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  1. You’re the first to mention it, and it’s Safari you’re using on an iPhone right? Can you try in a normal window, not a private. I’m just wondering if for some reason the editor JavaScript isn’t loading in for you, and being a private window when it does it obviously doesn’t cache the files for faster loading.
  2. Can you try clearing your cache, reason being I installed an update last week which included an editor update. Chances are something is a little funky saved in your cache. If that doesn’t work, can you try loading the forum up in a private/incognito window
  3. Not true. But it’s hard to fix something that you can’t see yourself. Wouldn’t expect you to understand. I have tried on the same iPad as you, it doesn’t require double pressing, so how would you like me to fix it?
  4. I don’t like to see anyone lose their job and he won’t need me to tell him what he said was unacceptable. He made a mistake, been punished for it and will now have to live with that. I hope he is able to move on from this and doesn’t prevent him finding employment elsewhere. The man has a family to provide for, as do many of you. Also it’s clear that players either read this forum or people they know read and share content with the players. Think about your words, and how powerful they can be. You don’t know what personal battles others are going through. Your words either directly or indirectly could potentially be enough for someone to say....I can’t do this anymore.
  5. So will Pride Park in time, all those young fans walking up on Saturday afternoons, this is all they will have known. I went to the BBG a few times, but not enough to become overly attached to it. Pride Park for me is “home”, took my mum to see the Queen there, watched us play Barcelona, rip the big boys in the Premier League a new one. I also had a huge tub of Lego as a kid and I could build anything with that, but not a football stadium.
  6. Roos Bogle Wisdom Clarke Lowe Bird Rooney Waghorn Holmes Lawrence Marriott
  7. City taking it to CAS which is expected, won’t that suspend the punishment? Either way I can see Pep leaving this summer now.
  8. As Paul said it’s the snacking as well whilst drinking, and the day after recovering
  9. I was 10st 6lb before Christmas having not drank any alcohol for 3 years. Started drinking. Now 12st 10lb. Luckily it’s still a more than healthy weight, but still, alcohol is the devil.
  10. It’s on Sky Sports Action and RamsTV tonight
  11. Just waiting to see what comes out!
  12. Too tricky that one. On the list is Bogle, Bennett, Forsyth, Huddlestone, Lawrence, Tomori and Cocu off the top of my head. Be some older ones in there as well.
  13. Around 32 different variations of this going around! 😂
  14. Not censoring, we have a bunch of common typos for players names which automatically get fixed. Didn’t stop to think that it may have been used as a clown reference
  15. But we did have Rooney coming in which is why we were never in real danger of going down.
  16. Why wouldn’t you want to use his correct name? 🤔
  17. You’ve just beaten a team near the bottom of the form table, go and have a sit down, you might finish 7th if you’re lucky. In fact go and take a cold shower.
  18. The who’s online module is now cached to improve performance and kinder on the server
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