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  1. Just interested to see where fans stand with returning to Pride Park with covid, understand it could possibly be limited tickets, answer as if you could get your hands on a ticket. We really don't need to do the BuT wE wOn'T eVeN hAvE a ClUb By AuGuSt.
  2. To be honest, like I say you know the risks when you book so I'm not overly bothered, I fully expect us to be back in lockdown by October anyway, try to be sold the stay in now and you can enjoy Christmas line. Someone said earlier, plenty of places to go in this country, went to Devon last month and being on the beach, beer in the hand could have easily been Spain. Nothing stopping us getting away now, just not on a plane. There is some genuinely cracking places to visit in this country, not as cheap as a week in Spain mind you, but still.
  3. Was meant to go to Mallorca last October, both flight and hotel was cancelled, Love Holidays refunded the hotel money within a few weeks, for flights had to go direct to RyanAir. First up they said no refunds despite them cancelling the flights, instead you get flight credit. Couldn't be bothered to argue and moved the flights to my birthday in February, just to Dublin. Flights cancelled again. This time they offered a refund or flight credit, filled out the refund form.....then nothing, nothing, email, nothing. The other week I finally get an email to say here is my flight c
  4. New shirt, complete with cheap shiny material that will have more ladders than your missus tights after a night out.
  5. One of the most irritating voices on tv
  6. Oooof! I agree with you. But this might upset @DarkFruitsRam7, so thank you for posting it. 👏
  7. Is that what you call them these days 😉
  8. Wouldn’t expect it to stay at £2pm. Soon be up to £10pm and another subscription you need to watch a sport you like. Remember the days when everyone hated the Sky Sports monopoly, but they were the only subscription you needed.
  9. Go do something useful, find yourself a girlfriend.
  10. Reached the age where you’re back round to wearing Velcro shoes again as you can’t tie your own shoe laces?
  11. I like Leeds, in fact I love Leeds. When I go there it makes me appreciate Grimsby even more.
  12. Derek Adams. Monday, takes Morecambe into League One. Thursday, resigns. Now expected to take over at Bradford in League Two.
  13. Also quoted the UEFA website meta data!
  14. How are you on boats? Just thinking of that Only Fools & Horses episode, To Hull and Back. Wouldn’t borrow a boat from Hull though, somewhere down Cornwall maybe
  15. Looks like a Netherlands away kit. Fair play to Real though, experimenting with new accent colours to their shirts. Dare I say, black white with a splash of pink would look good for us. Just keeps the shirts more fresh
  16. Come on @loweman2, rescue this topic, get your balls out
  17. Most holiday companies are letting you move your bookings to a later date for no extra charge if you can’t go
  18. When @MuespachRam sees all the Liverpool comments
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