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  1. Looking forward to seeing Scotland get knocked out today. No chance they can beat England or Croatia, so when they lose today, it’s get your suitcases packed lads.
  2. Congratulations on Sevco winning their first SPL title in the clubs history.
  3. Find a new symbolic action and it will be still boo’d by those that boo taking the knee. They will just shift to a new reason why they are booing. We’re not racist it will be claimed, but when players, journalists, governing bodies have all come out and said look, this is why players are taking the knee and they still boo. It does look like they are kinda supporting racism.
  4. David

    Lee Carsley

    Capello and Sven weren’t English you know… Anyhow, born in Birmingham, represented Ireland at international level as his gran is Irish.
  5. Go on then, come up with a chant with that surname
  6. Will you stop using the offensive term that’s used at school “fatty”, when talking about former managers?
  7. Talking about Muespach’s vast knowledge of footballers outside of Derby? *Cough* Mason Mount *Cough*
  8. Picked as Southgate sweats over Maguire’s fitness. We could have….erm….not picked Maguire, but this is England, taking injured players into major tournaments is what we do best. Hope they will be available after the group stages, to then lose immediately after.
  9. Falcons and Julio win this one. Wanted out, getting on a bit, injuries, got a 2nd to help rebuild the offence next draft. Julio has a chance to do something in the play offs. Don’t really get it from the Titan’s side though, it’s not the missing piece of the jigsaw that will make them SB contenders.
  10. Mentality changes had they not had one, can’t change the script after the event.
  11. Went to London and ended up in a Spoons? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. David


    Pretty much, just makes the award look pointless. As much as I dislike Bielsa, would have him above Pep for manager of the season. Bit like the Balon whatsitname, defenders and keepers don’t get a look in
  13. With forums and social media, there is a demand for daily information, that has spawned these ITK wannabes creating things to feed that desire. The players, staff, all need a couple of weeks off to down tools and be with their families. Chances are very little is actually happening behind the scenes right now. With some players on international duty as well, I suspect it could be quiet for most of the month. The retained list will probably be out around July 1st. Would expect transfer activity to start shortly after. With regards to the EFL, don’t expect any outcome from th
  14. Lovely weather again. Good to see you last night @Curtains, as always you never failed to entertain 😂
  15. Not removing posts as @1of4 is a grumpy old barsteward as it is, but if there is anymore Brexit for and against posts past this one, I will be launching them into cyberspace. We don’t do politics on this forum, as members can’t behave themselves.
  16. Not sure you know how facts work 😂
  17. David


    Bought himself another award. Moyes was robbed.
  18. Just know that Elon Musk has the power to wipe out your investment with one tweet
  19. Wait…what? 🤣
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