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  1. If the EFL watch todays game, no chance they will lift the embargo, with a striker we'll be fine with performances like that. New rule incoming.
  2. Linesman not watching the game. He has one job.
  3. Sure he spoke about travelling down on RamsTV in one interview?
  4. Festy been watching Wanchope's goal at United a lot then
  5. 3 mins, what's the ref wearing one of those Mickey Mouse watches?
  6. Preston players paid a fiver each to watch the game as well?
  7. @Owen87ITK with the Rocky look today on RamsTV.
  8. Great to see Colin back, have to drop a but here though, but I hope we're not rushing him back through desperation. Never ends well.
  9. Bromsgrove Sporting 0-3 Grimsby Town at half time. All 3 scored in 10 mins. The game is live on BBC red button
  10. No Stretton today for the first team, playing with the U23s v Chelsea
  11. Sounds like an excuse from Roy Keane, players tend to live on the outskirts of cities anyway or even further away, Rooney travels a couple hours into Derby each day. Don't forget the city has an airport, easy to fly home or wherever when injured or have time off. Really don't see location being an issue. Players would obviously choose Paris, Manchester and Munich over Newcastle right now, but that's as they have established top teams, not necessarily location. Paris is a real dump and Germany the women sound like men.
  12. Newcastle is a great city, I doubt for a second that will cross their minds. As of now it's all talk, they are going to do this and that, first of all they need to appoint a manager that shows they mean business. A manager is that can lure world class players to build the basis of a team to compete for titles and in Europe before even contemplating megastars such as Mbappe. Even then is Mbappe motivated by money? I'm sure PSG could match any offer Real made, from the outside it looks like a move to fulfill a boyhood dream of playing for Real.
  13. Well there you go then, your fault
  14. I feel sorry for Bruce, all these managers being asked about the job when he's not even been shown the door himself yet. The media are desperate for anything to run the story X manager hasn't ruled himself out. They really are vile the media, Bruce should take a dump in the media room coffee pot tomorrow.
  15. Did I? Oh well. If you're on my Facebook and I see other people saying Happy Birthday, I will create a topic, so I guess nobody else was wishing you Happy Birthday so I didn't see it, unless you've removed me which would be understandable. I barely remember my own families birthdays so no chance I'm remembering you lot. There is no secret circlejerk birthday group where we all know each other's birthday, it's just what's seen on social media and passed on to it. Flipping snowflakes.
  16. My corned beef hash. I'm not just a pretty face you know.
  17. I've just broke wind. Not sure if that helps?
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