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    Mason Mount

    It’s not much, but how many loan players come through the club and don’t form any real connection with the club/fans. Both Tomori and Mount have gone on to much bigger things, yet here they are still following our progress. Just makes you want nothing but the best for them even more.
  2. Homemade pork scratchings/crunch or whatever you want to call them.
  3. So you get given a puppy to train for a year into being an assistance dog, then give him to someone in need? Fair play, not sure I could do that, the goodbye part would crush me having seen it grow.
  4. Just wanted to say what a fantastic job you and the RamsTV team have done this season @Owen87ITK. From the first game ever shown to today, the quality of both content and production has improved massively and a real credit to the club. Can’t have been easy to stay so professional as a fan in the studio and commentary booth, feeling every up and down this rollercoaster has offered, especially today. Honestly don’t know how you manage it. I’ve seen some of the stick given on social media from time to time, but you know there’s always a minority looking to criticise and over analys
  5. Applaud every single fan that went to support the players today, they clearly appreciated it and as supporters that is our role in all this madness. It’s easy to get behind the team when we’re winning, not so easy to do when you’re in the form we’ve been in. I don’t care what other club fans say or try to claim it was, you were an absolute credit to this club today and I’m proud to say I’m a Ram.
  6. I’m ducking drained, will take me a week to recover from that.
  7. Standing Order in Derby need to make their toilet signs more visible. Yesterday taking an emergency number 2, I look up and see this advert. Bit weird, what bloke is going to go to the bar and say hi I’m Angela? Just after that thought went through me, I hear two sets of heels walk in, didn’t take long after this to realise I was in the ladies dropping my guts. 10 minutes they were there reapplying make up and talking about work. Gave it a few more minutes to make my escape and into the men’s to wash my hands for 20 seconds.
  8. Dogs are allowed but we left him at home this time
  9. Link to the place: https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/lodges/beach-cove-coastal-retreat-bcov All huts only have one bedroom to sleep 2 so no kids, so quiet. Hands down the best place we have been in this country. Wollacombe a 20 minute drive has an amazing beach.
  10. Ilfracombe, Devon. Beach Cove Retreat. Beach huts on the beach. Absolutely amazing place to go, just on way back now, can’t recommend it enough.
  11. Where are the Jeopardy studios based?
  12. David

    EFL appeal

    I’ll give you a B- for effort but an F for execution 😂
  13. Barnsley, for the fans. I’m sure they never dreamed of reaching the play offs this season, absolutely zero expectations unlike the others. Imagine they are pinching themselves right now at the position they are in.
  14. Nah, can’t see it. Sewell isn’t a CB
  15. Yeah, Garoppolo isn't taking them anywhere and if he did slide to 4th I can't see the Falcons not securing Ryan's replacement, they need to look forward now, he's no Peter Pan.
  16. Fields won't go past 4th, no way Falcons would let him go by.
  17. 5.6 on imdb, you would have come close to suffering.
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