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  1. 1 minute ago, Rev said:

    For me, this is how football should work.

    Forget FFP, P&S and all that. 

    Clubs deposit money into a ring fenced account the EFL has eyes on, to be used solely for transfer fees and player wages.  

    Each year, the club submit a short statement of the money they expect to come in and go out, rather than a whole set of accounts. 

    Owners then become personally liable for any shortfall to be made up, rather than the club itself.

    You'd soon see financial responsibility across the league's.

    Interesting idea.

    For me I would scrap transfer fees and put a first team wage cap and U23s wage cap in place.

    Players see out their contracts and are free to move, or they can make a request to be released and can’t sign for another club for 3 months after it’s been approved. 

    This is a fag packet idea, you would probably in time find a better way for players to be allowed to leave before their contract expires.

    But think about all that money saved, no more £100m Jack Grealish’s, that money can be used on improving stadiums, facilities, academies, putting money into grass roots football in the local area encouraging more to play and better coaches.

    I don’t see why Football it’s accepted that clubs lose money each year, any other business would be shut down.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Rample said:

    Not able to pay agent fees either, I imagine that won't help much.

    Best part of all this is not paying agents.

    I can’t understand how football clubs let agent fees become a thing, the club is paying an agent to negotiate the most money for their client.

    Where’s the sense in that, these players on thousands, some hundreds of thousand pounds a week, you want an agent, fine, you pay for one. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Rambalin said:

    Having worked with HMRC if they thought they were not getting what is due this club would have been pulled up by them along time ago. 

    They are obviously in dialogue with the club and must be ok with what they are being told  or we would be on for a court appearance. 

    That was my uneducated thinking, we saw them issue winding up orders to Forest on a regular basis under Fawaz. 

    We can’t simply be ignoring them.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Rev said:

    I don't agree with your line of thinking on this occasion.

    If we're not paying HMRC, the league must step in and at least ask why? 

    For all they know, we could be using the money saved by non payment, on players wages or transfer fees we otherwise wouldn't be able to afford, and gaining an unfair advantage over other clubs up to date with due monies.

    True, didn’t think of it that way, but with the pandemic, no revenue streams, not many clubs are spending. 

    Would be more sensible had they rather than an embargo, monitored each signing, if we start trying to register a £10m signing whilst not paying HMRC, refuse to register the player.

    Saying that, it’s not just the HMRC issue which is why we’re under embargo so doesn’t really matter I guess.

  5. Just now, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

    Well yes,I'm hoping that in the six days since the last incident he hasn't been able to get up to anything again??🤞

    Prior to that his adventures had wide and varied with apparently no end date forthcoming.

    Steve McClaren had a 3 month affair whilst he was married, Chris Martin banned from 68 pubs, I mean we haven’t always had squeaky clean men at the club.

    Still not exactly sure what he has meant to have done wrong this time. 

    Out with mates, have a few drinks, invite some women to his table, are his mates single unknown to paparazzi men where Rooney used his status to get the women to the table? What a naughty boy.

    All go to a hotel room, Rooney fully dressed falls asleep on the chair. Is that the crime here, falling asleep? 

    Pictures of his mates not posted on social media as they have no headline grabbing status.

    I mean if he’s stripped naked, wearing makeup, with the women snorting coke off his arse cheeks has he takes a hit from a bong I could maybe understand it.

    I haven’t seen headlines of Colleen leaves family home, spotted not wearing her wedding ring as we’ve seen previously, so if his wife has presumably forgiven him, why are we creating page after page on the internet laying into him.

    I just don’t get it Kash, forgive me if I’m wrong but it all feels like an overblown situation by those that don’t want Rooney as manager. Probably best we agree to disagree on this.

  6. 5 minutes ago, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

    I didn't say forgiven.

    I said he had attempted to build some bridges and reform.

    Wayne has just carried on being a plonker and seems unable or unwilling to change.

    How has he carried on being a plonker since it happened, he’s apologised to both the club and his family and said very little since. Or are you looking at his previous offences before he arrived at the club? 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Rev said:

    Shock horror, but maybe we're putting the fans first and only changing one kit per season.

    I know that's unlikely, but if I want to speculate I can.

    Would be a nice theory if we hadn’t flogged off last seasons away kits for a tenner.

    Love to go back to kits lasting at least 2 years. Never happen though. 

  8. Posted this in the Notts County topic, but surprised this is becoming a thing.

    You don’t release 2 shirts close together at £50 a pop. Some people will always wait and choose what they prefer, but you hope that the home shirt goes down well, fans jump on it, then you wait a few weeks and drop the second hoping the jump on that as well.

    I’ve just been over on the Reading forum as I didn’t realise they were in a dire situation like us, went to see what they were saying and guess what, no away kit yet there either. 

