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  1. If we lose tonight, it’s because of the “init” in the topic title. Peasants should be banned from starting match threads.
  2. May as well kick this thread off with this
  3. David

    Darren Moore

    I'll spare you the lecture, but I know what you're saying, thought the same with Keogh walking out on MK Dons, football will never be how we want it to be
  4. I don’t miss Lee Camp, Nigel Pearson or Dexter Blackstock, but they are ex Rams and others may wish to follow what they are doing with their careers. I heard a while back that all young players leaving would not go without some form of sell on fee, whether that has changed I don’t know, but Bennett doing well could well be in our best interests. Like the guy or not.
  5. I’m fine, you sound like the cranky one, missing football stadium toilets?
  6. Hardly breaking news though is it
  7. Save money, keep it local. Not only that but booking tours in other countries, even Scotland where restrictions/quarantine rules maybe different doesn’t make much sense right now. Alfreton, Chesterfield, Burton, Ilkeston, Notts County, Leicester, plenty of teams around for both the first team and U23s.
  8. We struggle as well to break teams down that like to sit back, we lack that bit of magic that unlocks a defence. Not a bad thing, many struggle and can make for incredibly dull games. I was a little surprised they actually came out to play in the second half when they were 1 up, pressing us further up the pitch.
  9. Let’s be honest, as usual that was another poor local Derby game. As a neutral I would have changed the channel long before Colin’s screamer. We appear to be matching formations now with the opposition, having 2 sitting midfielders when they didn’t want to cross the half way line was a waste of 45 minutes. Not sure if this is how Rooney wants to approach every game, or he doesn’t feel like we have the players to play a consistent style/formation. It’s hard to criticise, he’s doing an incredible job given the circumstances, just think he got it wrong again last night.
  10. Fair play to Forest fans, anyone that can watch that kind of football week in week out deserves some credit. Not sure I would be able to go on to their forum gloating, was a bad game all round, but for those lot it seems to be acceptable and brag worthy even when their goal came from a goalkeeping howler. As I say, fair play.
  11. To be fair, I understand it. I don't understand this "obsessed" rubbish that gets fired around these days. I mean we had Leeds fans during this pandemic taking selfies outside Pride Park taking the pee, I don't like the club, will give them it on here but I would never dream to drive up the motorway in my Derby shirt to take a selfie outside Elland Road. Derby lose and they are all over the clubs mentions, and there's this guy pulling up topics on this forum, why? Bielsa reignited the rivalry with his cheating and what followed in the play offs with Lampard, they will deny it and sho
  12. Martin was very good, but that was a few years ago now, hasn't been near that for a while despite what some members say on this forum. Really should have let him join Fulham, the way his decline was dragged out and the blindness to it, started to grind me down. Same with Bryson, we don't seem to be able to say goodbye even when it's the best for both player and club. I was open about this on the Zoom call that time, I'll take all the stick that comes my way for it and whilst it was a little cheeky my post today, I do hold those opinions and I haven't seen anything from him at Bristol City
  13. Missus asked me to run her a bath, got confused and poured this instead
  14. I would and that’s no disrespect to Vydra, he scored more goals, but Colin offers more to the team as a player I feel. Vydra could go anonymous for 80 minutes then smash a worldy in
  15. At least we have another year of Colin to fall back on if tonight goes Pete Tong
  16. Completely forgot it was yours as well, I’m to up my own bum. Happy birthday fella, what a night we could potentially have 🙌🐏
  17. Best forward we’ve had in years, absolutely love the guy, deserves every penny. Can’t wait to get back in PP and show our appreciation
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