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  1. Sounds like a normal 15 year old in a council house up here
  2. When drinking yes, I mean technically it's wrong but I say it myself, last thing I remember was nursing a bottle of Stella then I just passed out......but I just fell asleep.
  3. Very true this. It's why I no longer where shorts when I go out. My legs are a mess.
  4. This is where I come out with my usual line.....we ready for it? Fix a Championship players weaknesses, you have a Premier League player on your hands. I do think we have, and not alone in this, a number of vocal fans both inside and outside the stadium that cannot grasp the fact we are in the Championship, and the players we have will make mistakes and have weaknesses to their game. Is this down to more football being on TV, Premier League, Champions League, seeing the worlds best players through the week and then turning up to Pride Park on a Saturday watching Lawrence and Jozwiak struggling to switch back to Championship football...🤷‍♂️
  5. I will bring it up in the mod room, see what they suggest
  6. Well that's a bit different.
  7. You was impressed, don't even try and deny it
  8. Imagine the atmosphere if that happened, would be no space left in Pride Park as Messi fires a rocket into the top corner.
  9. David

    F1 2021

    Can't believe they are still pushing this, but here we are. I would start both Red Bulls from the back of the grid on the last worn tyres from Silverstone, throw in a warning about their future conduct.
  10. All ticket information for Huddersfield is here, but general sale starts 2nd August. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/07/huddersfield-town-and-salford-city-ticket-information
  11. 3x3 Basketball looked like they were using a beach volleyball ball, can’t they just just a standard ball, that would make me slightly happier.
  12. Didn’t think we would actually lose him as in lose HIM. Anyone tried ringing his parents?
  13. This really wasn’t meant to be serious. 🙄
  14. Having a baby, I assumed it would be his missus carrying it, but maybe not
  15. We will see Will Hughes in a Derby shirt again, I’m sure of it, but he will be 30+ and possibly coming off the back of some serious injuries
  16. Didn’t we sign him on a free so no loss?
  17. Basketball on now, but it’s not even a full court, looks like a quarter court with one hoop. I don’t think I’ll ever truly appreciate the summer Olympics.
  18. Sorry to be a bore as I put my moderator hat on, personal opinions to one side. Can we please not share potentially libellous rumours from Twitter unverified sources. Lawyers seriously scare me.
  19. How many you had? It's only pre season you know 😂
  20. Well we can and most likely will, as we should be able to sign some of the trialists at least before the season. Has he had a fair start to management? No, but he will still be judged as he already has regardless.
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