    I haven’t reached the level of boredom where I look at shops across the league to see who has and hasn’t got their away kits out yet.

    I did look to see when we would need it and you’re looking at September v West Brom for a possible kit clash. 

    Our away kit has also been leaked so we know it exists and what it looks like, maybe the Megastore has boxes of them in the back waiting on X date, or Umbro are delivering on X date which was agreed.

    Either way, are we that desperate for the next drama we’re using the unreleased away kit, come on, we’re still under embargo and no signings, plenty to chew on already if you want

  9. Just now, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

    Yeah but Lawrence has had to keep his head and build back his relationship with the fans since that incident.

    I find it easier to accept Lawrence as Captain because he has moved on and shown humility after the incident.

    Lawrence deserves his break imo because of the above.

    I find it a little bizarre that you can forgive someone that could have killed himself, his teammates and innocent people on the road whilst being angered by the manager falling asleep in a hotel room drunk with 2 mates and some women. 

    I mean the 2 are not even on the same scale.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Tyler Durden said:

    Is this another cost cutting exercise I wonder? 

    Makes a decent story if it was. Looking at the fixtures, we don’t even need an away kit really until West Brom away on the 14th September. 

    Usually have a few weeks between home and away launches don’t we? My guess is to allow for home shirt sales to peak, then when the away drops hope you get the OMG I need the away kit as well.

    £100 for both, I mean, lot of money for something that will be worn for DIY after a year 

  11. 4 minutes ago, NottsRam77 said:

    Playing devils advocate David

    Is it fair to say though that u like myself and everyone else were enjoying those good times .. if someone had told u at the time it would come at a major cost (aka this situation now) would we still have taken it ? 
    If we had known Mel and Pearce were gambling with our clubs future I wager many of us would have had taken a much different stance on it .. fair comment ? 

    Fair comment, and some did ask those questions at the time.

    You have to remember that we would have had to also foreseen a global pandemic and the EFL performing a u turn years later and deciding the accounts they signed off on are no longer ok.

    Had both of these not happened, we would not be sat here in this situation now regardless of what has been spent in the past.

    The funny thing is, beat Villa at Wembley, Mel is a hero, even the haters will have started to turn, meanwhile Villa are no longer in receipt of parachute payments, in a world of trouble with FFP, Grealish goes for like £40m as they go on to have a fire sale. 

    The club that signed Lansbury from Forest to not play him and pay him what was it, 60k a week wages to see him leave the club on a free.

    90 minutes and none of this happens. Crazy really.

  12. 5 minutes ago, ColonelBlimp said:

    Also don't agree.

    If my boss did that to his missus then he would lose the respect of the whole office/team.

    Clearly  you would still do your job but if the respect isn't there you wouldn't bust a gut for him would you, just do your job and eff off home.

    Your boss may have already done that or worse, you won’t know though as it’s not made front page of the papers. 

    I mean when you look at what Rooney has done over the years, this latest incident will be at the bottom of the list, it’s not like he’s been an angel and these shocking pictures will see people screaming I’ve lost all respect for you.

    I also doubt for a second any respect has been lost in the dressing room.

    We’ve had Rampant Jewell, Lampard has been in a sex tape with Dyer and Ferdinand, football is not littered men that have the best morals. 

    As I said earlier, the player that smashed his car up drink driving just a year ago has now been made captain, now some will criticise the decision but I don’t see Rooney lying with claims of his leadership behind close doors. Yes we need to see it more on the pitch but that’s not the point here.

    You can argue that Lawrence isn’t the manager, man at the top, but if players were to lose respect that easily over a few pics being asleep drunk, I’d argue that no players would respect Lawrence at all and would not have been made captain.

  13. Just now, NottsRam77 said:

    Each to your own 

    grealish is the real deal for me and already more than proven in this league and level 

    sancho has to adapt to our game first before we can judge him 

    quality yes and im confident he will be a hit  .. but Werner came to England with a bigger reputation and looks a total waste 

    grealish is absolute top drawer no questions 


    Grealish is 26 next month, he’s hitting his prime and barely got a game for England in the Euro’s.

    How can you be a £100m player and not one of the first names on the team sheet for your country? 

    We made it to the final so it’s not like you can criticise Southgate for picking the wrong teams.

    Sancho, 21, 38 goals for Dortmund, already scored 3 for England which is 3 more and he’s what, £24m cheaper than Grealish.

    Had Man City have given Sancho a chance and didn’t have to move to Dortmund, would have saved even more money which is bonkers.

