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  1. Watch Southgate replace Trent AA with a keeper for the banter.
  2. David

    Liam Delap

    I got rid of that hours ago! Was a iOS autocorrect typo as well, blame Steve Job’s
  3. Edinburgh Liverpool Newcastle York In that order.
  4. David

    EFL appeal

    I wonder what Mr Poppadom has to say about that over on the FFP forum
  5. Blimey. Anyhow, this is from the BBC as well, no away fans so you must have misread it the other day https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56996565
  6. Teletext?? Didn't know that service was still going, thought they pulled the plug on it
  7. Paddy Power Win the league 40/1 Promotion 14/1 Virgin Bet Win the league 50/1 Promotion 12/1 Not ignoring the relegation possibility, just they only have promotion odds at the minute.
  8. David

    EFL appeal

    I believe it was from this is the moment Karen Maguire took an interest in us. The following season Brighton finished 20th in the table whilst we went on the spending spree. Karen Maguire is a Brighton fan, but I believe his unhealthy interest in us is down to interactions. Tweet/talk about Derby and you have not only Derby fans but Leeds, Forest, Boro fans all over it. Same with the Daily Mail. Our name generates clicks, it has done for years now and the names Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney have only cemented us into their daily lives. Should get a job
  9. You had a thing for Gunther didn’t you? Schoolboy crush?
  10. Problem is these days with comedy, always people out there ready to be offended so we’re left with sanitised efforts to not end up with Ofcom investigations. I mean imagine Friends being released now, there’s apparently a 4 minute YouTube compilation of lines from the entire decade of Friends with BAME actors. Comedy is dying fast.
  11. I’m only giving my opinion, same as you. No correct answer here, no rights or wrongs. I think it’s terrible and I’m amazed so many enjoy it. You don’t believe it’s terrible and enjoy it. Nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise, I was going to ask you to post some “funny” clips from Friends, but I don’t believe there is any out there to be had, you do and I’ll press play and waste both our times. Plenty of articles out there that agree with my opinion, just Google Friends overrated, there’s a great Guardian review which compares it to School dinners.
  12. May as well kick the new 21/22 Tales from Sherwood Forest thread off with their released list. Dawson, Murray, Ameobi, Ribeiro, Sow, Diallo, Hefele Have all left the building with Christie, Freeman, Garner, Knockaert and Krovinovic loans expired, back off to their parent clubs. https://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/news/2021/june/Dawson-Bids-Farewell-As-Released-List-Confirmed/
  13. Good shout. CNN and Fox News also are a great laugh.
  14. Police Squad is funnier than Friends.
  15. If it doesn’t make you laugh, the writing is terrible. I mean, that’s the idea of a sitcom isn’t it, make you laugh at a bare minimum. I’ve sat through many episodes of Friends and I haven’t laughed once, not even a smirk. American humour is pretty non existent. Americans excel in Hollywood blockbusters, should stick to what they are good at. Genuinely amazed so many of you are defending it. Expected a couple, but dear me, what are you all doing with your TV’s!
  16. Only Fools & Horses Porridge Fawlty Towers Peep Show The Inbetweeners The Royal Family Blackadder Red Dwarf Bottom Men Behaving Badly I mean the list goes on, these American sitcoms don’t even come close. Of course we have some bad ones as well, Mrs Brown’s Boys, that’s right up there with the American nonsense like Friends.
  17. Just as terrible!
  18. Watched a few on Netflix recently, all British films. I Am Vengeance : Retaliation 1/10 Honestly just avoid it, makes a Steven Seagal film look good. Calibre 8/10 Really enjoyed this one, Scottish film but you won't need subtitles. 2 blokes go hunting, and well it goes Pete Tong. iBoy 3/10 Boy gets shot, boy can then control electronic devices, but it's a bit too far fetched at times and probably aimed towards your 15 year olds tbf. Fish Tank 7/10 Realised after this won a bunch of awards, I can see why, but you know those films where nothing really happ
  19. I honestly don't see 40% walking away, it's easy to tick a box on a survey to say you would, but when it came to it? Nah. Football fans are too invested into their clubs and the game to walk away over a video replay.
  20. David


    My point proven @DarkFruitsRam7
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