isn’t even a topic. Fine margins. Great opportunity to lose out Premier League record, so there’s that to look forward to I guess.
  10. I don’t think Americans do sitcoms well at all. Friends, Frasier, Big Bang Theory and the like, poorly written and the humour is very basic where I can barely smirk. It’s one thing Britain can do well, sitcoms. They could learn a lot from us.
  11. They’ve finally made it then, thanks to Bournemouth stupidity. Still stand by every word I said at the time.
  12. Never quite understood the hype when it was on TV and relevant. Always found it quite cringeworthy, an unscripted reunion is not something I would be willing to waste any of my time on.
  13. I know what you’re saying, I’m still amazed how people have the energy to dissect the EFL appeal. But it’s the summer, a pandemic summer where I can’t imagine there will be much transfer activity outside the Premier League at all. We’re all kinda waiting, checking in on any kind of news and the ongoing issues, despite as you say being done to death will be kept going until they are replaced with other talking points. I had a bit of a rant at the EFL the other day, and even that’s been done to death, their incompetence is clear for all to see. Thought about a topic to see wh
  14. Apologies to Tyler if he was in fact talking about Stoke’s ground. I fail to see how losing almost £90m but at least having their ground to sell is a positive though. But it would seem as if Derby bad, everyone else good. We could offer the cheapest tickets in the league during this pandemic and it would be Derby bad, losing money, no business sense. League 1 club at best. Posted my dinner last night in the what are we eating thread, I was half expecting that to be turned into something Derby had done wrong 😂
  15. Cajun chicken with mushrooms, onion and peppers. Chipotle garlicky potato slices. And a council estate salad. Giving myself a 7/10
  16. Only just signed a new BBC contract until 2025, I’d say that jobs safe for a while yet
  17. In other Champions League news, fair play to him. Can’t be short of a few quid, now spend time with the family
  18. Already been done. Villa did the same, Stoke also look to follow suit. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48964055
  19. Agreed. Some people just can’t handle it
  20. Take no joy from posting this, feel for the fans as it’s one thing after another, but here’s the latest. Just shows how dire the situation is there. When you look at the situation at Stoke as well, maybe forced to sell their own ground just to comply, it’s about time the EFL got a grip of the situation. Was going to post this in the topic I created, this is what we’re up against but that’s more now how badly we went wrong, not how broken then game is.
  21. Just checking, we all want Mason Mount to lift the Champions League trophy tomorrow yes? I know it’s Chelsea, the original spenders, but Moneybags City have taken it to another level. Would be disappointing to see Mr £50m starting point finally achieve the owners goal.
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