  14. 12 minutes ago, NottsRam77 said:

    Who’s laughing at Man City for spending 100m on jack grealish ?

    he’s an exceptional player that will make a fantastic side even better

    i think the thing with our situation is that it’s all totally self induced … and we’re doing everything in our power to drag it on as long as possible 

    and try living in the middle of Nottingham .. it’s a lot harder to care less trust me lol

    Me, I’m laughing when you could have a younger more exciting Sancho plus change!

    Try living in Nottingham? No chance, that’s totally self induced on your part, get yourself on Right Move 😂

  15. 2 minutes ago, Curtains said:

    I think you know my feelings on the EFL .

    I am surprised Derby Fans take this lying down to be honest. .

    Something surely can be done but what I don’t know. 

    They are trying to destroy our club and they are preventing players without jobs earning a living. 

    As you must have seen, there is some anger towards to the EFL, but the more vocal anger is aimed at Mel and Pearce.

    Now if you go right back to the start, why did we spend so much money it was to compete with the teams at the top that were receiving the anti competitive parachute payments. 

    Where did our relationship with the EFL go wrong? Mel trying to get them to understand the value of their product when negotiating with Sky for the TV deals. Something which would have helped all EFL clubs.

    I’m not saying no mistakes have been made, it’s not all the EFL’s fault but all intentions were made with improving the  EFL and ambition to be in the Premier League.

    The reason I’m not jumping on the hate the club bandwagon is simple, I was happy at the time, thought it was great fighting for promotion, loved having Lampard here, Mount, Wilson, Tomori and for me, aside from the Jim Smith era this has been the best longest periods where I’ve loved watching us play.  

    Hindsight, yeah let’s not sign Butterfield, Johnson, Anya etc. Let’s not employ Nigel Pearson and Paul Clement but here we are, no time for tears, we need to dust ourselves down and rebuild to go again. 

    It will happen, not overnight but it will happen.

  16. 17 minutes ago, Curtains said:

    We are all hoping for good news but I’m not worried if we have to go with what we have now. 
    It will be a struggle but so be it and you never know we might get a few good results and be out of embargo by the January window .

    Having said that us fans would all love some good news of light at the end of the tunnel sooner rather than later. 

    I don’t see how the EFL can let us start the season without letting us registering anymore players. 

    The profit and sustainability rules are there to protect clubs, but right now the EFL is actively working to make us not have a competitive team.

    That’s not right. We have an embargo for not paying HMRC, to me this has nothing to do with the EFL, HMRC will take us to court when we’ve failed to meet enough deadlines. 

    I can understand an embargo for failing to pay transfer instalments as this is a transaction between it’s member clubs, makes total sense but not HMRC.

    Other clubs will be looking on and be concerned, I’m sure of it, they will be thinking this could be us next having to deal with the EFL making the rules up as they go along.

    Say what you like about our wrongdoings, but that does not mean that the EFL doesn’t need a overhaul from top to bottom.

  17. Just now, Curtains said:

    I think it’s more the point of us appearing to be getting it  from all quarters at the moment and you are right for not caring less because I don’t either .

    The thing  that bothers me is the fact that we can’t sign players other than freebies on 4.5k a week and that is soul destroying.

    I honestly think we should go with what we have and not worry too much about signings until January when hopefully we are out of embargo. 

    Because it gets clicks, they all jump on.

    I keep getting TalkSport promoted tweets on my timeline, they are paying Twitter for me to see it as the engagement will see a higher return in their own advertising revenue.

    Couple of days ago they had Trevor Sinclair talking about the Keogh sacking, oh how the Leeds and Forest fans loved his opinion on a situation that he’s clearly only read the headline in a paper and because he now plays with his son he was bigging him up as this great guy, which I’m sure he is, but I’d love to know how many interactions he has personally had with Keogh to be given this airtime.

    It’s actually funny now seeing these tweets, luring people in for their crap. 

    But none of that gives me sleepless nights, what does is the situation with the EFL and the state of the squad with a week to go until we kick off. 

    That’s why I’m refreshing Twitter, not for sound bites or laughing rivals, but hoping for news

  18. 3 minutes ago, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

    These things tend to work themselves out amongst players....and why new manager bounces are often so pronounced.

    So it’s a wait and see situation then really, we did go on to beat Betis after this incident, albeit a pre season friendly.

    Early signs are that it hasn’t had any impact, would be easy to go get smashed by Betis when half the team not even knowing if they will be at the club next week.

  19. 2 minutes ago, kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong said:

    Personally,I wouldn't want that boss no,especially if the results were poor too....where is the upside to their leadership if it's not benefitting the club or job?

    Fair play, but like him or not, he’s still your manager. If you slack off at work, refuse to listen to him, it will be you that’s shown the door.

    Unless you are able to talk to your colleagues and organise a mass downing of tools.

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