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  1. Not sure socks with sandles would go down well up there anyhow, so I understand why you would want to stay put
  2. True that. I’ve got 2.
  3. You could, but I wasn’t replying to the Derby to Chelsea ratio of content, but the “apparent reluctance to mention who actually pays his wages these days” which is clearly not true. Quick scroll down his feed will show many more Derby related tweets. It’s not an official club account, it’s his personal account which he makes no secret of his support of Chelsea which he’s entitled to do.
  4. You wouldn’t have opened the topic if you didn’t, pick your bottom lip up we have another game on Monday.
  5. A few of the U23s are regularly sent to train with the first team, the club show the pictures both on Twitter and Instagram, I’m sure he’s aware of what we have and you have to trust his belief that when they are chosen they are ready. We’ve had a few that have been stars in the U23s league but failed to make the grade, it’s a huge step up, one that many don’t appreciate. Sibley and Bird have looked great, but are still complete unknowns to be risking at this stage of the season. The pressure is on, you saw last night the boo’s at the end, not the time to be throwing them into the deep end, especially The City Ground on Monday night.
  6. Not down to us to know, that’s Frank’s job, which will be a lot easier when he has the likes of Mount and Lawrence back, Marriott and Bennett firing on all cylinders, and King and Cole up to speed. Really don’t understand the annual call for kids when performances drop, 14 games to turn around a 2 point gap, reading this forum you would think it was the other way round, 2 games and a 14 point gap! We sit here and moan how the players have given up yet in truth we’re the first to throw in the towel when the going gets tough, it’s more embarrassing that any of those performances last night.
  7. Explains why their attendances have been higher this season
  8. We keep challenging for a place in the top 6 whilst mathematically possible and look to play the best team we have possible regardless of their contract situation even if it sees us crawl over the line. The season isn’t finished despite what you might read on here and Twitter, 2 points outside the top 6 and 14 to play, hardly the time to throw in the towel and use the remaining games as open trials for the U23 players. Next season is next season, Frank will have pre season to take a look and if he feels they look ready I’m sure they will be involved, as Jayden Bogle has shown this season. As for why we didn’t use the cup opportunity’s, clearly Frank wanted to put out a strong team and go on a cup run, which makes sense to boost the transfer kitty for the summer when funds were tight.
  9. Not the game to be throwing two kids that have never started for the first team into midfield. Mad man, bonkers, nuts, step away from the gin.
  10. Not sure you’re being entirely fair with the injuries we’ve had, Carson, Forsyth, Mount, Lawrence, Bennett, Marriott have all missed a number of games which were regulars in the team, one of which is out for the season with the other 4 either just back or coming back. Johnson was involved until the incident at Stoke which saw him banned for 4 games then appears to have been extended by Frank with leaving him out. Throw in the new additions Cole and King needing game time, Lampard’s plans will be ever changing until he has his best players available to him. I bet I wouldn’t be far off his I was to suggest his best team would look something like: Carson, Cole, Tomori, Keogh, Bogle, Huddlestone, Wilson, Mount, Lawrence, Marriott, Waghorn. I would also bet my last Jaffa Cake he shares your frustration in that we haven’t seen a consistent 11 due to injuries/suspensions.
  11. Telling me you’ve never taken selfies during the game and gave yourself a pair of bunny ears and cute whiskers?
  12. Quite like the social interaction from the team this year, but then I don't expect them to be on the training ground from 6am till midnight. One of my personal favourites was asking people to contact him for work who were available on 29th February, can only imagine how full his inbox was. The nutmegs are also amusing, seeing the players reactions when they get done. You see players and staff are allowed to have fun and a social life, they are not in a concentration camp and beaten for smiling. Doesn't mean hard work isn't being done outside of the Instagram content to get things right on the pitch, even if in recent weeks we have been below par.
  13. David

    Galaxy Fold

    I don't see them killing phones off with poor hardware but software, Android has been doing that already with to a point where only the flagship phones of the last year or two get the latest updates. Think we'll see more software changes to where apps no longer support older devices forcing users to update if they want the latest and greatest say photo filters in Snapchat..
  14. David

    Galaxy Fold

    Sales numbers down but record profits, partly down to idiots like me that will upgrade each year because it's a slightly more powerful chip, a chip that I have no idea if I even use half the power of. Although in my defence I've shown my calculations before by staying sim free and looking after the phones it's not a huge upgrade fee after selling the old device. Know what you're saying though, and I think to be honest that's why both Samsung and Apple are raising the prices to cover the losses over fewer sales due to the lack of innovation. What worries me is they are hitting the price limit for even the most hardcore mugs, are we going to start seeing phones last less time to drive people back to yearly upgrades? Innovations such as this foldable phone is never going to hit the mass market with that price tag, be a shame to see them scrap it as a bad job if there is a low demand.
  15. It's my birthday on Tuesday. I'm not posting this for the memes or the cards, I'm not even fussed if I don't get a birthday thread. What I would like is 3 points. You see the thought of waking up on Tuesday following a defeat and a day of reading the forum fills me with dread, in fact I'm seriously considering drafting in emergency recruits to the moderating team so I can stay in bed and wake up Wednesday. I can write last night off as a bad job, difficulty in breaking down what was a well organised Millwall 2 banks of 4. It happens, 10 years in the Championship I'm used to it, yes I'm disappointed, frustrated and I'm sure you are too. Whilst I would love a performance and a result I'm not greedy, just a result will do, injury time corner flying in off Ben Osborn's backside, that would be enough, 1-0 thanks a lot and back down the A52 too blow raspberries at those lot. You see as much as we demand performances, performances mean little without the 3 points at the end. If you want to play Bryson and Nugent, play Bryson and Nugent, I'm really no fussed as long as Monday night we come away with those 3 points. For what it's worth I always thought you were a far better player than Steven Gerrard who should have stayed on the bench for England.
  16. David

    Galaxy Fold

    You've not seen the size of @Boycie's invoices
  17. I never said who for.
  18. David

    Galaxy Fold

    Don't think they are struggling when you look at phone sales and should be applauded for trying to bring something new to the market. They brought out the DeX where your phone would double up as a desktop computer, looks like Samsung are trying to create that one device that does it all and testing the water with this first gen almost prototype foldable phone which doubles up as a tablet. I like the idea, if they can slim it down and widen to the width of a regular plus phone, which then unfolds to a tablet, AND you can dock it to use with a monitor, keyboard and mouse I would be all over it. Kinda screwed if you lose it though. Also I'm not sure battery technology is there to power these things for a full day yet.
  19. But wouldn't that wipe out all Forest's achievements?
  20. Again, there's a difference between aiming for the top 2 and expecting it, that was the question I was asking. I think you would struggle to find many that expected top 2 this season, that's not to say we shouldn't be targeting it as should all clubs challenging for promotion.
  21. I want promotion as well, I don't expect it though.
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