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  1. Hope you lose your winnings on your way home. Half fan.
  2. Pick me up and I’ll hold your hand
  3. I’m with you there, all these half fans looking to make a bit of money, I hope they end up skint betting on Derby going down 😤
  4. Been to Tesco twice, co op and spar today, could still count the number of maskless on one hand. Not sure if it’s area, time or what but I’m seeing mixed reports on social media 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Don’t, my digestive system is all over the place to stomach your puns
  6. Not bad fee for him to help get promoted, just can’t see him making it in the Prem. Needs to improve his all round game to make the next step
  7. Probably a case of nobody knowing, I would guess they will be on the insurance so if they get seriously injured would be compensated and covered for rehab. Possibly accommodation costs covered whilst on trial? Wouldn’t be a lot of information out there on this as each club would have different policy’s
  8. Think he was on about biscuits
  9. How do you not have a smartphone, these days that’s like admitting you don’t have a pair of lungs, especially at your age. Not one of these doing everything not to be tracked by the government are you?
  10. Mr Poppadom has exploded several times already, wouldn’t be surprised if the bomb squad has been to his house
  11. Save your money. We’ll finish above Boro, Forest and Bristol City rattling half the Championship as Jozwiak and Bielik tear them all a new one. It’s written in the stars.
  12. Innocent until proven guilty but these accusations don’t sound good
  13. Same as going into the city and seeing crack heads on bikes I guess
  14. Afraid not. I don’t watch WWE
  15. Didn’t even get £20m for Bogle and Lowe combined
  16. This is the valuation I’ve been waiting for!
  17. It was probably on wtf or casualuk maybe
  18. Refreshes itself, it’s just really if you print it off, have to remember to print a fresh one every 30 days
  19. They UPS drivers round Florida?
  20. David


    Oi, you want banning?
  21. Couldn’t name one. Could probably name more Love Island contestants and I’ve never seen it
  22. David


    Could be worse, could be Leeds or Nottingham
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