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  1. Idea. If racial abuse is heard after the tannoy announcement, remove all home fans, force the Bulgarian FA to refund tickets and the game continues. Why should players have to walk off? This will happen more and more if they do.
  2. 15pts in the lead in his matchup with the other guy having Aaron Jones to play. 3 RB’s on the bench which could have been 6 extra points tut tut. 1pt Amari Cooper as well, did he pick up an injury?
  3. David

    NFL 2019 Season

    Didn’t realise you had a female player on your team!
  4. Just reminded me, I haven’t fed the dog yet
  5. David

    NFL 2019 Season

    How’s that Donald shirt treating ya?
  6. It’s simple. I play Diggs, I win. I hate that guy. And no I would not rather have Cole Beasley.
  7. David

    Belper Town

    Reading this reminded me of Chris Martin’s claims of being Scottish. Next we’ll have fans that once had a kebab in Belper so this is their team
  8. Having watched a number of Grimsby games and been to a few Derby U23 games this season, I would say the U23s level is on par, if not slightly better at times than League 2. It does lack the atmosphere though, but you get the added interest watching potential first team players. Get yourself down to these games.
  9. Deadpool 2 1.5/10 Terrible sequel. Not into kids films but enjoyed the first, but this one went full on kids tv where even the humour fell flat as the film was pure torture to the eyes. Being generous with the 1.5 and that’s pretty much given just for the intro.
  10. Mount is started according to reports on Twitter
  11. El Camino 8/10 Not worth watching if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, in fact I would strongly advise against it. The film is to give closure with what happened to Jesse, it does that but it also feels left open for further films or even a series spin off if Netflix choose to milk it, which is a strong possibility.
  12. David

    Uche Ikpeazu

    There is a possibility that this is “news” to the recruitment team as well as they have never even heard of him. Just another thing worth considering.
  13. David

    Forum Issues

    Leave it with me, only have the Mini to hand, will grab the Pro later and download Chrome, see if there is anything I can do.
  14. David

    Forum Issues

    You’re not using Safari but a different browser, is this Chrome?
  15. Not a fan of Holloway's choice of footwear.
  16. David

    Forum Issues

    You don’t see this icon?
  17. David

    Forum Issues

    Have you tried the above, disabling desktop view?
  18. When you pull off a huge trade deal...couple days later
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