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  1. You said that, not me just for the record. I know how these things can bite you on the backside 😂
  2. He's right in wanting to move on, we all should now regardless of how you feel about him. It's not healthy for the club and nothing positive to be gained from dragging this out. Like it or not, he's going to be our manager going into the season, lets judge him on results/performances from his first start to a season as manager.
  3. Max Bird to the rescue! Great goal wasn't it?
  4. Betis finished 6th, we beat them so yeah, as you say we can apply to play in La Liga if EFL carry on. Only 18 points behind Barca as well, but when we sign Ryan Allsop that could close the gap.
  5. That’s how we react to pre season results isn’t it? One extreme to the other. Champiano Champiano ole ole ole 🏆
  6. Ticket office staff have been on furlough. I would wait until tomorrow and see if the ticket office is back open, with tickets going on sale there maybe some staff back to handle enquiries such as this, even if it's just online via Twitter and Email
  7. We can see that. I haven't felt the need to even attempt to defend him, you have this thread on lockdown so much that I only know how you and @Jimbo Ramfeel about Rooney!
  8. Tickets have been floating around this price for a while, with clubs having no revenue this could possibly be the most expensive season ticket wise as they look to recoup some of the money. I mean Bournemouth with parachute payments, cheapest season ticket is £550, can't remember exactly but I think mine was £420 for the 19/20 season.
  9. And there lies the problem, fans demanding an improved team whilst refusing to pay for tickets and streams for the players we have, maybe if we didn't have P&S restrictions you could demand these things I guess, but the balance sheet isn't looking that healthy, especially with Pride Park being empty for 18 months. What came first, the chicken or the egg? If we was playing Forest, wouldn't be an issue I would imagine, but the game should still be seen as a big one, the first competitive game with fans back in the stadium. Work starts on persuading my chauffeur tonight 😂
  10. Not sure if you've noticed but you've gone out with your head upside down, I do it all the time, easily done 😂
  11. I would like to submit this non football related question, but one that I feel on a human level should be asked. Mel, how are you and how is your health?
  12. The supporters charter meeting will take place next Wednesday. This is an invite only meeting where one member from each group attends. Please do not turn up to Pride Park expecting to be let in. I will be attending representing this forum. Now as this is such late notice, I haven’t been asked to submit any questions, however I would still like to poll the forum for questions to take with me as we usually do and I will try my best to get these answered. Now I’m sure you will all be aware that with the current situation all groups will have a lot of questions, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to ask any but as I say, will try my best. When submitting questions, I would suggest thinking a little out the current situation, the embargo, transfers, player wages take over, Rooney, season tickets will no doubt be covered, so to avoid repeat questions it would be great to have some that may not be brought up. For example mobile barcode entry into Pride Park rather than printing tickets off. Please use the like (heart) reaction only to upvote the questions you would like to be asked, all other reactions will be ignored. Also can I ask members not to try and answer or reply in any way to other members questions to make it easier to compile. All replies will be deleted. And finally, serious questions only please. Any that are deemed to be sarcastic or taking the P will be removed. I will lock this topic and count the likes at 7pm Tuesday 3rd August. One question per post, you can make as many posts as you like.
  13. Real Betis are streaming the game but looking at their Facebook it’s limited to Spanish based audience only, would assume this will apply to YouTube again. Monthly RamsTV subscribers the game is included in your package, just had the email now
  14. Says it all. And that’s from DCFC Fans model David, 39
  15. Interestingly paid £1 for the copyright of these images according to this article, if true they can start takedown requests against sites showing them, which I presume they will otherwise why sign that contract.
  16. Now then Santa, I know it’s a little early but I’ve been a really really good boy this year, please can I have a centre back for Derby 🙏
  17. Mine was a windup post to your windup post that was in reply to his windup post
  18. Black, don’t disagree with me and end up on the wrong side again!
  19. Bet you wasn’t even there on Saturday in Salford like us proper fans so I wouldn’t even go there!
  20. You would think so, would also think other clubs would follow suit. Spurs though for their friendly v Arsenal are asking for a Covid Passport so double vaccinated or recovered
  21. I’ve been watching a bit of the Olympics, but I am somewhat confused, skateboarding, surfing and what’s with getting these horses to hop trot like they are in the queue for the toilet? Can’t be good for the horses travelling from UK to Tokyo either unless they are in a lasagne. They even had baseball on the other night, isn’t that only really played by one country? Rugby 7’s was entertaining with the GB v US scoreline and the Argentinians ending up with 5 as they won, but it’s a bit like 5 a side football. Feel like we’ll have gardening in the Olympics in a few years, anything gets in these days.
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